I’m not an Indigo Child; I’m an Incarnated Angel

Taylor agnel sitting on bedMy lovely friend and our resident Health and Nutrition writer, Taylor Angel, is not an Indigo Child. Gasp! That’s right folks. While we Indigo Children have more in common than not with Taylor, she is what we call an Incarnated Angel.

There’s definitely something trendy these days about being an Indigo Child. But we simply don’t all fit in that box. There are so many other magical labels out there that may suit you slightly better. The reason it’s helpful to identify which label belongs to you, is so you may best understand how to care for yourself and what your life’s purpose may be.

Incarnated Angels are sensitive and intuitive like us Indigo Children. However, they take a softer approach to life than our warrior way. My favorite story about Taylor is the day she saw a man attacked by a pit bull while walking a group of big dogs. A few people rushed to help including Taylor. She held the other dogs and kept them calm until everything was okay. Then she left. From the perspective of the others, it must have seemed as though an Angel appeared, cared for the dogs, and then disappeared.

"They had no idea who I was or what I was doing there," said Taylor "It was as if I had showed up for a purpose. I can only imagine what they must have thought of me. It was so hysterical that no one was really thinking. Everything was a blur. But I was calm. I held that balance for them. They didn't need to know who I was, just that I was there for them when they needed me."

Once you understand Incarnated Angels, they are pretty easy to spot. Here are some defining characteristics that are common for Angels.

Incarnated Angel Indigo Children

Incarnated Angel Appearance:

  • Voluptuous Bodies
  • Heart Shaped Faces
  • Glowing complexions
  • May lighten their hair
  • Often wear light colors
  • They literally look like Angels
  • Eyes: Innocent, loving, pure, inviting and warm as opposed to the fiery intensity of an Indigo Child’s warrior eyes.
  • Males are typically tall and broad shouldered


Incarnated Angel Common Names:

Incarnated Angel Indigo Children

Female Names

  • Angela
  • Angelina
  • Evangeline
  • Diana
  • Elizabeth
  • Mary
  • Grace
  • Faith

Male Names

  • Angelo
  • Michael
  • Gabriel
  • Raphael
  • Alexander
  • John
  • Joseph



Incarnated Angel Careers:

  • Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Nurse
  • Flight Attendant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Naturopath
  • Massage Therapist

Incarnated Angels are more likely to work in large corporations than Indigo Children or Crystal Children. They are hard workers that enjoy following the rules and tend to be neat and organized. Their careers almost always involve helping or healing people.

Incarnated Angels Often:

  • Feel connected to angels and even have angel collections
  • Seem to glow or have a radiant aura
  • Trust people
  • Keep themselves pure which may include long periods of sobriety or abstinence
  • Apologize and say “I’m sorry”
  • Are approached by strangers who tell them personal stories causing them to feel drained afterward
  • Listen to their friend’s problems but don’t get to share their own
  • Give more than they receive
  • Feel guilty saying no or letting others help them
  • Self-sabotage by helping everyone but themselves and then feel taken advantage of
  • Struggle with addictions
  • Have relationships with addicts or others that need help
  • Experience long-term issues with food
  • Carry extra weight on their body which functions to energetically shield them and is not easily lost regardless of dieting or exercise
  • Manifest their emotions as physical issues including fatigue, heart problems, gynecological issues and depression

Incarnated Angel Indigo ChildrenIncarnated Angels are here to help and heal but they desperately need balance in their lives. Taylor herself has struggled with many of the things listed above and has become a resource for other Angels struggling with similar health issues.

As Indigo Children, it’s important for us to support and protect the Incarnated Angels. After all, they do the same for us. Spending time with the Angels I know has been interesting. People stare at me in public places, but it’s totally out of control for the Angels. I’ve seen people take photos, but mostly they have an intense need to come up and tell the Angel their life story. Men often confuse this desire for love when they meet a female Angel. I still can’t believe the time a man chased our cab down the street yelling something about wanting to talk more with my Angel friend. Male Angels seem to have the warrior thing like Indigo Children. They tend to be tall with broad shoulders (broad enough to hold a big pair of wings) yet still have a soft side with a big heart.

Energetic Shielding for Incarnated Angels:

  • Imagine yourself as Gold Light: This imagery will repel would-be energy suckers.
  • Imagine yourself as Silver Light: This imagery will make you invisible to those who are only looking to take advantage of your energy.
  • Project your Heart Chakra: Often what the energy suckers want is to feel loved. If you project your Heart Chakra onto them before they even notice you, they won’t need to come and ask for it.
  • Imagine others as Violet Light: This imagery is healing and may be just what that person needs so they won’t feel compelled to take energy from you.

These techniques work for Indigo Children as well. I like to help Taylor and my other Angel friends when I’m with them since usually I’m the stronger one. It’s easy to imagine both of us in a bubble of Silver Light so that we can move quickly through a crowd. Additionally, we can help our Angel friends by remembering to give to them. They struggle with that giving and receiving balance, so it’s important for us to be conscious about giving so they can receive. That can be as simple as listening to how their day was, or what is going on in their life. Angel’s tend to go above and beyond. They don’t expect that from us, but being a good friend is very important.

Thank you to all the Incarnated Angels out there. Your love is so big and I appreciate the vibration you are creating.

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55 thoughts on “I’m not an Indigo Child; I’m an Incarnated Angel

  1. I’m confused …. Indigos are incarnated angels. So it’s slightly redundant . Unless of course the angel happens to be an incarnated Arch Angel … but we’re few and we don’t usually incarnate as female humans. 😉

    If one keeps searching for the answer they like, instead of accepting the correct answer, they run the risk of becoming lost in the maze.

    1. Alex, I enjoyed discussing this article with you today on Facebook 🙂 As I mentioned there, I used Doreen Virtue’s terms in the article above. She refers to Lightworkers as Earth Angels which is very close to Incarnated Angels. You’re right that all Indigo Children are Lightworkers or Earth Angels as Doreen calls us. I feel you are also right that the Arch’s usually incarnate as males. Male Angels have a distinctively different, more warrior-like, energy than the female Angels. It’s been such a pleasure talking with you about this subject. I’m looking forward to reading your book!

    2. I really like that last part because we easily get lost. I have in some ways but my core knows what is absolute. The truth is there is no need for a title. Its hard to live this way. Trust me I know. This world is so focused on things and being something that we loose track of who and what we are. I struggle with falling short,making mistakes, and bad choices when I feel like I should be way better than that. All of those are traps also. Even the word better is a title. So dont let discription of something that cant be measured or desribed get in your way.

  2. I think Iam a light worker. Iam compels to help others. I can’t say no and later feel Iam bejng used. I have helped strangers that were in danger, saved a little boys life them left. They didn’t know who i was.
    Also, recently, a friend on Facebook told me I saved his life by talking him out of killing himself. I shared how i have felt. And that God is the only one who should take his life. A broken heart will heal.
    I have also seen a spiritual guide or angel in my home when i was recovering from a surgery and couldn’t get my pain pills.
    If Iam not giving of myself, I get depressed.
    I feel others pain. What would you call me?

    1. It definitely sounds like you are some kind of Lightworker, Kathy. Those are incredible stories! It can be tough to tell exactly what kind of Lightworker you are since we have more similarities than differences. If you relate to the article above on Incarnated Angels, then perhaps that is your soul family. I recommend the book Realms of the Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue if you’d like to read more about the different subcategories.

  3. I’m 32 and Indigo, my 4 year old daughter is a Crystal child with Angel qualities as well. My oldest son is only 11 and I believe he is an indigo regardless if the time frame is off. We come from generations of Clairvoyant mediums on my mother’s side. My family is from France and came to the states in the 60’s. My mother was a light worker and had 4 girls and everyone of us has something. I’ve lived the typical Indigo life full of pain and tragic experiences as well as alot of Love. My suffering ueso far has been result of numerous deaths in my family including my parents at a young age. I’ve always known I was different and was blessed being born into a family of intuitives. I’m working hard on my growth and I awaken more and more everyday. I’m currently wanting to start meditation classes to help other fellow Indigo’s, light workers ect. I feel that it’s extremely important that we have Events that get us together in mass amounts. Can you imagine 1000 of us together all mediating on the same thing in the same room? ?? The things we could do if we worked together hand and hand. My goal is to make that happen. (: I have many plans and hope to get in touch with others that are wanting the same thing. Blessings and Light to you all (:

    1. Jamie, I love the idea of thousands of Indigo Children meditating in one space! There is a group of us that have talking about doing an event for years. I hope that does happen someday <3 Blessings to you too xoxo

    2. I am a incarnated earth angel and so is my sister-in-law. There are six more I know for sure also because they were sent to me by Devine coincidence. Myself and one of these I speak of actually slowed down time, it causes us to become very ill for twenty days with all the same symptoms. We all know we are called for a Devine purpose but we didn’t realize how many there were of us or what our job is to be. My niece Destiny, she dreamed the entire destiny of the world and in very great detail. We are searching for answers and would love to get in touch with others like us. Please contact us!

  4. Hello, I have been wondering what type of being i am . People say i am a celestial being but i feel a super close attachment to the possibility that i am angelic. Like i try to find a way to prove to myself i am.? .

    I am an indigo. But i am also an empath. But i fit qualities of both celestial and angelic.?

    Is the reason im so attached because im from The angelic realm?

    1. Hi Marc,

      Being celestial and being angelic are not so far off. Perhaps in your own mind you have separated them. Being open to the possibility of the two as one may open you up to finding your true self. I am an Incarnated Angel, but did originally believe I was an Indigo Child. I found a home embracing my angelic side. It can be especially confusing for men who identify as angelics, because male angels are in fact warriors. Similar to Indigo Children. I believe that opening up to your angelic side will help you find the answers you are looking for.

      Taylor Angel

      1. I am very sure I am an Incarnated Angel, I have a telepathic connection to the higher realms. I don’t agree that only male angels are warriors cause I know many of my sisters and sword sisters are warriors,
        We are from the sixth angelic legion on earth to help, we are both warriors and healers, cause that is the role our Legion has,

        Light and Love always

        1. Indigo Children are warriors. We have a very abrasive and intimidating presence just like any warrior. Incarnated Angels are very loving and gentle in contrast. If you are all about good vibes, love and light, you may be an Incarnated Angel. If you have a dark side and are more aggressive, you may be an Indigo Child. What feels right to you?

      2. Tell me something Taylor…As an Angel did you struggle with the idea of being a celestial being since it contradicts [what we know] about the Bible? I believe I may be an Angel as well but I fear my ego is what’s making me believe this. I know even if I was an Angel I am no better than anyone, I am only here to help and (according to the Angel tarot reading I did for myself) gain higher knowledge and graduate from my low Angel rank. I believe because I have had many angelic dreams that I may have been some sort of “helper” to Arch Angel Michael.

  5. I don’t feel Human, never have. I can’t feel hate, I don’t understand it. I have healed people with energy before. Animals always seem to like me. I’ve dreamt of having wings a lot. I really like helping. People and animals. When I was seventeen I went to a boarding school and the teenagers their would pick on four llamas at a barn on the grounds. I secretly went their on my free time and talked to the llamas, I knew they could understand me. I couldnt understand what they were saying though. People bullied the llamas quite a lot, they tried to rude them and called them names only to get spit at. I talked soothingly to them and they never spit at me. They only let me pet them, they ran from everyone else. I would dance a lot freely like a hippie and goats there skipped after me happily. So yeah I don’t.feel human. I’ve now got it figured out. I’m an incarnated angel. There were so many signs. Anyways I’m such a tree hugger. I like hugging trees. I don’t like nature being destroyed and thinking about it makes me cry. Literally I start tearing up. I’m also very playful. I’m a total lovebug. -peace and love:)!

    1. Aww Elizabeth, you do sound like a typical loving Incarnated Angel <3 Thank you for being nice to the Llamas. I love Llamas!!! They never spit at me either. Angels have such a big job to do here. Thank you for being here and loving so much. I appreciate you.

  6. I’m ten and I’ve been approached by so many phychics that say oh, child bless you you are an important little angel and blah blah blah and its just always happened and I want to know if I am an arch angel or something along those lines because I am an extremely sensitive phychic but I always try to ignore it and I also am told that I go blank for short periods of time then I look very flushed and all of that stuff could somebody help me out here?

    1. Ciara, what do you feel you are? Really, you are the only one that can answer the question of your identity and purpose. However, at the age of 10, I had no idea I was an Indigo Child! You have plenty of time for self discovery. The next 10 years of your life, it’s more important for you to focus on listening to your body so you can learn to care for yourself, developing and trusting your intuition and collecting experiences you’ll need later for your life purpose. Allow yourself to grow and change right now. Maybe we’ll discover you are a magical being even greater than the ones we know about currently!

  7. Hello!
    I’ve identified as an Indigo for awhile, and I was lucky enough to be graced with a friend who also identified as Indigo. However, she’s suggested that I may not be Indigo, but, in her words, “some form of higher celestial consciousness.” She referred me to this site to do some research, and I immediately noticed this article. After rereading it a few times, I decided it was time for me to speak up.
    I identified with the entire “Incarnated Angels Often” section, I’ve always aspired to be in the Peace Corps, people always comment on my “beautiful baby blues”, and I have what my friends call “resting nice face” which seems to work to allow even complete strangers to trust and feel comfortable around me. I was born with the name Angelica which contradicted what my parents wanted to name me, because it “fit better” due the loose Greek-to-English translation of “angelic messenger”. I usually go by Angel due to my disregard of gender constructs that I don’t fit into.
    I’ve always felt somehow above my peers, but not in a “I’m-so-much-better-than-them” kind of way. It’s like, I pity them, their ignorance, and I feel obligated to take on the responsibility of nurturing and guiding them. Sometimes I even feel this way towards my superiors or elders. Everyone finds it odd, except the one person I happen to be focused on caring for at the time.
    Could I be an Incarnated Angel? How would I be able to tell? I wouldn’t want to go around saying I am one if I wasn’t. That’d seem sort of pompous.

    1. Hi Angel,

      Such a fitting name. A lot of us go through a phase where we identify with being an Indigo Child. It all seems so exciting until the moment we realize we don’t quite fit in with those beautiful trouble makers. (I love me some indigo’s). I spent a lot of time meditating on how we Angels connect with Indigo’s, and it’s actually quite a beautiful partnership. Your energy is light, and you definitely fit into the mold. As for telling you if you are in fact an Incarnated Angel, that is not my job. That is yours. My best advice I can give to you here is to allow the heavens to send you information. Take time to download, and listen. Your answers will all be there, my friend. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and at peace with what you will find.

  8. Hello,

    I’d like to comment that I really enjoyed your article and appreciate that you put it together, it confirmed things I was suspecting on my own as I late coming to the party so to speak! 🙂
    You were bang on with names and vocations; I began managing offices when I was 19, and I am a little OCD and VERY organized!! I spent many years in high end government offices as an Executive Assistant, funny that.
    I would say though that your point of ‘listen to your friends problems, then don’t get to share your own’ is a little too general. What I mean is that one can/should be considered subjectively as while I listen to people’s problems, I also LOVE to talk, about any subject under the sun. I love to debate, because it is the exchange of ideas and ENERGY and thoughts zinging back and forth in the stratosphere…moving energy.
    I agree with everything else, and I’m likely older than most of the incarnated Angels on this post at almost 50.
    I would LOVE to send you a photo, as I look MUCH younger than my counterparts, the reason for that of course is my soul keeping me YOUNG, on the outside at least!!
    For myself, as a daughter of Arch Angel Gabriel, I have many skills, foremost among them healing abilities. For me, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance and Claircognizance are my main psychic abilities…in fact, I grew up watching Deana Troy on Star Trek and thinking “I am not the only empath out there, and I’m NOT a freak!!”
    Let me know where I can send you some pics for your Angel Board…

    Dee aka Dianna-Lynn

    1. Here is another factoid for you; ‘most’ female incarnated angels are petite in stature. I am 4′ 10.5″ and I used to be 5′ high when I had my daughter – I have since lost inches due to disintegrating disks in my lower back and resulting in a bone-on-bone condition.

      One sure fire way to tell an Incarnated Angel is our LARGE presence when we come into a room. I can walk into a room and can predict which people will come closer (that shiny, happy aura and GLOW) and which ones will be repelled out of fear for the expansive energy they can sense, but not see because it is HUGE!!

      Oh, I thought I would mention also that I have a daughter who is 18-1/2 yr old, a Crystal Child with a Pleiadian soul.

      Thanks again!

      1. 100% agree. I’m 5’2 and am petite. I’ve known since one of my earliest memories that I am and incarnated Angel. Although I do think that when some incarnated Angels lose that deep inner knowing, for a time period, do have issues with weight gain. I love that you mentioned the huge presence we put off! The heavenly vibration almost everyone can feel radiating from IA’s. Unfortunately it makes some people feel intemidated or unsure at first. But only at first, they have an underlining understanding that we truly mean nothing but compassion deep down.

  9. I just love your website! i had the same idea but never got to do it! Kudos for doing it! ad i hope this brings together more indigo children.maybe we can create a chat room also where people can talk and share ideas.
    anyway congrats again for your website and keep up the good work! May the light be with you 😀

  10. I’ve always thought that I was — and been classified as — an early Indigo Warrior because I was born in 1959. Like Indigos, I fought the schooling system, but I also debated the scriptures with my priests while in elementary school. Now I see this idea of Incarnate Angels, and it makes total sense to me, but can you explain the warrior traits of a male better? I have a long history of tilting at windmills and fighting city hall.
    Thank you

  11. I am still unsure what I am specifically, but this comes rather close to what I am. I am caring, worry waaay too much about things and people and sometimes, I turn out to be too trusting.
    I’ve had a few people call me psychic or at least empathic.
    Once at a medieval fair, there was that psychic doing readings. She asked whether I wanted a one card reading, I hesitated but she beckoned me over. I picked a card – Compassion. I was anything but surprised.

    Two other situations I clearly remember. Once it was on an escalator. A woman came up from me from behind, asked me for help and advice. She felt so frail, I was too overwhelmed and scared I might break her, so thin she felt for me. I had never seen her before, but she talked about her life to me and I just listened.
    The other time was in a park where an elderly dame came up to me and asked if she could stroll along. She hooked her arm around mine and she talked to me, a total stranger. At the end she thanked me, saying how I was so very special.
    At the time of both meetings the first thought was – why me? There are a bunch of people around, but why me?

    I still get this feeling a lot. Especially in crowded places. They will always hit me up. Religious people handing out their flyers. Greenpeace and other NGOs members. I feel like I just have that air about me.

    Myself, I’m a 20 year old (Leo in Sun, Cancer in Moon), light complexion and dark brown blonde hair and curls I will never be able to tame. I always felt selfconcious about my body – my shoulders seem a bit too wide – but this might explain why. 🙂

    Lately, I’ve not been feeling very well. Panic and anxiety on a daily basis. And I am so very sensitive, I grown so frail myself… I can barely stand anything anymore… oh, what to do?

  12. I have written before….my name is Michelle, which is a form of Michael…as far as names, does this count? Also, how do I embrace it fully… I feel laden down, as if I have wings that are desperate to spread and take off…. My dreams make me a warrior of a battle I seem to be waiting for… Please help.. I’m confused and worried; not because I could be, but that I could be and am not utilizing my abilities!
    Hello me, as soon as possible!

  13. Well, I have been searching for some answers,
    I believe I may be some kind of incarnated angel, but I have been confused. Almost all of the angel characteristics listed I have, but I fear I may be some time of incarnated Demon or Fallen angel, I have these characteristics but many times I see myself denying or trying to go against them (even though I always return). People come to me for help, even people I don´t know just start telling me things (sometimes in the bus) I don´t feel human sometimes

  14. Well, I have been searching for some answers, I believe I may be some kind of incarnated angel, but I have been confused. Almost all of the angel characteristics listed I have, but I fear I may be some kind of incarnated Demon or Fallen angel, I have these characteristics but many times I see myself denying or trying to go against them (even though I always return). People come to me for help, even people I don´t know, I don´t feel human, and I just can´t turn away from people who ask for help. but at the same time I am always angry and unhappy (I don´t know how to explain correcly)

    1. I believe it is in our body’s DNA to have forgotten & question. It makes the mission that much more special. To feel with a knowing, but with out evidence. As an Angel incarnated at this time, prior to the energy waves brought to us from the cosmos and Prime Creator -God. It has been easy to lose my path at times, we too, are tempted by things we purhapse shouldn’t. The happiness comes from the soul. And to nurture the soul, I’ve found that maintaining a positive outlook on every situation is vital. The soul seems to sing w/ joy when it’s fed with thoughts of compassion and unity.

  15. Hi Taylor,
    Lately I’ve been looking into indigo children, as I am one. What a wonderful place this website is to know that I’m not alone. I read numerous articles and related to every one of them. Unfortunately, when I took the ‘test’ here I did not come up as one but as a lightworker. Now I’ve reached a serious confusion. It says only I can truly know what subgroup I belong in. Can you please explain the difference between indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children, Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Wise Ones, and Pleiadeans? I know thats a lot to ask but I would really love to know where I belong.

  16. I’m not petite at all. I’m over 5’8″, broad shouldered, with wide hips and small chest. Based on my past lives and spirit home, I’m a warrior/knight of some sort, a female, but very masculine. I like females, and I was a man in my past lives. I still have masculine traits carried with me here. I’m also mostly gender neutral albeit the mostly masculine features. I have fighting, stubborn traits but I am told by a healer I have a pure, very spiritual soul with abilities to do energy work. I like to help and saying no and sorry is very common. I’ve dreamed my spirit flying with wings. Normal?

  17. P.S I also get depressive, dark thoughts and I do like some Gothic things. Am I some fallen angel? Er… Because half of me likes really light things including cute stuff from Japan, and I’m an empath so I want to laugh until I cry at concerts, and feels sick in hospitals. Yet I like dark colours and witchy stuff like that. I hope i’m not a dark angel…

  18. Hello, good morning, I speak english so so, I have a lot of questions, I’m from Mexico and I need help, ojalá alguien sepa entender el español, leí todo este artículo traducido al español, pero alcancé a entender bien, ojalá pudieran contactarse conmigo, necesito ayuda para poder desarrollarme más, hay muchas cosas que desconozco sobre los niños prodigio o índigo, y apenas me estoy familiarizando para aprender más de los ángeles encarnados, ojalá reciban y me respondan este mensaje, aunque sea en inglés. Thanks for all, God bless you everyday.

  19. Ok it’s time for me to do this I’m so overwhelmed 🙁 people think I’m Crazy specially my husband doesn’t believe me and says to come back to reality but I cant Its happening and I feel it. I cant stop it please help me because I’m tired of the wrong labels and I just wanna live a healthy life now, whatever is it I’m ready.
    I was born as an unhealthy baby (lungs) 1983 , traumatic childhood, tried committing suicide at the age of 8 for the 1st time, seen phycologist since then, had an imaginary friend since I was always alone, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, meds didn’t work so I turned to sel

  20. Self medication for years til I found my lil devil. I’m a recovering 4yrs alcoholic 61 days sober but Everything is happening now in my sobriety, revelations of me being born on top of crystals as it looked like a butterfly, dream of god telling me I’m an angel of love, which is a coincidence with my sign Leo. My spiritual awakening was yesterday 2016 matching my Gamma yrs of awakening. OMG what’s going on I thought I was going crazy stopped searching but I cant stop its stronger than me. the need to know my life purpose. I feel the need to change my career to helping people now? HELP!!!!!!!!

  21. Now diagnosed with Depression and med is finally working to where I’m very happy and ready for this. Went to rehab, group therapy, everyone telling me I have this pink aura to me, strong and very positive. I don’t see that strength only that I’m a very compassionate, loving person with the need of more but I don’t know what I never wanna self medicate again I wanna solve this puzzle finally which I feel is more than my alcoholism, depression. My son was born in 2008 Omega generation another coincidence, he acts just like an Indigo too and was born with a rare birth defect but survived 🙂

  22. I wish to discuss my life with you, in an attempt to work on some unknowns. If you find the time, please shoot me an email. I don’t have facebook, twitter, or any of that stuff, sowwies. ?

  23. I keep reading about how “talented” you all are. If you are an indigo and angel etc. please post what you HAVE DONE vs. what characteristics you have! Have you built anything? Have you changed anything for the better? I have a feeling 99.9% of you are not what you think 😉

  24. It´s not true that angels choose always the softer way and don´t act like a warrior. I was told by two women that I was an angel – at the age of 8 and then at the age of 12. They described me as a warrior angel. There have been occassions in my life when I had to act really impulsive to protect me or other people. And my Aura was intimidating.
    The image of the loving, caring angel is what humans actually wish angels to be – in fact cities like Sodom and Gomorrha have been destroyed by angels, who were really pissed to see how people interact with each other and worship the evil.

  25. This resonates with me very deeply. I’ve been aware of being an incarnated angel, ever since I can remember. At age 5, I told my mother that I needed to be surrounded by my angel family that I missed so much. She immediately started my Angel collection. Collecting over 150 different angel items, pictures, figurines, jewelry, stuffed animals and so on. At the age of almost 7, I told my Grandmother and Papa that I “now knew my purpose on our planet” and that I had agreed to come here from Heaven to help bring our world to a lighter place. This of course at the time BLEW my their mind.

  26. Hi, I’ve spent a lot of time wondering who I am and what purpose I serve, I often feel a need to help people and make a difference.

    I have a friend who is an Incarnated Angel, he has also said that around me he feels a sense of calm that he rarely gets among humans and believes I may be one as well.

    I’ll admit, I don’t much care for bullies and those who take advantage of others to the point that I get very harsh around them, though I still feel a need to help I suppose it could be classed as duality in some ways.

    Anyway I’ve rambled on long enough I’d love to find out whether I am one.

  27. I believe myself to be an Indigo, but I don’t know enough yet to say. I was born in December 1961, a Sagittarius. I’ve had several experiences, beginning as a child, those weird attacks in the stage between wake and sleep. I’m Charismatic Christian and have had a few clashes with the church leadership over things I picked up that were wrong…so now I’m an outcast and no longer attend church because of the damage caused from gossip. I’ve had encounters and signs in the past, alone seeking God at our state park. I know I am a Prophetic Intercessor, but I feel like there is so much more…

  28. Hello, I am a healthcare professional. I have always been into natural healing, the sky, green colors and my emotions. I am very sensitive I hear, I vibe, I become aware of peoples thoughts and feelings quickly. I find my energy makes people calm and feel better rather that the medications I have to give. I’m usually there when people are dying it doesn’t bother me, I pray with them. I save a lot of people from dying- not on purpose but right place right time not even my patients…I just never fit in. I don’t get mad. empathetic, sympathetic, energetic, and passive. I like being alone. safely

  29. I am in my 50’s and have always felt I had a purpose here in earth. Not really knowing what my purpose was. I always get like God has a plan for me and that my plan is not fulfilled. Again I don’t know what that plan is. I’m always helping people in some form or another. But fell that folks don’t reciprocate. They take for granted that I have it all together. Although I’ve always been in position to have everything I needed in abundance.

  30. I’m definitely an incarnated Angel, all those that have Twin Flames are, I agree with the heart shape face but it is with the long moon chin, I find even female angels have the broad shoulders V shape not only male. & I agree somewhat that people do stare at you when your in public, but I will add many humanity souls do not like incarnate angels because they can sense they are different & dont know why, it is the higher light they vibrate at.
    To suggest that they have certain names & or occupations is nieve & incorrect. They could be called anything & be working in any occupation.

  31. A few weeks ago I was told by a Healer that I am an Indigo child. Always knew that something is different about me and could predict things and read people but never took it serious until now. Funny way how God works

  32. I wanted to ask if it’s possible for someone who is afflicted with earth virginity to somehow still get to experience that in the afterlife with a girl , even though the body energy forms would be different, Could that still somehow happen as a higher dimensional marriage?

  33. ‘Incarnated angels often work for large corporations’ is possibly the most ridiculous pile of shit ive ever read

  34. I tend to show quite a few signs of this, but I’m not sure if I am an incarnated angel. I had a reading with a psychic over the phone, but she said I was a star child, but my dad who is also a psychic, said no. He said that I incarnated about 30 years before I was born. I have a full-ish bottom lip, a Cupid’s bow top lip, doe eyes, and a heart shaped face like the description. People were always drawn to me, and they call me kind even after I misbehave. I have multiple talents, and when I was 7, I even said that I thought I was an angel sent to Earth to make people happy.

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