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How To Come Out as an Indigo Child

Indigo Children have been compared to the LGBT Community for hiding our true selves from friends, family and society and (sometimes) eventually coming out to reveal who we are. It makes sense. Like the LGBT Community, our lifestyle is ridiculed morally and scientifically creating a danger for those of us who dare to admit we relate to the label Indigo Child. But also like the . . . Read

Indigo Child: Hailey Carr

Name: Hailey Kristina Carr Sun Sign: Capricorn Location: Palm Desert, CA The United States has been making monumental legislative decisions about the human rights of LGBT citizens recently. Hearing the news and debates surrounding this topic, I think about how reminiscent this is of the Civil Rights Movement from the 60s. Then my mind inevitably drifts to the future where I wonder what human rights . . . Read

6 Tips To Travel Healthy

Sometimes while traveling, Indigo Children have a hard time staying on a healthy course. I mean let’s be honest, all the new foods and scenery can be so tempting! But by the end of the trip we wind up feeling fat, sick or bloated. Here are a few tips on how to watch what you eat while on the go. 1. Use Your Smart Phone . . . Read

5 Reasons Drinking Your Breakfast Will Change Your Life

 A cleanse is a program (generally liquid based) to remove toxic chemicals that create problems in the body and add in whatever the body is lacking, such as nutrients, water, etc. Many Indigo Children wonder if some sort of cleanse is right for them. What kind of person should consider doing a cleanse? The answer is everyone and anyone in the modern world. Drinking your breakfast may . . . Read

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