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Welcome to IndigoChildren.com!

I’m Abby, an Indigo Child who helps other Indigo Children and Mystics like you figure out who you are, feel great and create a successful life so you can do all that important life-purpose stuff.

I know you’re meant to have a huge impact on the world that creates the kind of changes we’re all dreaming of (like world peace and a healthy planet, nbd). And I also know you’re meant to have a life full of happiness, wealth, love, freedom, adventure, health and (of course) MAGIC.

…and, I’m here to help you make all of that happen.


Here’s the deal…

For sensitive folks like me and you the world can be tough to navigate day to day. It can leave you feeling lost, lonely and struggling.

Other people make it through the day just fine so they don’t understand what your problem is. They describe you as different and even call you weird sometimes. You’re trying hard to fit in and get along with everybody, but you’re overwhelmed and trying to keep your shit together.

You want to FEEL GOOD… but that’s hard to do when the things that suck keep piling up making you feel weak even though, deep inside, you know there’s got to be a solution.

But there’s good news!

There’s a lot of good news actually,
but let’s start here:

     1.  There’s definitely a solution and… 
     2.  There are other people out there
           who are just like you

You don’t have to keep struggling and being misunderstood. There really are other Indigo Children out there that get it, that feel the same way, that struggle with the same stuff and are taking action to feel great and create huge success in their lives.

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Why I Love (and Hate) Being an Indigo Child

Why I Love (and Hate) Being an Indigo Child

If you had asked me when I was literally a child if I thought I was an Indigo Child, I would have said no. Even if you asked me if I thought I was special or different, I would have said no. Back then, I was trying VERY hard to be normal and the last thing I needed...

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11 Misconceptions About Indigo Children

11 Misconceptions About Indigo Children

Several months ago, I got a notification on my keyword alerts that a journalist was looking for Indigo Children to interview. I reached out to her on email, Facebook and Twitter but she never replied. Her news piece recently ran and it’s clear she had an agenda in...

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How To Come Out as an Indigo Child

How To Come Out as an Indigo Child

Indigo Children have been compared to the LGBT Community for hiding our true selves from friends, family and society and (sometimes) eventually coming out to reveal who we are. It makes sense. Like the LGBT Community, our lifestyle is ridiculed morally and...

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The Time I Accidentally Took Magic Mushrooms

The Time I Accidentally Took Magic Mushrooms

Living on the beach is pretty great, and all my friends- Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Mermaids, Fairies, Angels, Unicorns and other Lightworkers -think so too. They love staying here. Maybe it’s the mermaid in me but… who wouldn’t want to chill on the beach?!...

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