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Indigo Herbal Blends offers Natural Solutions Designed for Indigo ChildrenMost of the good things in my life I’ve worked very hard for. Rarely would the word luck apply. However, I would say I was lucky in my situation growing up. I was raised in a small, poor farming community. We didn’t have access to much including fancy things like the designer medical diagnoses of Attention Deficit Disorder or high tech fast food restaurants. A lot of my Indigo Child quirks were overlooked and handled holistically because I was considered as an individual and we didn’t have many options. I remember a friend’s mom often saying, “If a bath won’t fix it, you’re dying.”

The majority of Indigo Children I’ve heard from tell a different story. More often, the first signs of being different are considered a medical issue and treated with prescription drugs. Their unique and extraordinary Indigo Child qualities are suppressed rather than nurtured and life becomes a daily struggle dealing with the side effects of heavy medication. When they get older, they struggle to gain the life skills necessary to stop daily medication.

I wouldn’t say my quirks were nurtured, but I was allowed to be myself for the most part. We ate organic food, some of which we grew ourselves, because processed food was an expensive luxury. I played outside a lot with a few close friends because we didn’t have electronics to occupy us. Many of the healthy Indigo Child lifestyle choices I make purposely now were all I had growing up. The benefits of my less fortunate childhood have had a major impact on my health as an adult. Even my esthetician can tell I ate well and played outside plenty as a child by the current quality of my skin.

Studies show Indigo Children may play outside as an alternative to ADHD medicationsIf I went to the doctor today and allowed them to evaluate me, it’s likely I would be diagnosed somewhere on the Autistic spectrum and probably ADD as well. The purpose of diagnosing me would only be to give me access to prescription medications. While many people assume it’s best to diagnose and medicate so that folks can get help and move forward, that hasn’t been true for me. Many of the costly, long term, drug alternative therapies offered to help the root causes of ADHD are ironically very similar to how I was raised.

It’s true that medications do help folks to sit still and focus, but it’s like taking over the counter cold remedies that just mask your symptoms. I have a lot of compassion for anyone using medications. It’s a very personal choice, however it’s not the only choice you have. Environment is probably the biggest choice you can make. Still, sometimes a cup of coffee in the morning can make a difference in our productivity that day. We all experience fatigue and moments where our minds wander. Caffeine is probably the most popular substance we go to for a remedy in those times.

Caffeine is addictive and can have negative effects for Indigo Children like me who struggle with sleep quality and live with anxiety as well as other types of sensitive bodies. For the most part, I rely on my lifestyle to avoid wanting to consume stimulants. If I get a little sluggish in the afternoon I usually reach for a piece of fruit to pick me up. That is until I met one of my best friends, herbalist Naomi Lindsay.

Indigo Herbal Blends were created by herbalist Naomi Lindsay and Indigo Child Abby Oliver

by Dominik Muench

I was jumping on a big trampoline when I first met Naomi. Later we danced through the night at a campsite while our friends deejayed with the help of a generator. We were instant friends. Naomi is intensely passionate about drinking tea and almost always makes it herself. Not long after we met, I flew out to Hawaii with her and spent a month there drinking a lot of tea and making smoothies daily. Naomi’s herbs made me feel different. I could sit at the computer and focus without getting jittery and there was no crash of exhaustion when they wore off.

She had been making her own herbal blends and selling to friends for years when we decided to create blends specifically for Indigo Children. I wanted to take the best of what Naomi was doing and design solutions for the things Indigo Children care about in their daily lives. We bought organic, high quality herbs from the best suppliers who Naomi had long been working with. She brought out big crystal singing bowls, set the appropriate mood with lighting and music and mixed the herbs together with energetic intention for each blend.

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Our first batch of Indigo Herbal Blends has a definite homemade feel to it. They were made with love in the intimacy of our living rooms. We understand that you are sensitive and considered that the whole way, always aware of the energy in the room as we designed and created for you. I sent samples off to real Indigo Children and tested each blend to make sure we were giving you something great. I’m proud of what we created and excited to finally offer Indigo Children more than just my words to help improve your daily life.

Most of my test subjects didn’t expect to feel much and many of them took a larger dose than needed thinking it wouldn’t be much of a result even then. The stories have been funny. From a rapper in the studio thinking he had been drugged, to an Indigo Child who suddenly had the energy to ride his bike to work everyday, to men who had literally been stimulated. But the most common result has been increased focus. What’s cool about this kind of focus is that you can still be creative and maintain your personality. You may experience a high feeling, but never a doped feeling.

For focus, try The Alchemist’s Blend, Root Chakra Blend and Heart Chakra Blend.

The loose leaf teas are meant to be seeped in hot water and drank as a tea. The powered blends may be made as a tea as well or added to any hot drink or mixed into a smoothie. I’ve even added the powered blends to my morning oatmeal. I love The Alchemist’s Blend because it inspires me to create even before I consume it. We used a hemp protein without fillers so I get all my protein without feeling like I just ate a big meal.

Enjoying Chakra Balancing Blend loose leaf tea from Indigo Herbal Blends in Baja MexicoThe loose leaf tea Chakra Balancing Blend is very special to me. I first tried this blend on the coast in Baja Mexico where I was feeling stressed despite the relaxing intention of the trip. I seeped a large amount of the tea in a French Press to share with my friends and drank a cup as I watched the sunset. Immediately I felt calm and finally balanced. For me, it’s like meditation in a cup.

It was my intention to design products specifically for Indigo Children and offer natural solutions for the things that matter to us. I’m proud of Indigo Herbal Blends and use them in my own daily life. While these were designed for the needs of Indigo Children, they will be effective for any human body and you don’t need a diagnosis of any kind to access them. Naomi and I are working on more for you and I’m developing other products based on my personal needs as an Indigo Child as well as your feedback. I hope you enjoy what we’ve created so far. These products are about you and for you.