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Indigo Child Brock KeadleName: Brock Keadle
Sun Sign: Pisces
Location: Las Vegas

There are a handful of ways to open your third eye. For many of us, like Indigo Child Brock Keadle, we may go through stages of awakening inspired by different variables. Meditation is the most commonly discussed way to open your third eye or begin using your intuition. However, personal tragedy is known to be correlated with new found gifts of intuition as well. Brock also discusses how his body reacted to emotional trauma. Many Indigo Children are empathic to the point of physical debilitation. We can be a medical mystery in the local doctor’s office, but among our Indigo peers it’s typical everyday stuff. I’ve been blessed to get to know Brock and I’m excited to watch him continue doing Brock stuff (as he often says). He’s a talented alchemist in his desert garden and a deeply caring soul. Take a look in his eyes and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Why do you think Indigo Children are here?
bk: We are here to awaken the masses. We have a specific job, as do the rest of humanity, to change our old, toxic, disconnected ways and live a more free, economical, greener way of life. We as human are here to seek out the ultimate enlightenment – to learn the +positive+ and -negative- energies of emotion and action. To understand how to live connected as one among many and how to live in between those + // – energies. We, as Indigo Children, must remember these lessons of our past lives. The faster the Indigo Children realize who they are, the more that will follow from other descended light realms. But in order to do that we need to wake up the world on a mass scale because the power is in the people.

Indigo Child Brock Keadle

How did you discover you are an Indigo Child?
bk: I had been ill for years since about freshmen year. I lost a very, very close Indigo to me. It destroyed me mentally so bad from her passing that my body slowly shut down on me. On top of that, I got into a lot of bad situations that ended painfully and not good. But ever since I was young, I knew I was kinda different. I saw and felt things “normal” people didn’t see or feel. I realized I had slight control over things with my mind in situations or with objects. It wasn’t until high school that I realized something wasn’t right. I was sitting in my math class junior year. It was dead quite in the room and everyone was focused on their class worksheet. I was very focused but felt odd that day. As the minutes went by i could hear people talking very low. It seemed that as more time went by more people were talking. I didn’t even check and was just about to have the words come out of my mouth when I realized absolutely no one was talking. Not a person looking around. Just everyone straight focused. Truly, a WTF moment. It happened more times throughout the day and I was getting freaked out. I eventually put two and two together and realized it came down to how much i was mentally focused and aware. But of what? So that eventually was a faded memory I would never fully forget. Fast forward a few years and I was living in Washington. I originally moved there to seek better health through natural medicines and nature. I was at this time slowly, slowly opening my eyes. I knew about all the evil the government does and the poison of the foods and such but I was still clueless why I was on this big rock hurtling through space around this massive star. I had a big falling out with my roommate at the time and up and moved to Olympia with my homie Dylan. I had a homegirl at the time that lived in Newport Beach, Calif. going to rehab. One thing she would always say is “my little Indigo.” But I never thought to ask what that was all about. So one day I called her complaining about how I couldn’t save the world and people aren’t listening to me about the system and blah blah blah. She was like, “You are such an Indigo it’s not even funny. Go look up Indigo Children and call me back.” So I did. I found a few sites that described Indigo Children and their purpose in life and on our planet today. Then I got to the list of Indigo traits. After I read that my jaw hit the floor. I felt my heart chakra vibrating hard and all the pressure in my head release. I didn’t know what that was about then, but I knew enough to know that was a good sign. I called my mom in a panic and told her to go on that same site and check it out. She called me like 10 minutes later and didn’t know how to speak. Now at the time I was complaining to my dad about how I was frustrated I couldn’t save the world and didn’t know what I was going to do in my life. I was so hurt over the negative energy I kept reading and surrounding myself with. That was the big one that stood out in the list. A large urge to save the world but don’t know how too. Putting others first. Indigo stuff like that. Once I got back to Las Vegas I ended up staying. My mom found a spiritual shop and wanted me to come down. I eventually made it in and Karen, the owner, knew exactly who I was. I didn’t even know who I was. One day she came over with some urgency to talk to me. We ended up meditating and she channeled what I like to call “the guardians” of our universe. Whoever it may be, I knew they were a very high knowledge energy and what they said was for real. I was basically given what felt like an ultimatum. Either continue my life here as human and disconnected (“normal”), or wake up and start my true journey. I didn’t really know what was good at the time but I wanted to change so I did. And it’s been a roller-coaster of a ride since that I don’t regret.

Do you know other Indigo Children?
bk: I know many. But only a few know who they truly are.

What is your favorite part about being an Indigo Child?
bk: Knowing and feelings. I’m empathic whether I like it or not, so I’ve learned to use that to an advantage when dealing with people and their emotions. I like knowing and being in tune with the planet. It keeps me out of trouble when I listen.

Indigo Child Brock Keadle

What is the hardest part?
bk: Waiting for the world to wake up and understand as we do.

What Indigo gifts do you practice?
bk: Telepathy. Sometimes I don’t like talking.

Do you know what your purpose is yet?
bk: To lead by example.  To accept and love all. To wake up the planet.

What advice do you have for other Indigo Children?
bk: Maybe it’s not the intensity of your love, but the quality of people you are loving. When you find someone, do not lose yourself. You cannot change everyone, so seek out those who look for what you offer.

What advice do you have for people who are not Indigo Children?
bk: You are on your own journey to discover you. Do not fit in- just be. We are all here at this time for a reason. To live the highest highs we must go through the lowest lows.

Thank you, Brock!
Wide awake…

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