what you really want is to start using your magic everyday,
feel great and make your life more awesome.

I created a guide that will help you do exactly that.

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If only you could figure out how to leverage it!

You could…

Quit your life and move to
the jungle to become a shaman.

Quit your life and join a
monastery to meditate 24/7.

Spend years stuck while trying
to figure this out on your own.

If you’re like I was… you’re struggling through that last option while feeling suuuuuper tempted by the other two.


Being mystical isn’t always fairytales and magic wands.

If fact, so far it’s mostly been a burden for you.

You’re trying hard to be your mystical self while still fitting in… which leaves you feeling: 

  • Awkward AF (everyone can tell there’s something different about you)
  • Exhausted (being this sensitive makes it hard to even function, ugh)
  • Stuck (like you’re literally on the wrong planet)

You want to embrace your magic in a way that makes your life better, not worse.
And you know that learning to navigate being a mystical soul should not require you to quit your life.

You KNOW that you’re going to be GREAT at this magic Indigo stuff if you just had a little help getting started.


I used to try and shut out my magic because I thought it would make me and everyone else happy if I could just be normal. The crazy thing is, I didn’t make myself or anyone else happy until I embraced my magic and totally gave up on being normal.

I finally created an awesome life that I love,
that really works for me.


  • CONFIDENT (yeah, you are different… you’re extraordinary!)


  • ABUNDANT (you’re leveraging your sensitivities to
    create the life of your dreams)


  • SOLID (you’re rocking this human thing on Earth like a boss, haaay!)

I know those feels seem out of reach right now, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It took me a long time to learn how to use my magic in productive ways. There wasn’t anybody there to guide the way or lay it out all in simple steps for me. And sometimes, the answers I was looking for were in weird places I wasn’t comfortable going.


That’s why I decided to create a guide for you.
So you could get started using your magic right now with simple step-by-step instructions that keep it all light, fun and extremely effective.




A digital workbook and step-by-step guide with the insider guidance you need to start using your magic everyday, feel great and make your life more awesome.

Say goodbye to struggling to fit in and trying to be normal because you’re about to become extraordinary!  

The UNDERGROUND HANDBOOK is full of my favorite magical tips and tricks, and answers a lot of the most common questions I get asked to help you go from struggling and stuck to finally leveraging your magic.

“The Underground Handbook is next level. It’s real. Not bubble gum or fluffy… it’s real Indigo fire!”
– Kemala R.


“I used to think I was crazy and felt so alone as an Indigo Child.
But the Underground Handbook allowed me to explore with wonder, excitement and fun!
I vibed with it in a way that I felt safe with my magical self. This is such a powerful tool!”
– Andre M.

Here’s what you’ll get inside The INDIGO CHILDREN’S UNDERGROUND HANDBOOK:

  • MAGICAL THINGS: A list of my 13 favorite Magical Things with an explanation of what they do and how to use them, so you can create mystical experiences throughout your day. ($19 value)


  • HEALING CRYSTALS: A quick guide to Healing Crystals including choosing the right one, what to do with it and how to cleanse it, so you can activate the magic of a crystal and absorb it’s powerful energy. ($17 value)


  • LIFE HACKS: 7 of my most simple, yet powerful Life Hacks including how to induce a lucid dream, protect your home with a crystal grid, and access another dimension. ($23 value)


  • ENERGY VAMPIRES: A 5-page workbook on Energy Vampires so you can recognize and vanquish the lifeforce suckers around you. ($34 value)


  • PLANT & SPIRIT MEDICINE: An easy guide to Plant & Spirit Medicine including popular ones to try, the six elements needed for a successful journey and additional pro tips so you can explore your consciousness, whisper with the divine and return home deeply healed. ($19 value)


  • MYSTICAL ETIQUETTE: A guide to Mystical Etiquette outlined and explained so you can release the weight of the responsibility of your gifts and share them with grace and ease. ($17 value)


  • HOW TO TELL PEOPLE YOU’RE AN INDIGO CHILD: One of my most popular blog posts turned into a full workbook for How to Tell People You’re an Indigo Child so you can share your true self with the people you love. ($34 value)


  • TRAVEL GUIDE: My ultimate Travel Guide to ancient sacred sites complete with a Packing List so you can have a spiritual adventure and activate your soul. ($17 value)


  • READING LIST: A Reading List of spiritual books so you can feel inspired, master new things and remember that life is magical! ($17 value)

Your investment is only !

ONLY !( savings)

“I feel like I just graduated from Mystery School. The Underground Handbook is like a crash course to better understanding myself. It catapulted me into deeper things and the transformation was easy.
It’s hip, inviting and concise and got me started in the wizarding world of real life.”
– Solomon G.

If you’re ready to finally take action to embrace the magic you were born with and make your life seriously awesome, then follow these steps below to get started:

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  • Spend the next hour learning all my best secrets and creating your new, awesome life!

“The Underground Handbook gave me tangible things to do to make my life better. The ways I think and feel make more sense than ever before. I’m using my gifts everyday and keep coming back to the Handbook for more magic! Thank you!”
– Chelsea T.


Q: I took the test, but I’m not totally sure yet if I’m an Indigo Child. Is the Underground Handbook really for me?
A: Definitely. You found yourself here for a reason and the Underground Handbook is the resource that will help you take action while exploring and discovering exactly who you are. I created the Underground Handbook for Indigo Children and all of our sensitive and mystical friends- that includes YOU! It’s time for you to take action on all that stuff you’ve kept inside for so long.

Q: I’m definitely struggling and don’t have extra cash right now. Can I really afford this?
A: The cost of the Underground Handbook is about the same as a night out with your friends. What you can’t afford is to stay stuck where you are and keep struggling- you are meant for so much more! I’d love to see you make an investment in yourself so you can really value this content and be motivated to take advantage of all the opportunities to take action. Struggling is costing you A LOT, but you’re ready to take the next step, embrace your magic, and finally thrive in your life.

Q: I spend a lot of time researching cool things on the internet. Isn’t this all stuff I can just Google?
A: Probably. I managed to find everything that’s inside the Underground Handbook on my own. But it literally took me about 15 years and tens of thousands of dollars. I created the kind of book I wish had been available for me when I was where you are right now. You can definitely go it alone and I’m confident you’ll figure this stuff out in the end. But if you want to start using your magic NOW, to start feeling great NOW, then the Underground Handbook can help you fast track those results.

Q: I’ve been into this mystical world for awhile actually. What if I already know most of the stuff inside the Underground Handbook?
A: I love hearing that! I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from Indigo’s like you who tell me it’s really cool to have everything laid out in a way that makes it easy to use. They tell me that the Underground Handbook has inspired them to dig deeper into their practices and revisit things with a fresh, new energy. If you’re the kind of soul that loves to explore and lives life with curiosity, then you’ll definitely find more magic inside the Underground Handbook.

Q: I think my kid might be an Indigo Child. Would the Underground Handbook be helpful for us?
A: The Underground Handbook was created for Indigo Children who are 18+ years. Most of us come from homes that did not support our unique qualities, so it’s really cool that you’re being proactive and checking into resources to help you and your kid. You may find some value inside the Underground Handbook to help you explore this mystical world and better understand your little one, however, it is meant to directly help your child once they become a young adult.

“The Underground Handbook was exactly what I needed! It’s practical, easy and very interactive. It made me feel like it’s okay to be myself and use my gifts… and like I’m not the only one that feels like this. I feel validated!”
– Jin-hee K.

More than anything, what I really want for you is to feel great and live the awesome life that you’ve been dreaming of.

The things that make you different can be leveraged to create lots of good stuff in your life.

If you’re ready to stop suffering and struggling and start using your magic in productive ways, then your copy of the Underground Handbook is waiting!