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Mama indigo with venice t shirtFrom an early age, Indigo Children are consumed with the question of their life’s purpose. It’s the most common question I hear during my intuitive readings. And while we may be plagued with this pondering earlier than most, it certainly finds its way into the daily thoughts of most all Lightworkers.

The unknowing of your purpose can lead to plenty of stress and even serious depression. Unfortunately, asking your spirit guides probably won’t get you the answers you want. Nearly every time I ask, I hear something like, “stay on your path,” followed by plenty of affirmations.

But how are we supposed to know which path to take if we don’t know where we’re going? The answer is pretty simple and there’s a good reason for it. If you knew where you were headed, you would most likely take shortcuts to get there and miss necessary experiences along the way effectively messing everything up. Instead, knowing how to make decisions to stay on your path is the best shortcut.

Here’s the secret:
Make decisions out of LOVE instead of FEAR.

gold love ring with pink nailsIt’s simple, but it can take some time to get used to. Start with small things and make it a game. Are you choosing that nail polish color because you love it or because other people will be accepting of it? Are you choosing to eat a healthy meal because you love your body or are you nuking something in the microwave because you fear the amount of time it will take to make a healthy meal?

It will take you some time to start thinking this way. It’s not logical and we live in a society that values logic. However, it’s effective. Learning to make decisions this way is the only way to stay on the path to your life’s purpose. Once you get used to choosing love over fear in the small choices that have small risks, you can start to use it in bigger choices.

Are you working at this job because you deeply feel this is where you belong right now? Or because you believe you need benefits and a regular paycheck no matter how stressed you are? Are you in a romantic relationship because you truly love yourself there? Or because you have some love for that person and you’re scared of what life would be like without them?

Here’s the tricky part:
It’s illogical.

Logic says you have job security at that company and your partner is a great catch and that nail polish color is just fine. But this is about your life’s purpose. As you get closer to achieving it, you’ll be able to look back and see the sense in all of the choices you’ve made. Until then, it’s going to be hard. Sometimes it will even seem totally wrong. But it will feel really good.

While it may be seemingly illogical, it’s actually simple physics. Acting on things that feel the best to you creates an energetic vibration which represents your true self. You become a magnet for synchronicity and will achieve your life’s purpose much faster than if you took the more logical path full of resistance.

I’ll let Bashar explain that a bit more…

Here’s an extra tip:
Be humble.

The point of your path is to gather experiences that will prepare you to fulfill your purpose. Experiences. They are perfect because they are experienced. Not because they are perfect. I am a survivor of domestic violence and people often express how sorry they are that I had to experience that. It really sucked, but I’m not sorry. I’m so grateful for that experience because that is where I gained the majority of the compassion I need for my life’s purpose.

I once listened to a girl explain that she had quit her job at an organic drink company because they used plastic bottles. She then began pursuing certification as a yoga teacher. Logic would say that being a yoga teacher is better than filling the world with plastic bottles. But I could feel the fear in her choice that was keeping her from being humble enough to stay on her path. I have no fear of taking jobs that are beneath my qualifications or not completely in line with my values when I can sense that there is a valuable experience waiting for me there. I also have no fear of turning down seemingly perfect opportunities when I know they aren’t for me.

mama indigo performing acrobatics on modern artPaulo Coelho wrote, “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” This essentially means that, when you go around choosing fear, all the universe is conspiring against you. Oh no! Fear is at the root of all behaviors that mistreat others. Fear gives us permission to take from others, speak badly about them, hit them, sabotage them and defend ourselves violently. (Remember that last one next time you respond to a negative comment online.) Love gives us permission to empathize, understand, give, set healthy boundaries, co-create and thrive.

Here’s the result:
Life gets simple.

I still have anxiety and challenging things happen, but I am able to receive them in a way that is manageable. I’ve lost that desperate feeling of flailing around in the dark fearful of getting hurt. Instead, I’m confidently stepping forward and I am starting to glimpse where I might be headed; although that final destination thing doesn’t matter much anymore. In fact, a lot of things don’t matter much anymore. I’m so busy trying to keep up with all the amazing things that are part of my purpose that I don’t have time to be a victim.

My friends and co-creators know that I’m famous for telling them to, “figure it out.” Instead of being afraid of things and dwelling in the drama, I chose to approach with love, find solutions and keep moving. Simple. I try to remember this love or fear formula when giving others advice. Our job is not to know what the right decision is for someone else, but to help them process their options. Listen and let them know where you hear love and fear expressed. By getting rid of all that unnecessary drama in your life you are creating room for the extraordinary things that are part of your life’s purpose. You’ll know when they show up because they will feel great and be simple. If you’re trying too hard, ask yourself what you’re so scared of and find your way back to the path of your life’s purpose.