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Mercury Retrograde Fashion Tips

blonde woman with a black eyeWhen Mercury goes Retrograde about three times a year, communication breaks down, people fight and electronics stop working. And occasionally that all equals a black eye.

Today’s shiner is courtesy of the homeless girl that ran over and punched me in the face in the middle of the day because she thought I was following her. Special thanks to my surf buddy Bob who pulled her off me. I swear if I can ever afford it I’m going to hire a bodyguard. This Indigo Children stuff is dangerous.

I’m obviously still working on the silver light energy work, but in the meantime I’m faced with the challenge of what to wear with a black eye.  My wonderful neighbor is a stylist and helped me out with a few tips today.

Woman posing with a black eyeTip #1 – Rock what you got.  Keep your makeup simple and light.  Trying to hide your black eye just looks like you’ve got something to hide.

Tip #2 – Keep it classy.  Your cut-offs and favorite t-shirt aren’t going to do it today.  Dress it up a little with a nice shirt and cute shoes.

Tip #3 – Accessorize lightly.  Chose simple earrings and either a ring or bracelet.  Too much bling is distracting in this case.

Hopefully I’ll master the invisible energy thing soon but, for now, at least I look good.

Abby Oliver Indigo Children

Special thanks to John Byers for the photos and FG Stylz for the tips!

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