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I AM the Strategic Action of Mars in Capricorn

The long hard climb to the top gets a boast of strength from Mars with his 6 week transit through Capricorn. Mars in myth is known by mainstream understanding as the god of war and known by Indigo Children as an archetype for the action energy that influences our passions and conflicts. The Red Planet as it is often referred represents the youthful fire burning . . . Read

How To Battle Cold Season Like A Boss

There’s something so magical about fall time for Indigo Children. The leaves are changing, fireplaces begin roaring, the weather is cool and crisp and noses begin running. This is the time of year that everyone seems to load up on DayQuil and Airborne, hoping they don’t get sick! Unfortunately, these may not work at all and end up a waste of time and money. All . . . Read

Super Hero Benefits Of Spinach

Perhaps Popeye The Sailor Man was one of the most infamous Indigo Children of all time. Ok ok, maybe that’s silly, but with all his super human strength it makes you wonder. I mean, not only did that spinach make him strong to fight off villains, but also assisted him in fighting off inflammation, oxidative stress-related problems, cardiovascular disease, bone problems, and cancer. How intuitive . . . Read

I AM the order above the eclipse chaos

What is normal for the spider is chaos to the fly. The world has reflected back to us just how chaotic and potent eclipse season can be with change, fear, confusion, and doubts. Indigo Children are sensitive to this cosmic and worldly chaos and may find that it is during these times that the warrior spirit within is awakened. When the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual order . . . Read

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