Health is a state of freedom, and freedom is the foundation of revolution.

Posted in Health on Nov 28th, 2015

For some reason it’s become an annoyance to go out to eat with someone who does not eat Gluten. There is eye rolling and friendly name calling. But as it turns out, those folks who have either decided to become (or are forced to be) Gluten Free are theRead More

Posted in Health, Uncategorized on May 18th, 2015

It seems as of late the trending topic has been the probiotic drink Kombucha. And rightfully so, after our friends at Full Circle Venice, a spiritual temple in Venice Beach, Calif was raided last week for selling “alcohol” via Kombucha. I know many Indigo Children who love to takeRead More

Posted in Health on Mar 5th, 2015

Meet Your Divine Mama  There has been a fire burning inside of me lately. A red version of myself that I never knew existed. She came out of nowhere, but at the time I needed her most. My inner Divine Feminine. My whole life I was the passive sort,Read More

Posted in Health on Jan 10th, 2015

Happy New Year to my wonderful Indigo Children. Are you ready? Because it’s time to fully open our eyes… Our Third Eye that is. Our Pineal Gland, also known as our Third Eye, or Ajna Chakra, is a dime sized gland in the center of the brain with manyRead More

Posted in Health on Dec 13th, 2014

The demand for the Cannabis plant is high these days. I find that Indigo Children who often abuse the plant are quite defensive because of the plants medicinal properties. And hey, who could blame them? We all see our Facebook feed’s flooded with videos and articles about how ill patientsRead More

Posted in Health on Dec 4th, 2014

The Holidays are here and it’s beginning to feel a lot like…. well, like we’re all about to get fat. The holidays can often be a challenging time for sensitive Indigo Children, and traditional holiday food may offer a false sense of comfort. But never fear! We have aRead More

Posted in Health on Nov 10th, 2014

There’s a buzz around town about putting the animal products down! And for all the right reasons. Having a fully plant based diet offers countless benefits. With personal experience as a former raw vegan, I am here to share my experience and the facts behind the craze.    Read More

Posted in Health on Oct 27th, 2014

There’s something so magical about fall time for Indigo Children. The leaves are changing, fireplaces begin roaring, the weather is cool and crisp and noses begin running. This is the time of year that everyone seems to load up on DayQuil and Airborne, hoping they don’t get sick! Unfortunately,Read More

Posted in Health on Oct 23rd, 2014

Perhaps Popeye The Sailor Man was one of the most infamous Indigo Children of all time. Ok ok, maybe that’s silly, but with all his super human strength it makes you wonder. I mean, not only did that spinach make him strong to fight off villains, but also assistedRead More

Posted in Health on Oct 14th, 2014

Sometimes while traveling, Indigo Children have a hard time staying on a healthy course. I mean let’s be honest, all the new foods and scenery can be so tempting! But by the end of the trip we wind up feeling fat, sick or bloated. Here are a few tipsRead More

Posted in Health on Oct 9th, 2014

 A cleanse is a program (generally liquid based) to remove toxic chemicals that create problems in the body and add in whatever the body is lacking, such as nutrients, water, etc. Many Indigo Children wonder if some sort of cleanse is right for them. What kind of person should consider doingRead More

Posted in Health on Sep 28th, 2014

Happy World Vegetarian Day! (October 2nd) I am a huge fan of a proper organic vegetarian diet. When done right, this can be a very healthy Indigo Child lifestyle. However, this diet is often misconstrued for a diet with zero meat, lots of snack foods and bread. This leadsRead More