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Indigo Child: Charles Crumb

Name: Charles Crumb Sun Sign: Virgo Location: Houston, Texas A common trait of Indigo Children is intelligence. But that can be difficult to recognize and understand. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Too smart for your own good.” That can easily be applied to most of the Indigo Children I know. Indigo Child Charles Crumb is so smart, people his whole life have been trying to drug him until he stopped thinking for himself. I’ve seen so many Indigo Children get older, gain independence and start redefining the world. Maybe it’s time we redefine intelligence and let the young Indigo . . . Read More

Dear HRH, Pisces loves Scorpio Indigo Children

Dear HRH, I am a Pisces and believe I met my twin flame, she is a Scorpio. What can you tell us about our astrology together? Sincerely, Love Fish       Dear Love Fish, I’m happy you feel you’ve found your twin flame! Indigo Children finding their twin flame is more than a magical experience, it is quite sacred! Pisces and Scorpio are a harmonious matching of sun signs! You are both of the water tribe and understand the importance of deep emotions. Empaths have strong water tribe energy in their birth charts. Pisces is mutable water and Scorpio . . . ... Read More

Sleeping Monk: Chinese Herbs for Indigo Children

So one day a few weeks ago I’m at a party in Malibu when I hear about this product called Sleeping Monk. I had also heard of this product a few months before when I was interviewed about health on a radio show. The name has me intrigued and thinking about the benefits for my Indigo Children steaz, but I’m not so easy to jump on it without learning all the facts. I’m just protective over my body that way. After a million questions are asked, I’m sold. I have to try this. Within 30 minutes I have the 4 . . . ... Read More

The Virgo Indigo Children

The Virgo Indigo Children bring to the world the purity of the virgin goddess. Virgo the virgin is most notably associated with the Virgin Mary of Christianity. We see her as a soft, natural and pure beauty that brings healing through her service to others. The Hawaiian virgin goddess Pele is another Virgo association. Mother Teresa, also Virgo born, is a good example of how Virgo sacrifices herself to share her service for healing others. Virgo has her dark side however, where there is the virgin the whore is near, and the Indigo Children born of this sign understand the importance of . . . ... Read More

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