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The Astrology of Indigo Children Mermaids

 Astrology plays an important role for the Indigo Children Mermaids!  And with this being Shark Week all eyes are on the sea.  Let’s start with the sharks… the energy of the shark is fierce and stealth, just like the planet Mars which is currently moving through the sign of Scorpio.  Mars is known in myth as the god of war, if that gives you any idea of its power, and is not only the ruler of Aries but also the ruler of Scorpio, a deep and intense water sign.  The shark symbolism is a perfect fit for this Mars in Scorpio energy that . . . Read More

How Indigo Children can Save the Mermaids

Happy Shark Week, Indigo Children! Every summer since 1988, The Discovery Channel has aired a weeklong series of programs dedicated to the awareness and respect for sharks. Our friend, Hannah Mermaid, was recently filmed dancing with tiger sharks to protest their global slaughter and end the war on sharks. While doing everything we can to support Hannah and the sharks, including signing their petition, I began to wonder, who will save the mermaids? Saving the mermaids is definitely a job for the Indigo Children. While most of the world is still pondering the existence of mermaids, Indigo Children know that . . . Read More

Indigo Children, Mermaids And Sea Veggie’s! Oh My!

There are whispers all over town about the newest craze in the American Indigo Child diet. I’m talking about what your sushi is wrapped in and what’s floating in your miso soup. That’s right. Sea Veggie’s! (Or as I like to call them; Mermaid Food) However, this craze is not so new. There are stories of people living in seaside villages living to be 120 years old! Their secret? Sea Vegetables with every meal. Japanese diet’s are full of Sea Veggie’s and look at how beautifully they can age. I must admit; I’m a fan. Ever since I learned about . . . Read More

I’m not an Indigo Child; I’m an Incarnated Angel

My lovely friend and our resident Health and Nutrition writer, Taylor Angel, is not an Indigo Child. Gasp! That’s right folks. While we Indigo Children have more in common than not with Taylor, she is what we call an Incarnated Angel. There’s definitely something trendy these days about being an Indigo Child. But we simply don’t all fit in that box. There are so many other magical labels out there that may suit you slightly better. The reason it’s helpful to identify which label belongs to you, is so you may best understand how to care for yourself and what your . . . Read More

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