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Indigo Child: Danni Godfrey

Name: Danni Godfrey Sun Sign: Taurus Location: Sydney, Australia Over the past several years, I’ve been able to meet and get to know Indigo Children from all over the world. Our Facebook page represents folks from 45 countries and 35 languages. As Indigo Danni mentions below, feeling alone is common among Indigo Children. Social media is the main way I’ve been able to connect with all of you and build a community. There have definitely been days I’ve considered crowd sourcing the funds to buy an island where we can all go live in an Indigo Utopia together. But I . . . Read ... Read More

The Indigo Child & Jupiter in Leo

Remember dress up and creating your own stage play when you were little?  Well Indigo Child it is time to tap into that inner child again and live that energy for the next 13 months!  Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, good fortune, and excess has entered the fixed fire sign of drama, LEO!  Leo rules the heart and all things that shimmer with gold, and with Jupiter there those things are sure to amplify. Entertainment is expected to be expanding, along with an individual’s inflated sense of self, especially for those fire signs; Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius.  Try to think back to 12 . . . Read More

Green Carpet Photos from the Indigo Children Launch Party

These Indigo Children are some good looking folks. From hipsters to gangsters, we figured you may enjoy some highlights from the Green Carpet at the Indigo Children Launch Party. And yes, we know the carpet is usually red, but that’s just soooooo old paradigm. We went with green to represent our eco-consciousness. The homie, fashion photographer Courtney Allen of DC Image Photography, hooked it up with some beautifully lit photos for the carpet. He has done it up on my Instagram many times and is also the man behind my Indigo Child Warrior shoot. Designer Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel and Fendi . . . ... Read More

Adding Omega-3 Fatty Acids To Your Indigo Child Diet

As I have been writing my articles I have been noticing a common theme in my stories. Omega-3 Fatty Acids. It seems that every remedy I post involves Omega-3’s. It finally hit me… Why wouldn’t I write about these saucy little vitamins? The human body can make a lot of its own fats and nutrients when necessary. But not Omega-3 fats. These are essential fats. There are also beauty benefits to Omega-3 Fats as well. You can expect your hair to look thicker and shinier, your skin to clear up, and your nails to be stronger and split proof! Foods . . . Read More

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