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Indigo Child: Hailey Carr

Indigo Child: Hailey Carr

Indigo Child Hailey CarrName: Hailey Kristina Carr
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Location: Palm Desert, CA

The United States has been making monumental legislative decisions about the human rights of LGBT citizens recently. Hearing the news and debates surrounding this topic, I think about how reminiscent this is of the Civil Rights Movement from the 60s. Then my mind inevitably drifts to the future where I wonder what human rights I may fight for as a sensitive citizen. Indigo Child Hailey Carr is fighting for her rights as both a sensitive and LGBT person- “World War III” she calls it. Indigo Children worldwide are joining Hailey in the fight to be themselves and live consciously. Every time I see Hailey ecstatically dancing, I know we are winning.

Why do you think Indigo Children are here?
hc: Indigo children are here for many different reasons. We serve in life where we are needed. We are warriors of the present and many previous lives before this one. We are the fat bouncers at the front door of Club World War III.

How did you discover you are an Indigo Child?
hc: As a child my mother always told me that she believed I was a “Star Child” or “Indigo Child” but I never quite understood what that meant. I knew it meant I was special but, as a very skeptical child, I figured she was telling me this because I am her daughter and those are the types of things you say to kids. I never gave it much consideration. Farther down the line growing up, I started having an abnormal amount déjà vu, could feel others emotional energy the moment I stepped into a room, and sometimes I was able to see their auras. It would always slightly nauseate me. And then, around the age of twelve, I really started to have an inner connection with the moon, the sun and the stars, the air surrounding me, the earth I walk on and the water I heal in. I truly felt like I could embrace and understand the universe and Mother Nature’s gifts better than others. After losing touch spiritually for a short while, I realized that my life is so empty that way, so I began to practice my spirituality again. My older sister gave me the Indigo Children book my senior year in high school while I was dealing with an inner-struggle. I already knew before reading too much of the book that this was who I am. It was such a warm sensation to know that there are others out there like myself and that I truly do have a purpose beyond that of what many others are willing to accept within themselves.

Indigo Child with flowersDo you know other Indigo Children?
hc: I do know many other Indigo Children and can usually tell when I am introduced to an Indigo Child right off the bat. Thanks to my sister, Taylor Carr, and friend, Abby Oliver, I now have friends like me!

What is your favorite part about being an Indigo Child?
hc: Connection. But sometimes the connections can become overwhelming.

What is the hardest part?
hc: The hardest part is when it consumes you and nobody seems to understand a thought in your mind. It can drive you to a nomadic state of mind.

What Indigo gifts do you practice?
hc: I practice tarot, energy, aura and heart readings. I also am a beginning learner of Chi. I try to practice discipline within myself. I dance to feel connected to the universe. And I am a multi-dimensional amateur philosopher.

Do you know what your purpose is yet?
hc: Maybe not the answer anyone’s looking for, but right now my purpose is to live on life’s terms and enjoy the days that are presented to me every morning (of course topped off with a mindful vision of success to come shortly down the road).

Indigo child looking at venice beachWhat advice do you have for other Indigo Children?
hc: Don’t lose yourself. Be exactly who you are. And never let anyone have too much influence on you. Also, remain casual and balanced. We can throw ourselves out of whack very quickly. But always, ALWAYS be spontaneous and outrageous.

What advice do you have for people who are not Indigo Children?
hc: I think the most important thing for anyone, outside of the Indigo Children family is to always keep an open mind and remain level. It’s also important to not let life drag you in the dumps. Get out and do things that put you on a ledge, feel the thrills of life, and take everything in life for granted and nothing at all.

Thank you, Hailey!
Wide awake…

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Indigo Child: Charles Crumb

Indigo Child: Charles Crumb

Indigo Child with black lab and truckName: Charles Crumb
Sun Sign: Virgo
Location: Houston, Texas

A common trait of Indigo Children is intelligence. But that can be difficult to recognize and understand. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Too smart for your own good.” That can easily be applied to most of the Indigo Children I know. Indigo Child Charles Crumb is so smart, people his whole life have been trying to drug him until he stopped thinking for himself. I’ve seen so many Indigo Children get older, gain independence and start redefining the world. Maybe it’s time we redefine intelligence and let the young Indigo Children define the world. I imagine it would be a very peaceful, happy place with plenty of fresh air and stargazing.

Why do you think Indigo Children are here?
cc: This is a tough question for me. Intuitively I know why we are here but this is such a deep question that I am having trouble finding words to describe it. We are here to make a change in the collective consciousness of humanity. We are here to remind people of the power of love. As Jimi Hendrix so eloquently stated, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” And Indigo Children have a phenomenal capacity for love. Many of us, including myself, feel like we came here to Earth from other places and/or other dimensions where the ideals of Peace, Love and Happiness are more important than they are here on present day Earth. We want to see Earth become more like Heaven and we know it is possible. We know it can be done.

How did you discover you are an Indigo Child?
cc: Towards the end of 2012 I was surfing the internet and went to a website called in5d.com. When the page opened, the very first thing that caught my attention was a link that said, “Are You an Indigo Child?” For some reason I felt like I HAD to click it. I had no idea what an Indigo Child was and, as best as I can remember, I had never heard of or at least never paid any attention to the term Indigo Child. There was a long list of characteristics that Indigo Children have and it said that if you have many of these characteristics yourself then you might be an Indigo Child. As I read through the list it felt like I was reading a biography of my own life! Every single characteristic described ME! I was beyond amazed because up until this point I had felt like I was probably just crazy and that there was nobody else alive like me. Simply knowing that I was not alone and that there where many others like me was an extremely emotional event for me. I started crying tears of gratitude for finding this information because, up until that point in my life, I was convinced that I was alone in this world.

Indigo Child with afro hairDo you know other Indigo Children?
cc: Yes! After realizing that I am an Indigo Child, the first thing I wanted to do was find and connect with other Indigo Children. I did this mostly through the internet with social media sites such as Facebook. The majority of the Indigo Children I know are people that I have never met in person. But I talk to some of them on the phone and have had the pleasure of meeting a few of them in person. Meeting other Indigo Children, especially in person, is always an extremely fulfilling experience for me. I am truly grateful that I am not the only one around and was actually quite surprised to see how many other Indigo Children there are alive in the world today. We are living all across the globe in all parts of the world. I have connected with Indigo friends from many different countries and from every continent (except Antarctica) on Earth. But I wish there were more of us… I live in a city of nearly three million people and have met less than 10 Indigo Children in person.

What is your favorite part of being an Indigo Child?
cc: My intuition. I know things before people even tell me. And my spiritual vision. I can see things in the spirit world that are truly too beautiful to describe with words.

What is the hardest part?
cc: School was the hardest part for me. My IQ is extremely high (at 152 it is in the 99.95 percentile range) but I had great difficulty in school. The US school system that I was put through is not set up to handle the needs of gifted children. The US school system is more about compliance and indoctrination than it is about learning and giving children an environment to truly flourish in. I had “discipline problems” throughout school starting as early as 2nd grade and graduated from high school at the bottom of my class. I actually should have not graduated because during my senior year I failed sophomore English for the third time, I failed junior English for the second time, and I failed senior level English class as well. To this day I have only read two books from cover to cover even though I have tried countless times to read a book. My mind wanders when I read and it is difficult for me for this reason. Reading and writing are definitely not my strongest skills. The principal of my school changed my grades on the condition that I would join the military shortly after high school. I kept my word and joined the U.S. Coast Guard. I excelled in the Coast Guard advancing very quickly until I saw some grotesque corruption and violence first hand. This sent me into a deep depression and I told my chain of command that I was done. I told them that I would rather die than continue to take part in what we were doing. I truly believed that I would be killed or incarcerated for my actions and I was okay with that. Thankfully, I was given an honorable discharge after serving less than two years. But before they let me out, I was put on antidepressants and for the next 11 years I was on a mental and emotional roller coaster trying to find “the right meds.” This was an extremely dark time in my life but I managed to wean myself off of all prescription medication and haven’t taken antidepressants since 12/21/2012.

What Indigo gifts do you practice?
cc: I have many spiritual gifts but I am still learning to use them at will in a controlled and beneficial manner. I learned very early in childhood that these gifts can really freak people out, so for a long time I kept them all hidden. Thankfully in this day and age people are opening their minds to metaphysical reality and I am now able to be open about my gifts for the most part. When I am around someone that is easily freaked out by psychic phenomenon, I already know this and, out of respect for that person, I will keep them hidden. But when I am in the right company I can do some truly amazing things. I am an empath. I am clairvoyant. I am a psychic medium. I am telepathic. As an empath, I know how people feel before they tell me and I often know what they are thinking before they tell me. As a clairvoyant, I have the capacity to see outside of the realm of physical vision. I can see the colors of peoples auras when I have my eyes closed. It doesn’t matter if the person who’s aura I am reading is sitting right next to me or they are on the other side of the world, I will be able to see it if I want to. I can see things happen in distant places even on the other side of the world. I have practiced remote viewing and can usually do it at will but, out of respect for people’s privacy, I try not to do it very often and only when I truly believe it to be necessary. As a psychic medium, I have connected people still alive in the physical world with their loved ones that have passed on to the spirit world. This is one of my most fulfilling gifts to practice and it is a wonderful feeling when both the person still alive and the person that has passed both realize that they can communicate to each other through me. I have helped people find closure and have helped people from both sides pass on messages to their loved ones in ways that they did not believe to be possible. This blows my mind every time it happens!! Also, I have helped many people cross over to the spirit world that have died physically and gotten stuck or lost in the transition between the two worlds. The spirit world feels VERY different from the physical world and it is common for people in the process of crossing over to have difficulty navigating the spirit world and making sense of it. I love to help spirits cross over. It is a beautiful experience every time. Telepathy is the gift I would really like to develop. At the moment my telepathic skills come and go and they are unpredictable. Sometimes it’s like I have a direct link and other times it’s just not there. I would like to develop this gift further.

Do you know what your purpose is yet?
cc: No I don’t think I really know yet. As of right now I believe my purpose is simply living in the moment more fully. My purpose at this time is to remember my true self and develop and utilize my gifts. I feel like my life purpose changes through different phases of my life.

Indigo Child with red hat and truck in backgroundWhat advice do you have for other Indigo Children?
cc: Practice YOGA!!!! Stop watching TV. Spend more time outdoors. Know that you are not alone. Remember who you are. If at all possible, do not take drugs and do not get drunk. I know Indigo Children can have trouble with substance abuse. I most definitely have had my own struggles in this area. But we are most powerful when we are clear minded and fully present. I will not give medical advice but I will say here that personally I am absolutely against the use of any form of psychiatric prescription medication. I took them for 11 years but, in hindsight, I never really needed them and would have been MUCH better off without them.

What advice do you have for people that are not Indigo Children?
cc: Practice YOGA!!!! Stop watching TV. Spend more time outdoors. Open your heart. Feel more and LOVE more. Open your third eye and see more. Open your mind. Open your mind. OPEN YOUR MIND.

Thank you, Charles!
Wide awake…

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Indigo Child: Brandon Ricks

Indigo Child: Brandon Ricks

Indigo Child Brandon Ricks with baby in fieldName: Brandon Michael Ricks
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Location: Dewey, AZ

As Indigo Children, we are extremely aware of energy. Our life force energy works by animating the matter that makes up our bodies. It literally gives us life. There are hundreds of life energy beliefs around the world with names including Ether, Chi, Prana and Orgone. Indigo Child Brandon Ricks makes Orgone Generators which draw in negative energies and convert them into positive ones. The negative energies are harmful to your magnetic field, but can be harnessed, directed and utilized in many healing ways such as in cancer treatments or bringing rain to areas of drought. An Orgone Generator consists of layers of organic and inorganic materials. Brandon makes a variety of unique Orgone Generators as part of his purpose here as an Indigo Child. Finding the value in negative energy is usually a sign you’ve got an Indigo Child on your hands.

Why do you think Indigo Children are here?
br: I try not to speak for all Indigo Children, as we are all different and unique. But we are here to aid in the awakening of the masses.

How did you discover you are an Indigo Child?
br: A like-minded friend of mine used the term once, and said he was called an Indigo Child by an elderly woman. Intrigued, I did some research on Indigo Children and what I came to find changed my life in many ways.

Indigo parents with babiesDo you know other Indigo Children?
br: Yes, I actually know quite a few! Each day it seems I meet a new Indigo Child. The love of my life, and soul mate, is also an Indigo Child like me on this journey. We recently had a home water birth of our first child and son, Beckham Connor Ricks, on the first of this New Year. I delivered him while in the water with Brittni, his mother. It was the most profound moment in my life. His eyes are beautiful; I’ve never seen eyes like his. I feel he is an even older soul than I am.

What is your favorite part about being an Indigo Child?
br: This is a tough one! Ha! If I had to choose, I would say my favorite things about being an Indigo Child are my problem solving abilities and creative nature.

What is the hardest part?
br: The hardest part about being an Indigo Child is being so sensitive to other people’s emotions. I find this effect varies in severity. I describe the effect as in being a “walking emotion magnet,” if that makes sense. I’m still struggling day to day with this part of myself. I’m hoping with some more self-dedication I can learn to better understand and control this part of my everyday life.

What Indigo gifts do you practice?
br: I can channel my Chi and push it out of my fingertips. There are many times when I know what my partner is thinking and or feeling based off of her aura. Most of the time it’s uncanny 😛

Do you know what your purpose is yet?
br: Yes, but there was a long period of time that I felt hopeless, in that I would never find my true path in life. I’m sure many Indigo Children can relate to that. I’ve found that one of my purposes is to create Orgone Energy Generators.

Indigo man wiyh sacred objectWhat advice do you have for other Indigo Children?
br: Evaluate your lifestyle and determine if the way you currently live promotes a healthy environment for your inner Indigo Child. Stay true to yourself and your spirit.

What advice do you have for people who are not Indigo Children?
br: To be patient with us, and to be good listeners. We often offer good conversation filled with meaning, passion and insight.

Thank you, Brandon!
Wide awake…

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How Indigo Children can Save the Mermaids

How Indigo Children can Save the Mermaids

mermaid posing for a plastic free seaHappy Shark Week, Indigo Children! Every summer since 1988, The Discovery Channel has aired a weeklong series of programs dedicated to the awareness and respect for sharks. Our friend, Hannah Mermaid, was recently filmed dancing with tiger sharks to protest their global slaughter and end the war on sharks. While doing everything we can to support Hannah and the sharks, including signing their petition, I began to wonder, who will save the mermaids?

Saving the mermaids is definitely a job for the Indigo Children. While most of the world is still pondering the existence of mermaids, Indigo Children know that they, along with angels, fairies and unicorns, are definitely real and they need our help. Ocean health affects us all, regardless of where we live. Human-sourced pollution of our water is causing catastrophes including stronger storms, melting ice caps and species extinctions.

Luckily, I ran into my friend Mermaid Kate at the beach in Santa Monica last week and she told me about all the work she has been doing with Save the Mermaids. The organization focuses on ocean health, ocean education and community action including beach cleanups and zero-waste events.

How Indigo Children can help save the mermaids“The Mermaids act as ambassadors to the sea by educating our community about human-sourced ocean pollution and advocating for behaviors that benefit the ocean environment,” said Mermaid Kate of Save the Mermaids. She explained that even choosing to stop using plastic straws in my drinks could help save a mermaid. That’s definitely a small, simple way all Indigo Children can help. For a few dollars, I purchased a reusable cup with a built in straw that I’ve been using and, of course, reusing. It was that simple to make a big difference.

I decided to take action with the Mermaid Challenge and make more changes at home to reduce plastic pollution. Once I thought about it, it was easy to identify ways I could eliminate my plastic use. Feeling inspired, I asked Mermaid Kate for more ideas on how to reduce my plastic use to help save the mermaids. I especially loved her ideas for the summer festivals I attend with my other Indigo friends. Check out her ideas below about how to “Festival like a Mermaid” and start saving the mermaids today.

How Indigo Children festival like a mermaidFestival Like a Mermaid
by Save the Mermaids

Mermaids and Mermen, festival season is back and we are SO EXCITED. Shell bras packed, rides planned, but we’re most prepared to stay ocean-minded all weekend long. Check out these tips on what to pack and how to stay sustainable while festival frolicking!


Reusable Water Bottle: Don’t forget to stay HYDRATED and don’t dry out, Mermaids! If you’re camping, make sure you know where all nearby faucets are. But never have an excuse to buy a plastic water bottle – bring your own reusable one.

Reusable plate/cup/utensils: Don’t get caught asking for a plastic fork, or grabbing a red solo cup or free plastic water cup without realizing it!

If you want to make eating easy, healthy, and inexpensive, pack your own food into tupperware. If you do it all yourself, you can make sure as little waste as possible is produced (plus you don’t have to wait in those food truck lines…). Keep an eye out for biodegradable or paper to-go containers, and make sure you divide trash properly into compostable, recyclable, and regular trash.

Headlamp/Flashlight/LED lights: Make sure you have one of these so you use absolutely NO GLOW, but can still party at night!

Glowsticks are one time-use plastic AND they’re filled with yucky toxic chemicals. If you want an alternative, use LED lights (which you can reuse night after night).

Sunblock: Save a Mermaid and your own skin – check out our mer-made DIY sunblock recipe on our blog: http://www.savethemermaids.org/uncategorized/au-naturel-mer-made-lotion/

NO GLITTER!!! As Mermaids, this is the hardest for us to compromise. However, glitter is made out of tiny plastic flakes…that get onto EVERYTHING…and then never biodegrade. IF you are at a festival and Mermaids are near, maybe ask them if they have some biodegradable glitter to sparkle you up with! You never know, Mermaids love sparkles….

How Indigo Children can save the mermaidsFear not, festival mermaids – you can still sparkle all day and all night!

Look for salt, sugar, or gum-based edible glitter, but be careful: some edible glitters use PLASTIC – and can label it as non-toxic because the glitter flakes are small enough to pass through your system without being absorbed. EW. We want plastic OUT of our bodies and OUT of our hands.

Pick up trash wherever you can
! And if you’re a smoker, hold on to your butt! Dropping cigarette butts on the ground, although common in public areas, is still LITTERING.

Lastly, have fun out there, festival mermaids! Together we share and teach in our fellow festival music community! Let’s Save some Mermaids together! Keep an eye out for sustainable living workshops. Be responsible for your impact on the earth. And take pictures!! Tag us with #festlikeamermaid to show how you reduced plastic pollution, or just how you SPARKLED LIKE A MERMAID at your festival!

So throw on your shell bras, sequins, star fish, jingles, eyelashes, and biodegradable glitter! We cannot wait to SPARKLE with you there!


Thank you to Mermaid Kate for all the great ideas. As a mermaid and Indigo Child myself, I’m so happy to do my part to Save the Mermaids! Check out the Mermaid Challenge and take action. As Indigo Children, we are here to save the whole world. We may as well start with the mermaids.

*all photos courtesy of Save the Mermaids

I’m not an Indigo Child; I’m an Incarnated Angel

I’m not an Indigo Child; I’m an Incarnated Angel

Taylor agnel sitting on bedMy lovely friend and our resident Health and Nutrition writer, Taylor Angel, is not an Indigo Child. Gasp! That’s right folks. While we Indigo Children have more in common than not with Taylor, she is what we call an Incarnated Angel.

There’s definitely something trendy these days about being an Indigo Child. But we simply don’t all fit in that box. There are so many other magical labels out there that may suit you slightly better. The reason it’s helpful to identify which label belongs to you, is so you may best understand how to care for yourself and what your life’s purpose may be.

Incarnated Angels are sensitive and intuitive like us Indigo Children. However, they take a softer approach to life than our warrior way. My favorite story about Taylor is the day she saw a man attacked by a pit bull while walking a group of big dogs. A few people rushed to help including Taylor. She held the other dogs and kept them calm until everything was okay. Then she left. From the perspective of the others, it must have seemed as though an Angel appeared, cared for the dogs, and then disappeared.

“They had no idea who I was or what I was doing there,” said Taylor “It was as if I had showed up for a purpose. I can only imagine what they must have thought of me. It was so hysterical that no one was really thinking. Everything was a blur. But I was calm. I held that balance for them. They didn’t need to know who I was, just that I was there for them when they needed me.”

Once you understand Incarnated Angels, they are pretty easy to spot. Here are some defining characteristics that are common for Angels.

Incarnated Angel Indigo Children


Incarnated Angel Appearance:

  • Voluptuous Bodies
  • Heart Shaped Faces
  • Glowing complexions
  • May lighten their hair
  • Often wear light colors
  • They literally look like Angels
  • Eyes: Innocent, loving, pure, inviting and warm as opposed to the fiery intensity of an Indigo Child’s warrior eyes.
  • Males are typically tall and broad shouldered


Incarnated Angel Common Names:

Incarnated Angel Indigo Children


Female Names

  • Angela
  • Angelina
  • Evangeline
  • Diana
  • Elizabeth
  • Mary
  • Grace
  • Faith

Male Names

  • Angelo
  • Michael
  • Gabriel
  • Raphael
  • Alexander
  • John
  • Joseph



Incarnated Angel Careers:

  • Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Nurse
  • Flight Attendant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Naturopath
  • Massage Therapist

Incarnated Angels are more likely to work in large corporations than Indigo Children or Crystal Children. They are hard workers that enjoy following the rules and tend to be neat and organized. Their careers almost always involve helping or healing people.

Incarnated Angels Often:

  • Feel connected to angels and even have angel collections
  • Seem to glow or have a radiant aura
  • Trust people
  • Keep themselves pure which may include long periods of sobriety or abstinence
  • Apologize and say “I’m sorry”
  • Are approached by strangers who tell them personal stories causing them to feel drained afterward
  • Listen to their friend’s problems but don’t get to share their own
  • Give more than they receive
  • Feel guilty saying no or letting others help them
  • Self-sabotage by helping everyone but themselves and then feel taken advantage of
  • Struggle with addictions
  • Have relationships with addicts or others that need help
  • Experience long-term issues with food
  • Carry extra weight on their body which functions to energetically shield them and is not easily lost regardless of dieting or exercise
  • Manifest their emotions as physical issues including fatigue, heart problems, gynecological issues and depression

Incarnated Angel Indigo ChildrenIncarnated Angels are here to help and heal but they desperately need balance in their lives. Taylor herself has struggled with many of the things listed above and has become a resource for other Angels struggling with similar health issues.

As Indigo Children, it’s important for us to support and protect the Incarnated Angels. After all, they do the same for us. Spending time with the Angels I know has been interesting. People stare at me in public places, but it’s totally out of control for the Angels. I’ve seen people take photos, but mostly they have an intense need to come up and tell the Angel their life story. Men often confuse this desire for love when they meet a female Angel. I still can’t believe the time a man chased our cab down the street yelling something about wanting to talk more with my Angel friend. Male Angels seem to have the warrior thing like Indigo Children. They tend to be tall with broad shoulders (broad enough to hold a big pair of wings) yet still have a soft side with a big heart.

Energetic Shielding for Incarnated Angels:

  • Imagine yourself as Gold Light: This imagery will repel would-be energy suckers.
  • Imagine yourself as Silver Light: This imagery will make you invisible to those who are only looking to take advantage of your energy.
  • Project your Heart Chakra: Often what the energy suckers want is to feel loved. If you project your Heart Chakra onto them before they even notice you, they won’t need to come and ask for it.
  • Imagine others as Violet Light: This imagery is healing and may be just what that person needs so they won’t feel compelled to take energy from you.

These techniques work for Indigo Children as well. I like to help Taylor and my other Angel friends when I’m with them since usually I’m the stronger one. It’s easy to imagine both of us in a bubble of Silver Light so that we can move quickly through a crowd. Additionally, we can help our Angel friends by remembering to give to them. They struggle with that giving and receiving balance, so it’s important for us to be conscious about giving so they can receive. That can be as simple as listening to how their day was, or what is going on in their life. Angel’s tend to go above and beyond. They don’t expect that from us, but being a good friend is very important.

Thank you to all the Incarnated Angels out there. Your love is so big and I appreciate the vibration you are creating.

Indigo Child: Danni Godfrey

Indigo Child: Danni Godfrey

young girl smiling with earringsName: Danni Godfrey
Sun Sign: Taurus
Location: Sydney, Australia

Over the past several years, I’ve been able to meet and get to know Indigo Children from all over the world. Our Facebook page represents folks from 45 countries and 35 languages. As Indigo Danni mentions below, feeling alone is common among Indigo Children. Social media is the main way I’ve been able to connect with all of you and build a community. There have definitely been days I’ve considered crowd sourcing the funds to buy an island where we can all go live in an Indigo Utopia together. But I know better.

Consciousness is contagious just like laughter or even yawning. So if you wanted to raise the consciousness of a planet, it’s logical you would strategically place conscious individuals to cover the whole area. When Danni says you are here to, “help others see the light,” she is talking about a conscious revolution led by Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Lightworkers. Don’t worry, there is no door knocking involved here. Just being yourself is enough to spark the conscious flame around you. Props to our girl Danni lighting fires out in Oz.

Why do you think Indigo Children are here?
dg: I think we are here to prepare the earth for a new world. To help others see the light.

How did you discover you are an Indigo Child?
dg: I have always been different. Always attracted to elementals and having dreams that would come true. One day a friend of mine who is a Crystal Child turned around to me and said, “You know, you’re an Indigo Child.” At the time I was confused until I did my research.

indigo child lounding on the beachDo you know other Indigo Children?
dg:I know a few, but mainly we connect through our group page on Facebook.

What is your favorite part about being an Indigo Child?
dg: My favorite part is my passion for life. I know I am here on a mission to help so I’m gonna make the most of it!

What is the hardest part?
dg: The hardest part is definitely my sensitivity. I am so easily affected by other people’s energy. Sometimes all the protection in the world from spirit doesn’t help. I guess a lot of us are Earth Angels. Finding a balance between being helpful without being used has been a struggle.

What Indigo gifts do you practice?
dg: I use my psychic, medium and healing gifts to benefit others by doing card readings and healings. I am always reading a new book or doing a course to help me gain extra steps in these practices. Oh and I can’t forget my daily meditation 🙂

Do you know what your purpose is yet?
dg: My purpose is to heal others, to guide them and council them.

indigo child smiling with a glass of red wineWhat advice do you have for other Indigo Children?
dg: My best advice would be to remember you are not alone. There are so many groups on Facebook where you can connect with other Indigo Children. Also, remember to protect yourself spiritually! Unfortunately there are people out there who don’t want us here. But as long as our light is shining we are all okay!

What advice do you have for people who are not Indigo Children?
dg: My best advice for non-Indigo Children is please don’t judge us. And if you’re going to, then please don’t be so nasty about it. Yes we are different, but isn’t everyone? We live in a world where if you see things differently you are viewed as barbaric and I guess that’s why we are here.

Thank you, Danni!
Wide awake…

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