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Green Carpet Photos from the Indigo Children Launch Party

These Indigo Children are some good looking folks. From hipsters to gangsters, we figured you may enjoy some highlights from the Green Carpet at the Indigo Children Launch Party. And yes, we know the carpet is usually red, but that’s just soooooo old paradigm. We went with green to represent our eco-consciousness. The homie, fashion photographer Courtney Allen of DC Image Photography, hooked it up with some beautifully lit photos for the carpet. He has done it up on my Instagram many times and is also the man behind my Indigo Child Warrior shoot. Designer Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel and Fendi . . . ... Read More

Flight 72014 to the Stars

Good day Indigo Children and welcome to Indigo-Lifelines Flight 72014 destination to New Paradigm Reality.  Please face, heal, and remove any unnecessary excess baggage and keep the isle-ways clear for other passing energies.  All electronic devices are sensitive to black-out during the flight and are encouraged for use as back-up only, due to their tendency to interfere with the flight command’s meditative and telepathic communications.  As we break the gates, please make sure your root chakra is securely grounded, and all your chakras are aligned in the secure and upright position.   To ground your rook chakra, insert self into a meditative state, imagine your base . . . Read More

Depression And The Foods That Lift Your Mood

Today I was inspired to write an article about depression. It seems there are so many people these days who get caught up in the motions, and wind up depressed and disliking their own lives.  I even fall victim to this at times. I meet so many Indigo Children who can’t seem to find the difference between reality and spirituality. They get lost. They become depressed. Especially with Mercury Retrograde messing with us. (And finally, it’s gone! Phew!) We can surround ourselves with our loved ones, but what happens when we are alone? That is when things get difficult and we . . . Read More

Cancer Solstice and the Crabby Tides

Cancer is a word with such a negative connotation, but Indigo Children know it to be the word of the goddess!  Cancer is the mermaid goddess, the cardinal water sign which is the initiator of feelings and emotions.  Cancer is also the mother archetype of the lunar goddess, as Cancer is a yin sign ruled by the moon. This moon goddess is powerful, protective, and of course to be lunar she may also be a bit looney.  Actually, the emotional tides of the Cancer dominant types (if you have the sun, moon, or rising sign in Cancer) follow the pattern of the moon, hence . . . Read More

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