Why I Love (and Hate) Being an Indigo Child

If you had asked me when I was literally a child if I thought I was an Indigo Child, I would have said no. Even if you asked me if I thought I was special or different, I would have said no.

Back then, I was trying VERY hard to be normal and I the last thing I needed was people going around saying otherwise. And I wouldn’t have told you anything about my “imaginary” friends or lucid flying dreams or sadness over knowing that our planet might someday explode back into a bunch of gasses (my mom actually caught me crying in my closet one day over this possibility).

Those were things I learned to keep to myself.

It sucked hiding so much of myself while I was growing up. But it also allowed me the room to become myself without a limiting label full of expectations and preconceived ideas permanently attached to my identity. I was safe in my silent thoughts.

But not totally safe. I figured out quickly that people didn’t appreciate my intuition. They wanted reason and logic and science, not gut feelings or universal wisdom. So I pushed it aside and tried it their way… which worked great for everybody but me.

Trying to fit in and not listening to my intuition made me an easy target in the world. I worked for people who had no intention of paying me, I made friends with girls who spread rumors about me to make themselves look good, I even married a guy who was abusive physically, emotionally and financially. It was exhausting living like that. It sucked.

So I quit. I went looking for something else… for myself.

I remembered feeling safe as little girl and having this inner sense of knowing. I didn’t have a word for my intuition, so I started Googling stuff until I found it. I was deep in an internet rabbit hole of Google searches when I came across some information about Indigo Children and everything clicked.

I’m still on that mystic journey of figuring it all out. I get a little less basic every year. I’m learning to enjoy the stuff that comes with being an Indigo Child like being empathic, energetically intense, really good at meditating and able to interact in multiple dimensions at once (I’ll show you later, it’s actually easy, fun and very useful).

But the thing I love most about being an Indigo Child is working on my life purpose.

That’s where you come in. My life purpose is actually more about you than me. I’m here to help you figure out who you are and get yourself straight so you can work on your own life purpose. I’m here to inspire and motivate you, to lead the way and to connect you with other Indigo Children.

It’s not easy. Indigo Children are uncooperative, aggressive and intense. But we’re also brilliant, visionary and totally magical.

I’ve always been comfortable writing and even got a degree in journalism once, so I figured a blog was a great way to handle this life purpose mission of mine. I thought I could write articles and you would read them and there could be ads on the side that would pay all my bills. You would get to know everything I knew for free while I hid in my house typing away in sterile introverted bliss.

I was a dumb dumb.

Everybody liked the stuff I wrote! But the ad money was a joke and I got overwhelmed with people asking for help. The articles were nice, but they weren’t enough. Some people acted like I was a big corporation (I’m just a girl) and had all kinds of unfair expectations of my little blog. Some people felt I owed them, some wanted my full attention, some were grateful, some wanted to support me…

Everybody had advice about how I could do better. I went to that place again of trying to be what others wanted.

It failed again…
I quit again…
I Googled again…

I figured it out again 🙂

I quit writing blogs and went all in becoming a better entrepreneur and learning how to use the internet to help you in a way that works for both of us.

Here’s what’s coming…

1. A Better Quiz
I originally created the Are You An Indigo Child? quiz with an open ended, ambiguous collection of answers that would allow you to decide for yourself. At first folks thought that was cool. Most of them probably knew me and had gotten more than just that weird little non-answer. I’ve gotten lots of emails from people pissed who want a real answer with an explanation and a little direction. I hear you. It’s happening.

2. The Indigo Children Society
Years ago I accidentally created a private Facebook group for Indigo Children and it turned out to be an amazing source of support and growth for a bunch of us. But people showed up who were offended by everything and the epic conversations were replaced with lame photo quotes. There’s a lot of Indigo Children in the world and most of us are alone in our experience. I learned a lot in that first group about what worked, what didn’t, what we needed, what we wanted. I’ve spent a ton of time putting together not just a new group, but also a Ritual Initiation that will help you show up ready go. I’m really excited about this one.

3. Transformation (instead of information)
We live in a world so full of information it takes forever to consume and even longer to figure out how to apply it to your life. Part of becoming a better entrepreneur was doing a lot of listening to understand what it is that you really need. I’m in the process of packaging up the results you want so I can literally sell them to you. Yeah, money, that’s different too. The lame ads on my website are going away and I’m going to give you the opportunity to invest in yourself. I’m going to quit underestimating you and put you in a position to value and receive your transformation. It’s okay if that makes you uncomfortable right now. I was there for a long time but now I’m ready to make money magic with you.

4. Access to Me
In my ideal world, I would be a hermit that lived in total seclusion reading books and gardening all day. You have made it clear that’s not my destiny. Let’s be real… I am an introvert. I need my me time. I’m creating ways that you can have access to me that will work for both of us. I would actually love to chat and hang with you! I want to know what you’re up to! So I’m determined to find a way to make it work. There will be a live online masterclass where you can ask me questions on specific topics (all the woo woo magical stuff), I’m going to start doing public speaking again so we can meet up in person, there will be new one on one video calls with me where we will focus totally on you and what you need, and I’m going to be hanging out inside The Indigo Children Society having epic conversations with tons of Indigo Children like you.

I’m almost finished creating The Indigo Children Society. I think getting you set up with some direction and mutual support with other Indigo Children is the best place to start. If you want to know when the society launches, signup here so I can send you the official invite. I’d really love to see you in there and get some quality hang time.

Yes! Send me an official invitation to join The Indigo Children Society when it launches.

Yes, send me the official invite to join the Indigo Children Society when it launches!
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13 thoughts on “Why I Love (and Hate) Being an Indigo Child

  1. I can relate to your frustrations , your expectations , and struggles . I fit the description of an IC and have been alone all my life . I made peace with it .

  2. I am so glad I stumbled across your site. I started with your “11 misconceptions about indigos” and you completely nailed it my friend! My story and life as an Indigo has been a rollercoaster. It would be amazing to meet others, share my story, and find “help” from people who understand. Awesome site Abby!

    1. Thank you, Amanda! I’m so glad too! I’m working hard to finish the Indigo Children Society where you’ll be able to do all those things. Can’t wait to see you there.

  3. Hello! i’m Destiny
    i’m a indigo kid it first started wen my mother was dying while she was having me , she was bleeding and went unconscious, I was left with no mother for 3 months but in those months I grew a connection with something else, other incidents had to do with seeing and feeling spirits lay on bed next to me and pain.. so many incidents happened while I was a kid till now ..I suffer with anxiety attacks when around a lot of people cant be at concerts, I don’t have friends always been alone, I really want to meet more people like me..is there a place in San Jose, SF, SAC.?

    1. I totally relate to the anxiety, the incidents and awareness of more. You definitely aren’t alone. I’m not aware of anything specific for Indigo Children in the Bay Area but we’re everywhere! I’d love if you join us in the Indigo Children Society online when it’s ready. I’m building in structures so that we’ll be able to connect in person easier too.

    1. It’s definitely possible! I’ve found mine and lots of other soulmates from past lives too. I just read the book “Only Love is Real” by Dr Brian Weiss that tells a true story about twin flames finding each other in this life and so many others. Such a cool story and made me feel like it’s definitely possible to find your soul family in this life.

  4. Since finding this information, my life, and thoughts, seem to make a little more sense. Other than math and nature, I have never been so enthralled by anything that I just wanted more information on. What are the best resources for learning more and becoming more involved?

  5. I was inspired by your article, ‘How to come out as an Indigo Child’, & I had a thought: since the LGBTQ Community & Indigo Children share much in common, like the need to disclose our true selves to society & the world, we should have a common movement. I know there is a big movement in new age & Indigo Children, & many Indigos have been featured in books & appearances, but I thought we needed something more: like a public disclosure. More publicity could help us feel more “out” – not as fame, but like news features on protests & parades like the Gay Pride Parade.

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