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Roses are red, Indigo Children are blue, what is synastry, can you give me a clue?

Roses are red,  indigo children are blue, what is synastry, can you give me a clue? Synastry is the comparison of two individual’s birth charts. Often couples seek astrology sessions for a deeper understanding of their synastry together. By comparing how one chart affects the other there can be a better understanding of the unique compatibility between two people. Have you ever walked into a room and been drawn to someone instantly feeling great chemistry? Indigo Children know this attract or repel energy with others quite well! When we look at the synastry between you and that other person we can find many connections that create that . . . Read More

Why Indigo Children are Uncooperative

I’m well known for being an uncooperative person and that is something I share with my Indigo Children peers. However, like my peers, that uncooperative behavior is often misunderstood. I have been accused of being an easily influenced person and rebelling for the sake of rebelling. There is also the common Indigo Children assertion of antiauthoritarianism. Interestingly, I don’t relate to any of these ideas. At the heart of my uncooperative behavior is my sense of self. That confidence, that knowing, shakes others to their core. I refuse to cooperate for the sake of cooperation. I will listen to and . . . ... Read More

The Glowing Benefits Of Rose Water For Indigo Children

Rose water and rose oil are one of nature’s oldest beauty secrets. Beyond the gorgeous feminine smell of roses, rose water has a handful of beauty health benefits for Indigo Children such as yourself, which is why you can find them in high-end products. As someone who has always struggled with my skin, I can honestly say I adore this delicious natural product! Get ready to glow! Rose water is fantastic for oily skin and skin prone to break outs, white heads and black heads. The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties in rose water gently kill bacteria. It also slows sebum . . . Read ... Read More

The Astrology of Indigo Children Mermaids

 Astrology plays an important role for the Indigo Children Mermaids!  And with this being Shark Week all eyes are on the sea.  Let’s start with the sharks… the energy of the shark is fierce and stealth, just like the planet Mars which is currently moving through the sign of Scorpio.  Mars is known in myth as the god of war, if that gives you any idea of its power, and is not only the ruler of Aries but also the ruler of Scorpio, a deep and intense water sign.  The shark symbolism is a perfect fit for this Mars in Scorpio energy that . . . Read More

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