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Indigo Children

Indigo ChildrenAre you an Indigo Child?


There are some common traits Indigo Children share through which we recognize ourselves and each other. Below is an outline of those traits. If this seems to describe you, chances are you are an Indigo. Connecting with other Indigo’s will enable you to confirm this or point you in the right direction to continue your self discovery and awakening. Indigo Children are a subgroup of Starseeds or Lightworkers and a lot of the traits described below are traits of all Starseed groups. The major distinguishing factor that makes us Indigo is our warrior spirit.

Intuitive – We are naturally strong intuitives even though we live in a society that values the logical mind.

Wise – We are old souls that have incarnated for thousands of years in many different planes of existence. We are wise beyond our age in this life. We have beautiful, striking eyes that offer a glimpse of our wisdom.

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Intelligent – Our I.Q. scores are far above average although our grades in school may not reflect this. We despise the busy work done in traditional schools and don’t feel the need to prove our intelligence through test scores and grades.

Creative – We enjoy expressing ourselves creatively and excel in environments that offer us a platform to do so no matter what the task. We love having choices and creating better systems.

Truthful – We are passionate about the truth and easily know when someone is lying. However, we may hide our personal truth from others either playfully or in an attempt to protect ourselves.

Empathic – We are sensitive to how others are feeling and often physically experience their emotions ourselves.

Confident – We are confident in our identity and posses an obvious sense of self. We judge people, places and events on how the energy feels to us rather than how it appears and what we’re told.

Rebellious – We often refuse to participate in systems that don’t serve us. We are difficult to discipline because there is no consequence deterring enough to stop us from doing what does serve us. Authority figures will only find cooperation from us if they are deserving of their authority and earn our trust.

Purposeful – We are aware of a having a greater purpose on Earth and are focused on figuring out what our purpose is and accomplishing it. We often talk of changing the world and saving the environment.

Abby Oliver Indigo Children

Sensitive – We have many food intolerances such as gluten and are extremely sensitive to many things in our environment including chemicals, lighting, sounds or things like tags on our clothing and how tight our shoes fit.

Spiritual – We experience spirituality directly and are therefore attracted to different forms of it which may include organized religion or a complete rejection of it. For more on spirituality see my article here.

Lonely – We feel out of place in our physical bodies and on this planet. The people around us often notice we are different and tend to have a hard time understanding us. Many of us become disconnected from our own families.

Leaders – We thrive as leaders and entrepreneurs, but struggle as employees, students and team players. We often refuse to do what we’re told unless we understand why and agree. We are known for refusing to wait in lines and acting with a sense of royalty.

Mystical – We are attracted to fairies, pixies, unicorns, angels, mermaids etc. Some of us even look like them. Many of us see ghosts, have so-called imaginary friends or encounter aliens. We have rock and crystal collections. We have a deep connection with animals and babies stare at us.

Magical – We can heal you with our energy, move objects without touching them, hear your thoughts, tell you your future, walk through a room without being seen, and all kinds of other things you read about in comic books.

Oppressed – We are often labeled ADD, autistic, insomniac, depressed, bi-polar or anxious and given psychiatric drugs in an attempt to force us to conform. Some of us self medicate with alcohol and recreational drugs to block out everything we’re so sensitive to and numb our awareness of how different we are.

Unique – We have rare blood types, low body temperatures, different eye colors from the rest of our family members, and a laundry list of other unique physical qualities that baffle doctors. We have our own sense of time and behave in ways that frustrate those around us. However, we usually arrive at the perfect moment and achieve happiness despite our refusal to work a nine-to-five job.

Indigo Children WarriorElectric – Light blubs pop when we walk into the room, your cell phone loses it’s battery charge when you’re with us, watches stop working when we wear them, street lights go out when we stand under them. We frequently trip the power breakers in our home and complain about hearing electronics buzz when others can’t hear anything.

Warrior – We incarnated in this time and place to help transition into the Intuitive Age. We are literally here to change the world and we are the warriors on the front lines of the battle. We have an aggression and passion for what we know is right. Despite being oppressed and misunderstood, we fight to achieve our mission. This is the attribute that distinguishes us from other more peaceful Starseeds and Lightworkers.

More on Indigo Children…

The topic of Indigo Children was first introduced in 1982 by self-help author Nancy Ann Tappe who coined the term. By 1999, a book published by Hay House on Indigo Children became one of the fastest-selling books in their niche market reaching sales over half a million. Major book sellers began selling the self-help guide for parents in the children’s section after discovering children were finding the book and asking their parents to purchase it. Even bulk retailer Costco carried the title.

Although no statistics exist on the number of Indigos, ADHD statistics suggest at least 10% of the U.S. population has been diagnosed as such. In 2007, the Center for Disease Control reported that over 5 million children had been diagnosed with ADHD with a 5.5% increase occurring each year. Celiac disease, asthma, autism, digestive problems, food intolerances and allergies are also on the rise as the Indigos continue to arrive and struggle to adapt to a world insistent on drugging them into conformity. But as they gain power in numbers, the world is beginning to adapt to them. Gaining in popularity now are organic grocery stores and restaurants, alternative medical practices, yoga and other forms of meditation, energy conservation, green products and conscious lifestyle events.

Indigo Children, their parents, grandparents, educators, significant others, friends and all others they interact with have become fast consumers of everything Indigo. The media has taken note with The New York Times, ABC News, CNN and USA Today all covering the topic. Google returns nearly three million search results for Indigo Children and Facebook returns a mass of users all over the world referring to themselves as Indigo with an average of 5,000 to 10,000 friends/fans per page.

Hunter/gathers became farmers who became industrialists who became digital citizens of the Information Age. We have come to the end of that age and the beginning of the Intuitive Age led by the Indigo Children. As one of the first to arrive, Abby Oliver communicates with Indigo Children all over the world building peer support while educating people about who they are and how to live a healthy, conscious lifestyle.