Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Indigo Children actually children?

A: The term Indigo Children was given to a subset of the generation born between the late 1970's and today. It's used similarly to terms like Baby Boomer and Flower Child. Many of the Indigo Children today are actually young adults now.

Q: Where does the term Indigo Children come from?

A: There is a common misunderstanding that Indigo refers to a person’s aura color. While it is possible to have the color indigo in your aura, it simply relates to the third eye or 6th chakra and signifies an activated intuition. The term Indigo Children was coined by self-help author Nancy Ann Tappe in 1982. Possessing a brain disease which caused her to taste shapes and see personality types as colors, Nancy was a self-help author who lectured on the 11 Life Colors she saw. In 1978, she first saw the 12th Life Color of Indigo. The arrival of Indigo Children has long been predicted by individuals and cultures around the world who used various descriptive terms for them. Nancy’s term was popularized in the 1990s by the publication of the book The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived.

Q: Do all Indigo Children have blonde hair and big, light blue eyes?

A: Indigo Children come in all shapes, sizes and colors from all over the world. We do not have a specific eye color or shape, but we do have very intense eyes. Some claim our inner light, wisdom or truth can be seen in our eyes. Light variations of coloring may sometimes be prominent in any category of lightworkers because of the inner light we possess. Some people have experienced their eyes becoming lighter as they go through their awakening. What’s more, I’ve personally experienced incredible souls while looking into deep, dark, chocolate brown eyes.

Q: How can I tell if I’m an Indigo Child?

A: We have put together a list of Indigo Children Traits where you may recognize yourself as well as an Indigo Children Test. Additionally, you can use your intuition to see if whether calling yourself an Indigo Child feels right or not. We are generally very attracted to each other so finding yourself here may be a clue. A common reaction from genuine Indigo Children who first come across this information is to be very humbled by the idea that they may be one of the volunteers as well as overwhelmed with relief that what they knew to be true about themselves all this time has finally been acknowledged. You are the only one that can truly know if you are an Indigo Child or not. If you’re not sure, spending time with other Indigo Children is a great way to find your truth.

Q: What’s it like being an Indigo Child?

A: It’s a very uncomfortable, lonely life with lots of rewards. We struggle to fit in and find friends who understand us completely. We are often given prescription drugs when we don’t fit in or we try to stand up for what we know is right. Having a physical body feels awkward to us and our hearts ache to go home knowing we came from somewhere else. However, we are strong, wise, compassionate and have so much love to give. We are able to accomplish amazing things and positively influence mass amounts of lives. We are volunteer warriors and the rewards far outweigh our struggles.

Q: Is it limiting to label someone as an Indigo Child?

A: Labels are inherently limiting, however I believe that acknowledging the Indigo Children label is a positive alternative to the labels they are typically otherwise given. Some common ones I’ve heard are anti-authoritarian, behavior disordered, ADHD, freak, witch, addict, cheater, manipulator and a slue of other misunderstood negative labels. I have yet to meet an authentic Indigo Child who considers themselves better than others because of their label. Contrary to that concern, Indigo Children are typically humbled and find solace in their label. Many of us use the label Indigo Child as an anchor and expand beyond that with our own unique understanding of who we are focused around our purpose.

Q: What is the connection between Indigo Children and ADHD?

A: Many of the systems in our modern society are poorly designed and Indigo Children naturally feel uncomfortable conforming to something we intuitively know is wrong. Combine that with enough energy running through us to move objects without touching them while our highly sensitive bodies are fed processed, chemically altered foods and injected with synthetic vaccinations and you have the recipe for poor attention and erratic behavior. ADHD statistics match the estimated appearance and rise in numbers of Indigo Children as well as other diseases including autism, asthma and allergies. Alternatively, the Waldorf education system, which caters an environment friendly to sensitive Indigo Children, has never had a single case of ADHD in any of their over 1,000 schools and 2,000 kindergartens in more than 60 countries suggesting it is our standardized systems that are broken, not the children.

Q: Are Indigo Children human?

A: Indigo Children are humans with old souls. It’s estimated about one third of the world's population believes in some form of reincarnation. A Starseed is a person who lived a past life somewhere other than our planet. Indigo Children are considered one subgroup of Starseeds.

Q: Why are Indigo Children here?

A: Indigo Children are referred to by some as volunteers. We are described as advanced souls that volunteered to come to Earth to help the shift into the new Intuitive Age. We each come with a specific mission or purpose. Most of us forget our purpose at birth but know we have one and seek to remember.

Q: What is an awakening?

A: To awaken is to become aware. Indigo Children use this term to describe our process of understanding ourselves and the world around us. Most of us have at some point attempted to participate in social structures that we aren’t meant for such as public schools, a nine to five career, marriage and other man-made systems. While we may have found success or been happy within those constraints for a time, they typically fall apart for us and we are forced to acknowledge who we truly are. Awakening is a process for everyone, not just Indigo Children. It is significant for Indigo Children because we are here to help with a mass awakening.

Q: What can I do to jump start my own awakening?

A: We believe the first step to awakening is through a healthy, conscious diet. Microwaves, processed foods and chemicals will make it hard for your body to function while organic produce, sustainable farming products and foods high in nutrients will give you clarity and an abundance of energy. The second step to awakening is through meditation. I recommend 15 minutes of meditation a day to begin and personally enjoy listening to guided meditations. Connect with me through the blog on this site or any of my social media pages for content that will help with your awakening.

Q: Can you recommend other books relevant to Indigo Children?

A: Absolutely!

The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober
This is the original non-fiction resource on Indigo Children released in the 1990s. A great book for anyone interested in the topic of Indigo Children.

The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children by Doreen Virtue
This book details the day to day functioning of highly sensitive Indigo Children covering everything from communication to diet and optimal environments.

Realms of the Earth Angels: More Information for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Wizards and Other Lightworkers by Doreen Virtue
If you like where I’m going with all of this Indigo Children stuff but aren’t sure where you fit in, this is a good place to start. Doreen outlines several subgroups of Starseeds (she uses her own term Earth Angels) and gives lists of characteristics making it easy to identify your classification.

Your Sixth Sense: Unlocking the Power of Your Intuition by Belleruth Naparstek
A logical and statistical approach to understanding intuition. I found this to be a helpful resource for anyone looking to exercise their intuition no matter what their natural ability may be. I’m also a big fan of Belleruth’s guided imagery meditations.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
A fictional story relevant to the topic of an Indigo Child’s purpose and our often confusing path to achievement. The Alchemist is a classic piece of literature and a great read for all audiences.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price
In my opinion, diet is the first step to awakening and the biggest factor for an Indigo Child's quality of life. The work of Weston A. Price stands apart from all fads and is unparalleled in scientific research. The Weston A. Price Foundation continues to produce relevant information continuing his work. Also check out the inspiring and educational film Fresh from the foundation.

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56 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Im a indigo child who i salso a zodiac cusp both Virgo and Libra, look it up i was born Septemeber 23rd. Anyway im a sophmore in highschool, and i feel as if im losing my friends or being unfair. i can easily be distant and not care but i can care and not show it. most of my friends think im cold-hearted or crazy, but to disguise myself i make people laugh. Im “Hard-headed” in my moms perpsective . I just want a little hint in my life, i feel as if im withering away im not depressed but right now i feel bored, like nothing special will happen as if my old soul is shrivling up…. I was happpy like that these new friends i met made me happy to be alive, like i wanted to tell them but i was afriad not rejection but for them to be getting closer. I already know i shouldnt be afriad to accept others but its just so weird. with the child-hood i had strength was all i had until i watched this tv show now I understand things like its okay to cry. But besides the point i need a little hint to what will happen next besides i dont even think i awakened yet but hopefully i will, honestly im just scared of losing people who i would die for or even be tortured. Please help me or just give me something, help a younger Indigo out in this world.

    1. Alexandra, every time I let go of people in my life when it’s time, I inevitably discover I have made room for new ones that are better suited for me at this current moment in my life and theirs. It’s okay if you drift apart from people. That just means you’re ready to drift closer to others. If you’re bored and lacking a purpose right now, focus on how you’re taking care of yourself with diet, meditation and your environment. Little changes go a long way for us Indigo Children <3

    2. Hello my fellow Indigo. I was brought to your post just now after being awakened today. I have been drawn very strongly over the last few months to clean my chakras (never ever would have done that before). After that, I had changed and everyone started to notice. I had just come out of what they call a Dark Night, and I felt more connected to the universe, karma and positive energy. The Dark Night caused me to lose friends (on purpose), my career (all of a sudden after 12 years wasn’t satisfying). Wow, there’s so much to tell you and I still know nothing! This all feels so weird.

    3. September 23rd. Lets leave behind all that crazy conspiracy that the world will end in 3 days cuz thats not going to happen. I wont be like on of those nuts but according to what I “have been told/felt” we have 2 more years to fight for our mission(Well, mine I guess) Anyways, September 23rd is a very stong day from what I gather, and I mean thru my thoughts and feelings, I didn’t google this. I see your post is from a while ago, and maybe your not around but lately I have been being drawn to certain people and I have so much knowledge I cant even talk to anyone, I am always alone.

    4. I fell the same way alone scared my friends think im crazy but i know i have purpose but its hard.I am indigo child i was born dec16. I am a young one i need help i dont understand why others dislike me but i will not hate them.Pls older indigo help me its hard to explain.

  2. I don’t really want to label myself but this does make me feel a lot better knowing that there are other people out there who have these traits. i have been lost and confused for years! I need a path to follow…or an army to lead haha either way, its nice to know that there are others 🙂

    1. I agree, Thomas, labels are limiting and best avoided. However, they can at times be a starting place for needed direction in our lives. I hope this site can be a resource for you to find your path so you can lead the army. Haha, I love that imagery! Here’s to the revolution my friend.

  3. I took the test and the results were that I was not an Indigo. I have identified with being an indigo for years, so I think your quiz is not conclusive for some. Yes, I am fierce and I am a rebel, but I despise drugs and alcohol makes me dreadfully sick. I have always felt like I don’t belong here and this place sucks, but I make the best out of it by taking down the baddest of the bad criminals.

    1. Kim, the quiz results give you permission to identify yourself as you feel is true. I tried to create it as more of an opportunity for self-reflection than to give you a precise answer. Clearly, the label of Indigo Child works for you 🙂 I’m so glad you’re to hear you’re making the best of things and doing your part. We need all the help we can get <3

  4. Thank you for the great article. I only just realised am a “volunteer” & light worker, seems right. Yes, do not fit in & want to go home but not sure where it is. Still searching maybe inside or in my dreams;)

  5. I am an indigo child, I’m a sophomore, and I read a lot about how to open yourself up and interact more with your inner feelings. But most of what I read says that mothers or mother figures help most with this. I don’t really know where my mother is, and my grandmother doesn’t want to help me. Is there anyway that I can help myself? Since I don’t really have a mother.

  6. I feel this pulling that wants me to go to the stars. I don’t feel like I belong here. I mean Earth is lovely, but it’s more a tough VISIT to a troubled world. I want to go away from here, but also want to stay & help, & I can’t leave my family behind! I love them! I think I’m an Indigo, but don’t know, I want help but don’t know where to find it, & I don’t know what to DO! There’s all this amazing stuff to learn about, this path to fulfill, these things to become, but what do we do w/ it?I’m only 12! Btw, anybody ever dreamt of a lavender evening where they flew w/ white warm wings?

  7. Can anybody recommend a mentor in Anchorage, AK? I promise, we don’t live in igloos made of ice, nor do we ride polar bears to school!(; Thanks!

  8. I wish I had wings! I feel like I’ve had many homes, y’know? I don’t know where I can meet other Indigo childs, but I need to find them. I feel alone, a bit, and kind of jealous. I don’t seem to have amazing abilities, but I sometimes take on other’s emotions and pain. Ouch! But maybe I’ve suppressed my other abilities. I don’t know.

  9. Maybe it’s because when my mother first found she was pregnant with me, she was afraid and didn’t want me. She was in depression, before, during, and after I was born. When I was young, she went to courses and help programs, but home life was sad. I felt afraid. Once, on Mother’s Day, my sister and I made breakfast in bed. She yelled at us for it. Don’t get me wrong, she’s loving and kind, but it’s tough. She’s lots better now, but when I was from ages 0-8, it was rough.

  10. When I was very young, I was outgoing and kind, not at all shy. I loved to talk to anybody and everybody, and I was confident and ready. I loved myself! I loved others, too, of course, but I was my own favorite. But one day, when I was getting ready for school, my mother yelled at me, close to my face, inches away, a tight grip on my arm. I recoiled, and cried. I was in shock, feeling rejected and hated, like I didn’t deserve anything. I felt broken. A pain in my neck hurt badly, tensed and afraid. I hunched my shoulders to try and stop it, putting my hands on the back of my neck.

  11. I began to walk away to continue getting ready for school, despite the aching pain in my neck and heart. My shoulders were still hunched, my hands still on my neck. My mother yelled something like, “Stop that bullshit and quit making a big deal! Get going and quit acting hurt!” She yelled it very loudly, and I have sensitive ears. I shakily removed my hands, and tried to lower my shoulders, but it made me feel vulnerable. Then, in school, I simply looked up, and a tearing, burning, ripping pain shot through my neck. I screamed, and had to be taken home. Every bump hurt like hell.

  12. Ever since then, I’ve had problems with my neck, and trapezius muscles. I’ve been shy and sometimes afraid, and I never had that sense of self-worth again. I try to feel important and wonderful, but then I just feel vain. I’m kind of trapped, like I’m my own worst enemy. And sometimes when my mother is mad, I’m afraid of her and I don’t know why. I know she won’t hit me or spank me or anything. But then I think back, and realize I am afraid she will hurt me emotionally again. Hurt me again like that day many years ago. But now I am ready, ready to learn and grow.

  13. Sorry I keep rambling on… It’s just an emotion overload. I’m only 12, and I’m thinking about the fate of the world, life as we know it. I feel so small but also so big…

  14. im literally crying , tears just keep streaming. I knew there was something about myself I felt as if maybe I just over reacted on my abilities and sixth sense. I am an indigo ! truth I believe more that we’re sent from God. Call us Gods little helpers if you must

  15. I have read through all of this and id say it sums me up but i dont no if to believe in these things as i feel i waste alot of time trying to figure things out when i could be taking action and making progress. Like you can never have 100% yes to knowing you are its just the hope an faith you put into it, an although i could be an indigo child i might never fully no for sure. Can you go to mediums an get a reading or somthing that might make me feel slightly more confident or confirm it??

  16. I have always felt more connected with paranormal world and I’ve always felt like I was different. A few days ago, I went to go see a pyschic. He told me the instant I got in the room that I was an indigo and that I could communicate with spirits easily. Do u have any suggestions for how to make my abilities stronger to try and communicate with these spirits? I’m very glad to find out that there r more people like me in this world

  17. Hello,
    I am very happy I found this website! I learned I am a indigo after I went to get my Astrology chart years ago….. the lady told me that I always felt different and felt I did not belong here.. I was in shock! I was happy to know I was not crazy, I am just a little different. She then said the word Indigo, I had no idea what that was, she told me to by the book Indigo children. I will forever be grateful I made the appointment to get my chart!
    I have always felt I don’t belong here. I did not take a test my astrology chart reveled it.

  18. I have a friend who’s an Indigo child, but she hasn’t awakened yet. It’s really bothering her. She feels constantly uncomfortable, and lonely even though we are there for her. She can’t find her spirit animal. How can I help her?

  19. I have a friend who’s an Indigo child, but she hasn’t awakened yet. It’s really bothering her. She feels constantly uncomfortable, and lonely even though we are there for her. She can’t find her spirit animal. How can I help her?

  20. I ‘know’ i am an indigo, not only am i a blond blue eyed tall man but i am so sensitive like in feeling every change in carbon based items as not only humans, but also machines like computers, phones en even my motorbike. Besides the communication i have with my wife and cats and birds, plants and people i meet sometime in stores.
    It is for me like i blend in, in the item/person.. feeling to be a home for it.
    I hope someone feels the same.. or understand.. or maybe i could have been of some of help.

    Mail me if you stuggle

    Love to you all.

  21. I feel like guided from within. I cook, bake and clean like a natural flow rises up.

    I am now in a stadium i cannot slam flies to death. If i do .. and hold my hand above it, they slowly come to life and fly away..
    Its overwhelming but true as i love you for who are.

    Again, much love to all. (No commercial gestures)

  22. I don’t know if I am a indigo adult! I am very confused I feel as though I am and possess something but how does one know they are not just crazy sorry but lack of better term. I am currently in Grand junction and am looking for fimilars if they exist here. Lost. And need resources for help to better understand and not be so scared and alone. Thank you. Sincerely unknowing.

  23. I have felt lost my whole life and some how stumbled across indigo children tonight on my Facebook page. I have been reading on it for an hour now and every singl bit of it sounds and feels like me! I think I’ve found where I belong somehow. I’m not sure what my purpose is or what to do from here but I know without doubt this is what I am.

  24. I can’t help ,but to be sceptical. Simply because I am a sceptical person. I can’t awaken simply because I can’t not eat processed food. That’s all my family eats. If I refuse to eat that then I’m going hungry. New age has denied quite a few scientific facts. I’m giving it a chance in my life simply because scientist are not always correct ,and new age hasn’t denied anything to be know as 100% incorrect. I need some proof though. I can’t believe things blindly.

  25. Being that I myself would be considered “indigo” as well as my two children i would like to offer a more modern perspective considering what weve learned since the term “indigo” was coined. I see it more as a hypersensitivity of all of the human senses. For example when someone is blind their other senses ramp up. With indigo children I think its a heightened increase of all senses plus a heighten sense of pattern recognition.

  26. I can,t find an info that really is important to me. If two indigo people find eachother and fall in love and have kids – what are the kids? Are they by heritage indigoes as well, or … can it be bad?…

    Tnx ^^

    1. Great question, Aleksandra! Two Indigo Children that have kids together could have any kind of soul. They would not be Indigo Children by heritage. They could be Indigo Children, they might be Crystal Children, or any other possibility. I don’t think it would be anything bad. If a soul chose two Indigo Children to be their parents that would be pretty special.

  27. I am an indigo without question. Im compelled to ask why there are no references to our interactions with angels as well as clairvoyance? Are there others who recall having these abilities and seeing and interacting with the angels? Thanks.

  28. I’m really confused on how to identify myself. Since I’m born in 2001 they say I should be a rainbow child, but I really don’t think that is right with myself anymore. When I was younger I was a truly different person and definitely was a rainbow child but now, I truly feel more indigo. If I were younger all my traits would associate with being a rainbow child but now, it doesn’t apply to me anymore. Now every one of my traits is in sync with an indigo child. How do you think I should identify myself.

  29. I’ve been wondering if it’s possible have more than one soul inhabiting your body? Like soul mates who help each other, nd that maybe one’s a star seed and the others an idigo child. Its seems right BC I have both traits andmaybe if two different souls are present then, one being and idingo and the other a star seed ultimately recreating a Crystal child (if thats what they are, I think they’re indigos who either created or found other parts of their souls that may have drifted apart in past lives then reconnected and reformed themselves ultimately creating a new pysce then before

  30. I was born 9/01/1968 but I am sure I am Indigo. I would say my first awakening was when I was 25 and I have had many strange experiences. It wasn’t until this past week while going through changes yet again that I went back to a star seed book by Solara I had bought in the 90s and it lead me to a blog that kept mentioning Indigo adults.

  31. Everybody who reads indigo stuff will feel somewhat indigo bc everyone wants to feel special – they will convince their self that they are indigo. Whether indigo exist or not what you need to do is finding the God trough science, timing , self analyze and probablity. Believe God for real and accept all the religions and start influence people and show them the right way.

    1. Most people assume that we call ourselves Indigo Children to feel special, but it’s usually the opposite- we feel different and defective, alone and out of place. The label gives us a sense of how to take care of ourselves and figure out our purpose for being in a place we otherwise feel we don’t belong. I’ve never met an Indigo Child that feels better than or more special than anyone else. And we’re definitely with you on the spirituality. We’re represented in every major religious tradition and then some!

  32. the test is completely contradictory to the description, which are accurate, that are listed within this site… so I’m doubtful you’re an Indigo and whilst it is completely understandable how anyone would want to be of those chosen to bear the title, I find it frustrating that other Indigos that are perhaps lost in their path/journey might be dismayed by this.
    Please take this into account when plastering the internet with information.
    Indigos do not need to be told who they are, it’s simply engrained within the fibers of their souls.

    1. I totally agree with you! That’s why I made the quiz to generate a result that basically just tells you that you know who you are. At first people loved it, but now they get mad and want a real result so I’m reworking it. As much I want people to discover who they are for themselves, they continually ask for my help. You’re right, it’s an interesting balance to figure out how to really help them. I’ve done a ton of market research with Indigos over the past couple years and am excited about the new stuff I’m creating. I’d love your feedback when it launches!

  33. I’m an indigo and glad I have found this site, I have almost everything matching, be it about an indigo or about starseeds. I always hid such things like strong empathy and etc, since it sometimes looks strange and weird, or that I feel strong desire to help the others in a way of making them more psychologically stable. I would really love talking to you guys about anything relevant for this website, since I have a lot of questions about this

    1. I’m so glad you found us Eric! I’m launching the Indigo Children Society soon where we’ll be able to all talk with each other. Make sure you get on the invite list so you can join when we launch. Can’t wait to talk with you.

      1. Hi Abby can you please explain to me how I can get on to the invite list? I’ve been searching for a social community specifically for indigos for such a long time but nobody was creating them, im very grateful for your creation thank you 🙂

  34. I find my abilities and purpose hard to accept. I fail to see what significance there is from being able to control the weather, people, or seeing the future. It has only brought me sadness. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of knowing things all the time about people and seeing their thoughts or feeling their feelings. I get sick of seeing stuff every day. I don’t want to see spirits or ghosts or other things anymore and I am also sick of seeing people’s energy and auras all the time. When I was younger I could turn it off, but now it seems like it does what it wants.

  35. I believe that I am that indigo child. I don’t have many friends but the ones I do I dearly treasure, I am pyhsic , an empath which are a few of the building blocks to an indigo child. I sense that two people in my life that will be anonymous possess these or different traits , and have a chance that they are an indigo. All my life I was a longer till I came to a school that seems different, either kinder people or most are pyhsic. My friends and I notice things and events that happened to us that aren’t normal. Thank you for listening. 🌌🌬️

  36. I’m concerned that you describe Nancy Ann Tappe as having a ‘brain disease’. Her colour/shape perception is surely a gift, or at its most neutral, a trait. It’s what Nancy’s own website says. I’m surprised and disappointed that someone connected to a site and lifepath all about being spiritual insight and being different would label Nancy’s ability in that way and put the idea in the heads of all those other Indigos and other seekers. It’s Nancy’s work and insight that has made sites like these possible, so it’s very wrong to describe her thus, when unusual people are so often misdiagnosed.

  37. I was told i am an Indigo by a shaman in mexico. When i asked what it meant he said it means to be from another life. Many lives. It has resonated with me in my soul. I will pursue this topic a little further because i need more enlightenment on this subject.

  38. I have intuitively been drawn to indigo people and might be one myself. I have had many intuitive experiences. I struggled with mental illness and multiple addictions. A year ago I went on the Whole 30 diet, started eating organic and reading A Course In Miracles. With help I went off all psychiatric medications. I no longer struggle with addictive behaviors. I feel truly happy. I am not special and am here only to be truly helpful.

  39. Hi
    As already did look into all these traits and things, and it is like i have always 95% to 100% pass on indigo tests or descriptions. So it just makes sense i am one of them, but this is so frustrating, so tiresome.i had dozen times thought of killing myself and now i just live with gut feeling that something big will happen, but i just don’t know what, all i have is feeling that i must do something. It’s like loosing memory of big event i have to fix, with only memory of i have to fix something. With all this i feel i am loosing ability of empahty towards humans. feel clueless and desperate

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