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Solar Flares and what they mean for Indigo Children

Are the solar flares firing you up or slowing you down? You may have heard by now that the sun has been in quite an active cycle since 2012. Solar flares eject through the sun’s corona clouds of electrons, ions and atoms. These flare clouds reach Earth within a day or two after solar ejection.  A massive solar flare and coronal mass ejection (CME) has the potential to knock out most if not all forms of our radio and radar communications. Flares this extreme are at a high potential to occur between the years 2012 and 2022 as a part of an . . . Read MoreRead More

The Indigo Children’s Secret to Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose

From an early age, Indigo Children are consumed with the question of their life’s purpose. It’s the most common question I hear during my intuitive readings. And while we may be plagued with this pondering earlier than most, it certainly finds its way into the daily thoughts of most all Lightworkers. The unknowing of your purpose can lead to plenty of stress and even serious depression. Unfortunately, asking your spirit guides probably won’t get you the answers you want. Nearly every time I ask, I hear something like, “stay on your path,” followed by plenty of affirmations. But how are . . . Read More

Indigo Child: Charles Crumb

Name: Charles Crumb Sun Sign: Virgo Location: Houston, Texas A common trait of Indigo Children is intelligence. But that can be difficult to recognize and understand. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Too smart for your own good.” That can easily be applied to most of the Indigo Children I know. Indigo Child Charles Crumb is so smart, people his whole life have been trying to drug him until he stopped thinking for himself. I’ve seen so many Indigo Children get older, gain independence and start redefining the world. Maybe it’s time we redefine intelligence and let the young Indigo . . . Read More

Stress & Stress Management for Indigo Children

Stress seems to be an inevitable part of society these days. We work so hard yet hardly reward ourselves. I see this a lot in Indigo Children. We grow sick, tired and depressed. When symptoms of stress arrive we automatically assume its an illness or disease so we go to the Dr. who then prescribes a pill to help. We become addicted. For most of (indigo) America, this is a standard way of living. But can we even see what’s really happening to our body? Sometimes stress symptoms are irreversible. The only pill we need to be taking is a . . . Read ... Read More

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