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Indigo Children wearing jewelry by Thomas Dale Christiansen

jewelry by artist Thomas Dale Christiansen photo by DC Image Photography

Living on the beach is pretty great, and all my friends- Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Mermaids, Fairies, Angels, Unicorns and other Lightworkers -think so too. They love staying here. Maybe it’s the mermaid in me but… who wouldn’t want to chill on the beach?! All of these lovely houseguests tend to leave things behind. Some remnants I appreciate like an extra beach chair or skateboard. Other remnants (like Metatron’s laundry) I could do without.

I was busy working on the website at home recently when I decided to make lunch despite being low on groceries. There are always food items that mysteriously appear in the refrigerator from my houseguests. All of my friends are into the Indigo Diet style conscious foods, so it’s usually pretty safe in there. I threw together a random variety of things with some strategic spices and it turned out tasty. Until about 45 minutes later when I began to feel ill.

Indigo Children psychedelic magic mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms fine art by Thomas Dale Christiansen photo by DC Image Photography

The room started to spin and my lips went numb. I immediately considered food poisoning. Was it the salmon? Oh no, I gave the cat some of the salmon. Hugging the toilet and passing out on the bathroom floor is one thing, but a cat projectile vomiting all over my house at the same time is an epic fail. The thought made me giggle… uncontrollably giggle… that’s when I noticed the bed breathing!

Hallucinating is something I’m used to experiencing when I get a high fever. (One of those awesome Indigo Child quirks of mine.) My parents have great stories about me hallucinating as a sick little kid screaming because I could see giant spiders and stuff. I took my temperature. Normal. I waited and took it again. Still normal. If it wasn’t food poisoning then why in the world was I hallucinating? I started to walk through all of the random ingredients I had just consumed until I clearly pictured the unmarked mystery package from the back of the refrigerator.

Magic mushrooms folks. I’m actually allergic to fungus so I had never and would never intentionally try them, but these had been disguised and I had been deceived. I called an expert friend and together we searched for a solution. Regurgitation, charcoal, lots of water- nothing could stop the magic happening inside me. My expert informed me I was in for approximately six hours of magic, so I surrendered to the situation and settled in for the duration.

Most folks head outside and enjoy nature during these experiences, but I was unprepared. I locked my gate, made sure the cat was okay, shut down my computer and sat down on the couch. There was country music playing and it was wonderful. I especially liked the love songs. Whoever had created this batch had put a lot of love into it and that made for a beautiful experience. Later I learned I had consumed four full doses of magic mushrooms that day, so I’m very grateful it was high quality stuff.

Indigo Children jewelry

Graffiti Collection cuff by artist Thomas Dale Christiansen

Chemical drugs may simulate a body high, but the unique thing about plant medicine that can’t be patented and sold in bulk is the spirit that communes with you throughout the experience. During a chemical experience there’s no one there to talk to or guide you. There are no messages. The spirit that was embodied in this plant medicine was extremely female (perhaps Venus) and she wanted to have a conversation about love. She was very present and she asked me to be present as well. I tucked away the giggles as best I could and focused.

It was challenging to focus at first because I kept imaging how I was going to explain this experience the next day. That was when my first epiphany occurred. I realized I live my life constantly considering how to explain my experience to others. Excepting this felt exhausting. Venus was asking me to let go of that part of me and just relax. I pled my case instead. Insisting to her that this was part of my life’s greater purpose, I asked for permission to take notes so I could share her insights with the masses and she eventually agreed. Venus showed me that what I’m doing is bringing people into the energy of an experience by giving them practical words they can understand.

Indigo Children jewelry

Graffiti Collection heart pendent by artist Thomas Dale Christiansen

We began a conversation about love, sex and gender rolls while the country music serenaded us. She described men who seek physical satisfaction as actually seeking love. If a woman can understand that, she will be able to truly fulfill a man. A physical act alone will not completely satisfy him, but that is what he understands to request. Rather than be offended by the request, a woman may be wise enough to hear his underlying request for love.

Venus described a woman as being able to embody love and bring that energy to a man. A man’s role is then to support the woman so that she can focus on embodying the love energy. I pushed back at the idea of a man supporting me. I argued that I’m an independent woman and don’t need a man to pay my bills. She lovingly heard and acknowledged me. A man needs me as a woman to allow him the opportunity to love me in a way that expresses the divine aspect of his masculinity, Venus explained.

This is something I’ve struggled with. I seem to unintentionally emasculate men with my behavior and, over the past few years, I’ve made an attempt to start appreciating their masculinity instead. It’s sometimes as simple as pausing and taking a step to the side when I approach a door so that a man might open it for me. Certainly I’m capable of opening the door myself. But I’m honoring his essence by allowing him to open it for me. The partnership is completed in that scenario when I embody love and express it by thanking him graciously.

Venus explained that a man’s divine masculinity loves to hear how he made me feel. Rather than communicate how his support has technically benefitted me, he wants to understand how his support actually made me feel inside. That was a beautiful epiphany. Actions do not equal the embodiment of love, Venus went on. A person may search for a certain energy through actions like meditation or diet, but you will know when you achieve embodiment of that energy because you will experience peace in your life. Until then, you will know you are still searching by the presence of chaos in your life. Whoa. This was a good dose of medicine.

To truly relax is to be present in love, she said. I took a break to dance with her and acknowledge that presence of love. My movements flowed and I was very aware of the female curves of my body. I spend most days in a man’s world interacting with machines. It was nice to spend the afternoon appreciating my female essence- even if I was swollen and itchy from my allergy and hallucinating on psychedelics. If I had wandered out to the beach I’m sure I would have been hilarious to watch.

Indigo Child Abby Oliver wearing jewelry by artist Thomas Dale Christiansen

jewelry by artist Thomas Dale Christiansen photo by DC Image Photography

Women often have conversations about wanting to find a man who can do this or give them that, but that’s silly according to Venus. When we embody love, we can inspire anyone passing by to offer us what we desire. True wisdom comes when we approach our desires with love rather than fear. That thought evokes the image of a muse for me. A woman so full of love, her very essence inspires those in her presence and in return they make sure her needs are met to insure she stays in that state. A further state of wisdom comes when we love the person passing by so much that we see when they are on a different path and allow them to continue.

I’m not sure how practical the image of the muse is, but it certainly offered me a positive perspective emphasizing mutually beneficial relationships that honor our male/female essence and is devoid of fears. My conversation with Venus was beautiful and thought provoking and I’m grateful for her visit. The magic lasted closer to nine hours instead of six. My brain hurt from thinking and I craved sleep. I begged her to release me and eventually she did.

Spiritual plant medicines are medicine. They are meant to be respected and used to gain wisdom. I’ve been reading The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge which goes into detail about plant medicines through an apprenticeship with a Shaman. In the story, the Shaman explains that eventually the plant becomes part of the man and he no longer needs to consume it to call on its wisdom. Indigo Children talk a lot about plant medicines, especially marijuana. However, it’s rare that I find an Indigo Child that has allowed the medicine to become a part of them so they can access it without consuming more. We have that ability and I hope to see more Lightworkers using it in the future.

Personally, I am able to ask questions and hear answers from spiritual beings like Venus without the need for plant medicine. In this case, it’s clear to me that it was Venus who wanted to speak to me and she had sought me out. I don’t have much experience with psychedelics because I don’t usually find it necessary. I value my clarity and believe that people do drugs to feel like me. Ram Dass tells a story about bringing a big supply of potent psychedelics with him to India where his guru confronted him and swallowed all of them without any visual reaction. Ram Dass subsequently concluded, “If you’re already in Detroit, then you don’t have to take a bus to get there.”

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