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Indigo Child Brandon Ricks with baby in fieldName: Brandon Michael Ricks
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Location: Dewey, AZ

As Indigo Children, we are extremely aware of energy. Our life force energy works by animating the matter that makes up our bodies. It literally gives us life. There are hundreds of life energy beliefs around the world with names including Ether, Chi, Prana and Orgone. Indigo Child Brandon Ricks makes Orgone Generators which draw in negative energies and convert them into positive ones. The negative energies are harmful to your magnetic field, but can be harnessed, directed and utilized in many healing ways such as in cancer treatments or bringing rain to areas of drought. An Orgone Generator consists of layers of organic and inorganic materials. Brandon makes a variety of unique Orgone Generators as part of his purpose here as an Indigo Child. Finding the value in negative energy is usually a sign you’ve got an Indigo Child on your hands.

Why do you think Indigo Children are here?
br: I try not to speak for all Indigo Children, as we are all different and unique. But we are here to aid in the awakening of the masses.

How did you discover you are an Indigo Child?
br: A like-minded friend of mine used the term once, and said he was called an Indigo Child by an elderly woman. Intrigued, I did some research on Indigo Children and what I came to find changed my life in many ways.

Indigo parents with babiesDo you know other Indigo Children?
br: Yes, I actually know quite a few! Each day it seems I meet a new Indigo Child. The love of my life, and soul mate, is also an Indigo Child like me on this journey. We recently had a home water birth of our first child and son, Beckham Connor Ricks, on the first of this New Year. I delivered him while in the water with Brittni, his mother. It was the most profound moment in my life. His eyes are beautiful; I’ve never seen eyes like his. I feel he is an even older soul than I am.

What is your favorite part about being an Indigo Child?
br: This is a tough one! Ha! If I had to choose, I would say my favorite things about being an Indigo Child are my problem solving abilities and creative nature.

What is the hardest part?
br: The hardest part about being an Indigo Child is being so sensitive to other people’s emotions. I find this effect varies in severity. I describe the effect as in being a “walking emotion magnet,” if that makes sense. I’m still struggling day to day with this part of myself. I’m hoping with some more self-dedication I can learn to better understand and control this part of my everyday life.

What Indigo gifts do you practice?
br: I can channel my Chi and push it out of my fingertips. There are many times when I know what my partner is thinking and or feeling based off of her aura. Most of the time it’s uncanny 😛

Do you know what your purpose is yet?
br: Yes, but there was a long period of time that I felt hopeless, in that I would never find my true path in life. I’m sure many Indigo Children can relate to that. I’ve found that one of my purposes is to create Orgone Energy Generators.

Indigo man wiyh sacred objectWhat advice do you have for other Indigo Children?
br: Evaluate your lifestyle and determine if the way you currently live promotes a healthy environment for your inner Indigo Child. Stay true to yourself and your spirit.

What advice do you have for people who are not Indigo Children?
br: To be patient with us, and to be good listeners. We often offer good conversation filled with meaning, passion and insight.

Thank you, Brandon!
Wide awake…

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