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Why I Love (and Hate) Being an Indigo Child

Why I Love (and Hate) Being an Indigo Child

If you had asked me when I was literally a child if I thought I was an Indigo Child, I would have said no. Even if you asked me if I thought I was special or different, I would have said no.

Back then, I was trying VERY hard to be normal and I the last thing I needed was people going around saying otherwise. And I wouldn’t have told you anything about my “imaginary” friends or lucid flying dreams or sadness over knowing that our planet might someday explode back into a bunch of gasses (my mom actually caught me crying in my closet one day over this possibility).

Those were things I learned to keep to myself.

It sucked hiding so much of myself while I was growing up. But it also allowed me the room to become myself without a limiting label full of expectations and preconceived ideas permanently attached to my identity. I was safe in my silent thoughts.

But not totally safe. I figured out quickly that people didn’t appreciate my intuition. They wanted reason and logic and science, not gut feelings or universal wisdom. So I pushed it aside and tried it their way… which worked great for everybody but me.

Trying to fit in and not listening to my intuition made me an easy target in the world. I worked for people who had no intention of paying me, I made friends with girls who spread rumors about me to make themselves look good, I even married a guy who was abusive physically, emotionally and financially. It was exhausting living like that. It sucked.

So I quit. I went looking for something else… for myself.

I remembered feeling safe as little girl and having this inner sense of knowing. I didn’t have a word for my intuition, so I started Googling stuff until I found it. I was deep in an internet rabbit hole of Google searches when I came across some information about Indigo Children and everything clicked.

I’m still on that mystic journey of figuring it all out. I get a little less basic every year. I’m learning to enjoy the stuff that comes with being an Indigo Child like being empathic, energetically intense, really good at meditating and able to interact in multiple dimensions at once (I’ll show you later, it’s actually easy, fun and very useful).

But the thing I love most about being an Indigo Child is working on my life purpose.

That’s where you come in. My life purpose is actually more about you than me. I’m here to help you figure out who you are and get yourself straight so you can work on your own life purpose. I’m here to inspire and motivate you, to lead the way and to connect you with other Indigo Children.

It’s not easy. Indigo Children are uncooperative, aggressive and intense. But we’re also brilliant, visionary and totally magical.

I’ve always been comfortable writing and even got a degree in journalism once, so I figured a blog was a great way to handle this life purpose mission of mine. I thought I could write articles and you would read them and there could be ads on the side that would pay all my bills. You would get to know everything I knew for free while I hid in my house typing away in sterile introverted bliss.

I was a dumb dumb.

Everybody liked the stuff I wrote! But the ad money was a joke and I got overwhelmed with people asking for help. The articles were nice, but they weren’t enough. Some people acted like I was a big corporation (I’m just a girl) and had all kinds of unfair expectations of my little blog. Some people felt I owed them, some wanted my full attention, some were grateful, some wanted to support me…

Everybody had advice about how I could do better. I went to that place again of trying to be what others wanted.

It failed again…
I quit again…
I Googled again…

I figured it out again 🙂

I quit writing blogs and went all in becoming a better entrepreneur and learning how to use the internet to help you in a way that works for both of us.

Here’s what’s coming…

1. A Better Quiz
I originally created the Are You An Indigo Child? quiz with an open ended, ambiguous collection of answers that would allow you to decide for yourself. At first folks thought that was cool. Most of them probably knew me and had gotten more than just that weird little non-answer. I’ve gotten lots of emails from people pissed who want a real answer with an explanation and a little direction. I hear you. It’s happening.

2. The Indigo Children Society
Years ago I accidentally created a private Facebook group for Indigo Children and it turned out to be an amazing source of support and growth for a bunch of us. But people showed up who were offended by everything and the epic conversations were replaced with lame photo quotes. There’s a lot of Indigo Children in the world and most of us are alone in our experience. I learned a lot in that first group about what worked, what didn’t, what we needed, what we wanted. I’ve spent a ton of time putting together not just a new group, but also a Ritual Initiation that will help you show up ready go. I’m really excited about this one.

3. Transformation (instead of information)
We live in a world so full of information it takes forever to consume and even longer to figure out how to apply it to your life. Part of becoming a better entrepreneur was doing a lot of listening to understand what it is that you really need. I’m in the process of packaging up the results you want so I can literally sell them to you. Yeah, money, that’s different too. The lame ads on my website are going away and I’m going to give you the opportunity to invest in yourself. I’m going to quit underestimating you and put you in a position to value and receive your transformation. It’s okay if that makes you uncomfortable right now. I was there for a long time but now I’m ready to make money magic with you.

4. Access to Me
In my ideal world, I would be a hermit that lived in total seclusion reading books and gardening all day. You have made it clear that’s not my destiny. Let’s be real… I am an introvert. I need my me time. I’m creating ways that you can have access to me that will work for both of us. I would actually love to chat and hang with you! I want to know what you’re up to! So I’m determined to find a way to make it work. There will be a live online masterclass where you can ask me questions on specific topics (all the woo woo magical stuff), I’m going to start doing public speaking again so we can meet up in person, there will be new one on one video calls with me where we will focus totally on you and what you need, and I’m going to be hanging out inside The Indigo Children Society having epic conversations with tons of Indigo Children like you.

I’m almost finished creating The Indigo Children Society. I think getting you set up with some direction and mutual support with other Indigo Children is the best place to start. If you want to know when the society launches, signup here so I can send you the official invite. I’d really love to see you in there and get some quality hang time.

Yes! Send me an official invitation to join The Indigo Children Society when it launches.

Yes, send me the official invite to join the Indigo Children Society when it launches!
11 Misconceptions About Indigo Children

11 Misconceptions About Indigo Children

Indigo Child Jay Kirton

Indigo Child Jay Kirton

Several months ago, I got a notification on my keyword alerts that a journalist was looking for Indigo Children to interview. I reached out to her on email, Facebook and Twitter but she never replied. Her news piece recently ran and it’s clear she had an agenda in reporting her own exploitive idea of Indigo Children. What an unfortunate missed opportunity to report on something important to so many of us.

On top of that, my alerts sent me to a message board where parents labeling their children with behavior disorders were mocking one young man who had come out as an Indigo Child to his mother. It was heartbreaking to read their uninformed comments and hateful plans to discourage him.

I will keep pushing my agenda for fair representation of my fellow Indigo Children and offering you a voice here. In the meantime, below are some of the top misconceptions about Indigo Children explained.

1. Indigo Children Is A Pseudoscientific Concept
This makes no sense. To my knowledge, no one has ever attempted to scientifically identify Indigo Children. Therefore, the claim that it is a pseudoscientific concept is completely false because we have not failed any scientific testing. I have never been contacted by anyone in a scientific profession and asked to be studied and don’t know a single Indigo Child who has. To date, I seem to have more social scientific data than anyone else on the topic. Rather than the self-professed experts who talk about these mysterious children, I have given you actual case studies and put faces and names to the concept.

2. Indigo Children Are Labeled By Their Parents Who Want Them To Be Special
Ha! My parents are politely trying to ignore my public life as an Indigo Child. I was so lucky growing up to have parents that allowed me to do my thing. They didn’t encourage it, but they also didn’t stifle me. When I started school, they told me my imaginary friends should wait for me at home. They did their best to help me be normal. I was special in other ways to them like when I scored well on a test or joined a school activity- normal special things.

I do hear about parents who call their small children Indigos, but personally I feel little ones have a lot of growing to do and could use plenty of freedom to become their true selves. I’ve had my suspicions about some young ones, but I’ll wait for them to tell me who they are when they’re ready. The majority of Indigo Children are self-diagnosed as young adults despite their parent’s objections.

Indigo Child Casey Dee by Nick Burkett

Indigo Child Casey Dee by Nick Burkett

3. Indigo Children Have Blue Eyes And Purple Auras
Omg stop it. Seriously. Stop it. The term Indigo Children actually has nothing to do with eye or aura color. NOTHING. Pleeeeeeease stop with the images of purple little kids on the Internet.

Our eyes are considered windows to our souls. Indigo Children tend to have intense eyes because they are people of great depth. I know plenty of Indigo Children with beautiful dark brown eyes. Having big blue eyes does not make you an Indigo Child anymore than it makes you a cheese sandwich.

An aura is the atmosphere surrounding us that is created by our essence. It is constantly changing as we change sort of like a mood ring. Although, the more consistent we are, the more consistent our aura color may be. For instance, my aura is usually yellow. Shocking, I know! A woman with a brain disorder coined the term Indigo Children. This brain disorder crosses an individual’s senses so they might taste shapes or feel sounds. For Nancy, she saw personality types as colors. However, what she was seeing was not an aura. She referred to what she saw as “Life Colors.” Indigo is a “Life Color,” not an aura color.

4. Indigo Children Are Children
Wrong again. Just in the same way terms like Baby Boomer, Flower Child or Child of God can refer to adults, Indigo Children is a term open to all ages. It seems that people who may be described as Indigo Children began occurring in large numbers starting in the late 70s. That means plenty of Indigo Children are now in their 30s and the largest group falls in the Young Adult category. There’s no need to refer to them as Indigo Adults just like we don’t say Adult Boomers, Flower Adults or Adults of God.

5. Indigo Children Are Extremely Positive
Lies. Just look how negative this post is! Indigo Children understand that life requires balance. There is no light without dark. Be wary of folks who only allow for the good. They tend to be some of the darkest and most dangerous people I’ve encountered. However, the Indigo Children I know are not scared of the dark. They know their light will always shine bright enough no matter where they are. I’ve met some amazing Indigo Children in the darkest corners, but not many in bright, happy, spiritual places. Such places tend to cater more toward folks who are scared of the dark rather than seeking balance.

6. Indigo Children Think They Are Better Than You
I have NEVER heard an Indigo Child say anything like this. This misconception is purely other people projecting their personal fears. You may not impress Indigo Children in the ways you’d like, but in other ways they may be jealous of you. We have a difficult time in day-to-day life and are envious of the way others seem to handle it effortlessly. We also know that you are capable of all the special things we have like empathy, intuition and lucid dreaming. Indigo Children are an inclusive group because we know everyone is equal.

7. Indigo Children Have Supernatural Abilities
Nope, you’re thinking of the X-Men. Indigo Children do have natural talents and sensitivities and are extremely smart, but anyone can do the things we do because they are completely natural. I have blown light blubs when I’ve been upset, intentionally flown through the sky in my dreams, known details about a person without being told and healed body aches and pains just by touching someone, but these are all things every human being is capable of doing. I don’t know why I can and others can’t. It’s like how some people can throw a ball the first time they pick one up and others need to be taught and practice. Focusing on these natural talents of Indigo Children is somewhat upsetting. We are passionate about the big ways we want to impact the world and that has little to do with super powers.

8. Indigo Children Are Vegan Yogis
Not quite. Indigo Children are focused on health in a personal, open-minded way. There are many conscious meat eaters out there like myself and plenty of passionate meditators who do not attend class at the local yoga studio. While some Indigo Children are drawn to both a Vegan Diet and local Yoga Studio, we are just as – if not more – likely found hunting for dinner or meditating peacefully at home. Indigo Children eat a conscious diet. Most of us love our organic, non-GMO veggies, but we are consciously aware of our bodies and what goes in them more than a single label like Vegan can encompass. And while some may find a home at a local yoga studio, many are more comfortable practicing mindfulness in privacy.

9. Indigo Children Is About Smoking Weed And Taking Psychedelics
Actually, other people do drugs to feel like Indigo Children. Ram Dass said, “When you are already in Detroit, you don’t have to take a bus to get there.” Similarly, Salvador Dali said, “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.” Indigo Children are generally very open to plant medicines and tend to be into all kinds of herbal remedies. We are human and can go through unhealthy periods of life where we consume too much of a good thing. But I’m definitely not pleased with the association of drugs and Indigo Children on social media feeds. Smoking DMT at a music festival does not make you an Indigo Child. More accurately, not needing to smoke DMT and not wanting to be at a crowded festival may indicate that you are an Indigo Child. I am proud of the Indigo Children who stand up for the legalization of plant medicines and promote usage within sacred ceremony.

10. Indigo Children Is A Label Used To Justify Bad Behavior
Sad face. This misconception hurts my heart. When someone identifies himself or herself as an Indigo Child, they begin a journey of self-awareness and start to develop a conscious lifestyle. If they are encouraged and nurtured, the Indigo Child’s behavior can become ideal. If anything, the opposite is true – Indigo Children is a label that may be used to explain exceptional behavior. Anything less is a misuse of the term. I feel empathy for the struggles of my fellow Indigo Children and hope to give them the tools to achieve excellence. We may think different than others but that never makes it okay to act inappropriately. Before you judge an Indigo Child’s behavior as bad, try engaging them in conversation to figure out why they made that choice. With Indigo Children, there is always a why.

Indigo Child Celestin Cornielle of JJC Jewelry

Indigo Child Celestin Cornielle of

11. Indigo Children Have Undiagnosed Psychiatric Issues And Should Be Medicated
Not cool. I have unlimited compassion for anyone who is taking medication. It is such a personal choice. I can tell you that lifestyle is essential whether you are medicated or not. From my personal experience and my relationships with other Indigo Children, I have seen how powerful lifestyle is for us sensitive folks. So before you call someone defective, I challenge you to assess the environment for defects. Sometimes a food allergy may be the root cause of a behavior issue, or the wrong lighting may be the key to your depression. We are all different, unique, individuals. When our lifestyle reflects that, we can thrive.

The most common medical diagnoses of Indigo Children are ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Anxiety, Depression and Bipolar. Additionally, we are accused of being Antiauthoritarians, Underachievers and even Criminals. Although the concept of Indigo Children has been deeply criticized for being a broad set of traits that could be applied to anyone, the same is true for all of the above mentioned. Typically the ones doing the diagnosing are driven by agenda rather than the best interest of the one being diagnosed. The Indigo Children who are medically diagnosed are much luckier than the latter, but neither is very productive. Even if any of the above were relevant, lifestyle would still be the most productive way to create a life in which we can thrive.

Indigo Children have a lot to offer the world. We are some of the most intelligent, creative, passionate minds alive today. Imagine the possibilities of the future we might create if you choose to understand and nurture us instead of drug us.




The Dos and Don’ts of Soulmates

The Dos and Don’ts of Soulmates

Chelsea Autumn soulmate tips for Indigo Children

Relationship Expert Chelsea Autumn

Tis the season for love and therefore it’s the perfect opportunity for a discussion on Soulmates. This is one of the most common topics Indigo Children ask me about. It usually starts with an excited email or text stating they have found their Soulmate! My condolences are usually met with confusion, but, when the whole thing becomes a disaster, they turn to me for an explanation. How did I know? How could they have been so wrong?

First, let’s get clear on exactly what a Soulmate is. If you dissect the word you get Soul (the spiritual being that is the eternal you) and Mate. There is a general assumption that Mate refers to a romantic life partner. That is only one of many definitions of a Mate in this case. A Soulmate can be a friend, a business partner, a roommate, a relative, a pet, etc. I like to talk about these relationships in terms of Soul Contracts. In fact, when we fully understand the nature of these relationships, we can start to see our enemies as Soulmates as well. For a beautiful illustration of this, check out Little Soul in the Sun by Neale Donald Walsh.

All Soulmate relationships have a function to them and Indigo Children are especially sensitive to being aware of this. Most Soulmates or Soul Contracts have an expiration date that coincides with the completion of their function. Your dog may be a Soulmate who’s primary function is companionship during this specific period of your life. That girl you dated for nine months last year may have been a Soulmate with the function of allowing you to experience patience. Instead of being disappointed by your dog’s comparably short life span or seeing your last relationship as a failure because it ended, you can understand these relationships as Soulmates who successfully fulfilled their function.

Chelsea Autumn soulmate tips for Indigo Children

Relationship Expert Chelsea Autumn

The romanticized idea of a Soulmate being your other half who completes you is actually a reference to your Twin Flame. Don’t get too excited. This may be the last person you want to date or marry. At the moment of your soul’s creation it was split into two. Each one of you represents a side of the duality in life. You are the Yin and your Twin Flame is the Yang. Chances are the two of you have been incarnating together throughout lifetimes. The connection you feel and deep understanding you experience with your Twin Flame will be unparalleled. While that may sound great and wonderful, it’s simply too much for a healthy romantic relationship.

I, like many other Indigo Children, had to learn this the hard way. I’ve known my Twin Flame for almost a decade. Having him in my life is an incredible blessing. Being in the presence of someone who understands me deeper than this lifetime brings me incredible peace. But it has been a challenge to keep our relationship healthy. We put effort into being respectful of each other’s romantic partners and have found that we work well together, but it’s good to keep our distance too. I’m probably being too kind here. He honestly drives me crazy and I joke with him all the time about wishing I could upgrade to a better Twin Flame. Haha, but he’s my person and I plan to keep him for at least another million lifetimes.

After speaking to several Indigo Children and other Lightworkers, I compiled…

The DOs and DON’Ts of TWIN FLAMES:

Connect! It will be an amazing and deep connection that you will cherish.
Set Boundaries. It’s important to have a healthy relationship with your Twin Flame.
• Work Together. Find a small, part-time project to work on together.

Date. You probably won’t listen to me at first, but remember you can have a fulfilling non-romantic relationship with your Twin Flame.
• Lose Yourself. The connection between you too can easily become so intense that everything else gets set aside.
• Eliminate Them. When things go wrong romantically it’s easy to feel deeply hurt and pull away. Do your best to create a healthy plutonic relationship with appropriate boundaries.

If you’re ready for a fulfilling romantic relationship, I highly recommend scoping out your next Soulmate. It may last a lifetime or it may not. It could be perfect for a moment and you may even learn a few things about yourself. Relationship Expert Chelsea Autumn is my favorite Matchmaker and knows way more than me about the Dos and Don’ts of Soulmating. If you’re still searching for your life partner, check out her expert tips…

Chelsea Autumn soulmate tips for Indigo Children

Relationship Expert Chelsea Autumn

The DOs and DON’Ts of SOULMATES with Chelsea Autumn:

DO- Be open. Sometimes your prince charming doesn’t always come in the package you expect him/her to. You can have 5 non-negotiables, but try not to have more than 5. This way you are opening your soul to love so that your soulmate can come in. If you are too closed off and have too high of a check list, your soulmate might be right around the corner, but you might not be able to meet him/her if your checklist is too narrow.

DON’T- Judge a book by its cover. if a friend wants to fix you up with someone, go! Even if she/he doesn’t look like your ideal type, go for the experience. Go to meet a new friend. Don’t go into it thinking that this person has to be your future wife/husband. Get up and get out! You never know how your soulmate will appear in your life.

DO- Consider your astrology. Do a combined/composite astrology chart of someone you are interested in romantically. It is very helpful and can show you your strengths and weaknesses in your relationship. After all, knowing these is half the battle 😉

DON’T- Consider sun signs only. Don’t refuse to go out with someone because they are the same sign as your ex. There is so much more to astrology that just your Sun sign. Therefore, give that person a chance, even if they are a stubborn Taurus 😉

DO- Compliment your date or partner. Who doesn’t like a compliment? It’s one of the best ways to make someone feel good. Just make sure it’s a sincere compliment. And yes, men like compliments too ladies 🙂

DON’T- Assume. Assumptions ruin relationships, communication builds them. If you don’t know something or are confused, ask! Don’t ever assume you know why your date/partner did something.

Happy Dating Indigo Children! Dating and relationships do take work, but they can be fun too and very rewarding. Remember, we are all vulnerable creatures. Once you remember that, dating and relationships get a lot easier 😉
Xoxo, Chelsea Autumn

Thank you, Chelsea! And if you want to spice things up with your Soulmate this week, check out the Divine Masculine Blend by Indigo Herbal Blends. Ooh lala!

Keepin’ it Real: Natural Solutions Designed for Indigo Children

Keepin’ it Real: Natural Solutions Designed for Indigo Children

Indigo Herbal Blends offers Natural Solutions Designed for Indigo ChildrenMost of the good things in my life I’ve worked very hard for. Rarely would the word luck apply. However, I would say I was lucky in my situation growing up. I was raised in a small, poor farming community. We didn’t have access to much including fancy things like the designer medical diagnoses of Attention Deficit Disorder or high tech fast food restaurants. A lot of my Indigo Child quirks were overlooked and handled holistically because I was considered as an individual and we didn’t have many options. I remember a friend’s mom often saying, “If a bath won’t fix it, you’re dying.”

The majority of Indigo Children I’ve heard from tell a different story. More often, the first signs of being different are considered a medical issue and treated with prescription drugs. Their unique and extraordinary Indigo Child qualities are suppressed rather than nurtured and life becomes a daily struggle dealing with the side effects of heavy medication. When they get older, they struggle to gain the life skills necessary to stop daily medication.

I wouldn’t say my quirks were nurtured, but I was allowed to be myself for the most part. We ate organic food, some of which we grew ourselves, because processed food was an expensive luxury. I played outside a lot with a few close friends because we didn’t have electronics to occupy us. Many of the healthy Indigo Child lifestyle choices I make purposely now were all I had growing up. The benefits of my less fortunate childhood have had a major impact on my health as an adult. Even my esthetician can tell I ate well and played outside plenty as a child by the current quality of my skin.

Studies show Indigo Children may play outside as an alternative to ADHD medicationsIf I went to the doctor today and allowed them to evaluate me, it’s likely I would be diagnosed somewhere on the Autistic spectrum and probably ADD as well. The purpose of diagnosing me would only be to give me access to prescription medications. While many people assume it’s best to diagnose and medicate so that folks can get help and move forward, that hasn’t been true for me. Many of the costly, long term, drug alternative therapies offered to help the root causes of ADHD are ironically very similar to how I was raised.

It’s true that medications do help folks to sit still and focus, but it’s like taking over the counter cold remedies that just mask your symptoms. I have a lot of compassion for anyone using medications. It’s a very personal choice, however it’s not the only choice you have. Environment is probably the biggest choice you can make. Still, sometimes a cup of coffee in the morning can make a difference in our productivity that day. We all experience fatigue and moments where our minds wander. Caffeine is probably the most popular substance we go to for a remedy in those times.

Caffeine is addictive and can have negative effects for Indigo Children like me who struggle with sleep quality and live with anxiety as well as other types of sensitive bodies. For the most part, I rely on my lifestyle to avoid wanting to consume stimulants. If I get a little sluggish in the afternoon I usually reach for a piece of fruit to pick me up. That is until I met one of my best friends, herbalist Naomi Lindsay.

Indigo Herbal Blends were created by herbalist Naomi Lindsay and Indigo Child Abby Oliver

by Dominik Muench

I was jumping on a big trampoline when I first met Naomi. Later we danced through the night at a campsite while our friends deejayed with the help of a generator. We were instant friends. Naomi is intensely passionate about drinking tea and almost always makes it herself. Not long after we met, I flew out to Hawaii with her and spent a month there drinking a lot of tea and making smoothies daily. Naomi’s herbs made me feel different. I could sit at the computer and focus without getting jittery and there was no crash of exhaustion when they wore off.

She had been making her own herbal blends and selling to friends for years when we decided to create blends specifically for Indigo Children. I wanted to take the best of what Naomi was doing and design solutions for the things Indigo Children care about in their daily lives. We bought organic, high quality herbs from the best suppliers who Naomi had long been working with. She brought out big crystal singing bowls, set the appropriate mood with lighting and music and mixed the herbs together with energetic intention for each blend.

Click here to get the official playlist for Indigo Herbal Blends.

Our first batch of Indigo Herbal Blends has a definite homemade feel to it. They were made with love in the intimacy of our living rooms. We understand that you are sensitive and considered that the whole way, always aware of the energy in the room as we designed and created for you. I sent samples off to real Indigo Children and tested each blend to make sure we were giving you something great. I’m proud of what we created and excited to finally offer Indigo Children more than just my words to help improve your daily life.

Most of my test subjects didn’t expect to feel much and many of them took a larger dose than needed thinking it wouldn’t be much of a result even then. The stories have been funny. From a rapper in the studio thinking he had been drugged, to an Indigo Child who suddenly had the energy to ride his bike to work everyday, to men who had literally been stimulated. But the most common result has been increased focus. What’s cool about this kind of focus is that you can still be creative and maintain your personality. You may experience a high feeling, but never a doped feeling.

For focus, try The Alchemist’s Blend, Root Chakra Blend and Heart Chakra Blend.

The loose leaf teas are meant to be seeped in hot water and drank as a tea. The powered blends may be made as a tea as well or added to any hot drink or mixed into a smoothie. I’ve even added the powered blends to my morning oatmeal. I love The Alchemist’s Blend because it inspires me to create even before I consume it. We used a hemp protein without fillers so I get all my protein without feeling like I just ate a big meal.

Enjoying Chakra Balancing Blend loose leaf tea from Indigo Herbal Blends in Baja MexicoThe loose leaf tea Chakra Balancing Blend is very special to me. I first tried this blend on the coast in Baja Mexico where I was feeling stressed despite the relaxing intention of the trip. I seeped a large amount of the tea in a French Press to share with my friends and drank a cup as I watched the sunset. Immediately I felt calm and finally balanced. For me, it’s like meditation in a cup.

It was my intention to design products specifically for Indigo Children and offer natural solutions for the things that matter to us. I’m proud of Indigo Herbal Blends and use them in my own daily life. While these were designed for the needs of Indigo Children, they will be effective for any human body and you don’t need a diagnosis of any kind to access them. Naomi and I are working on more for you and I’m developing other products based on my personal needs as an Indigo Child as well as your feedback. I hope you enjoy what we’ve created so far. These products are about you and for you.

Surviving Mercury Retrograde with Bae

Surviving Mercury Retrograde with Bae

Indigo Children survive Mercury Retrograde

by Darquelyte

It’s that time again Indigo Children. Mercury is about to turn retrograde. In other words, your life is about to get hard. Yep, this is the time of year Indigo Children and everyone else inevitably lose or break our cell phones, have car problems, get punched in the face by a crazy homeless girl, miss our flights, accept a job that we end up hating, and inevitably get in fight and break up with Bae.

But knowledge is power when it comes to Mercury! You don’t have to be a victim. Understanding how Mercury works can give you the ability to take those hits in stride and keep on moving. Here are five keys to surviving Mercury Retrograde with Bae and be ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day when it’s over.


Give Bae a Heads Up
A week or two before Mercury turns retrograde is a great time to chat with Bae about what this means for the two of you. Set expectations early and make a plan. Mark your calendars and go in there prepared.

Agree Not to Fight
Mercury is all about communication, or rather- miscommunication. Give each other some slack for the next three weeks and blame it all on Mercury rather than fighting with each other. Team up on your mutual frustration with Mercury and make it a bonding experience instead of the fight that ends your coupledom.

Indigo Children survive Mercury Retrograde

by Darquelyte

Don’t Make Plans
Don’t do it. Mercury will mess it up. That’s just how it works. Instead, be spontaneous and creative. When you head to the movies only to arrive and learn they are closed due to a freak projector malfunction… look around and go exploring. Keep your expectations low and you’ll be in for a great time.

Stay Home
It’s not the time for that romantic getaway to Palm Springs. Mercury is notorious for causing issues for travelers. If you must travel be sure to arrive early, have a backup plan and be prepared for the worst. When you’re prepared you can easily take it all in stride. However, stay home if you can and avoid the trouble. Netflix is the better option during Mercury Retrograde. (Unless your Internet goes down or your iPad breaks.)

Slow Down and Follow Through
This is a great time to slow things down and take a look back. Tie up lose ends while you’re at it. Have you been promising Bae you’ll fix that squeaky door or you’ll cook Bae’s favorite meal? This is a great time to slow down and do those little things you’ve been meaning to get to. Bae will love you for it.

If you are single… get ready for some action! You always hear from your ex when Mercury goes retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde dates for 2015:
January 21 – February 11
May 19 – June 11
September 17 – October 9