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Taylor agnel sitting on bedMy lovely friend and our resident Health and Nutrition writer, Taylor Angel, is not an Indigo Child. Gasp! That’s right folks. While we Indigo Children have more in common than not with Taylor, she is what we call an Incarnated Angel.

There’s definitely something trendy these days about being an Indigo Child. But we simply don’t all fit in that box. There are so many other magical labels out there that may suit you slightly better. The reason it’s helpful to identify which label belongs to you, is so you may best understand how to care for yourself and what your life’s purpose may be.

Incarnated Angels are sensitive and intuitive like us Indigo Children. However, they take a softer approach to life than our warrior way. My favorite story about Taylor is the day she saw a man attacked by a pit bull while walking a group of big dogs. A few people rushed to help including Taylor. She held the other dogs and kept them calm until everything was okay. Then she left. From the perspective of the others, it must have seemed as though an Angel appeared, cared for the dogs, and then disappeared.

“They had no idea who I was or what I was doing there,” said Taylor “It was as if I had showed up for a purpose. I can only imagine what they must have thought of me. It was so hysterical that no one was really thinking. Everything was a blur. But I was calm. I held that balance for them. They didn’t need to know who I was, just that I was there for them when they needed me.”

Once you understand Incarnated Angels, they are pretty easy to spot. Here are some defining characteristics that are common for Angels.

Incarnated Angel Indigo Children


Incarnated Angel Appearance:

  • Voluptuous Bodies
  • Heart Shaped Faces
  • Glowing complexions
  • May lighten their hair
  • Often wear light colors
  • They literally look like Angels
  • Eyes: Innocent, loving, pure, inviting and warm as opposed to the fiery intensity of an Indigo Child’s warrior eyes.
  • Males are typically tall and broad shouldered


Incarnated Angel Common Names:

Incarnated Angel Indigo Children


Female Names

  • Angela
  • Angelina
  • Evangeline
  • Diana
  • Elizabeth
  • Mary
  • Grace
  • Faith

Male Names

  • Angelo
  • Michael
  • Gabriel
  • Raphael
  • Alexander
  • John
  • Joseph



Incarnated Angel Careers:

  • Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Nurse
  • Flight Attendant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Naturopath
  • Massage Therapist

Incarnated Angels are more likely to work in large corporations than Indigo Children or Crystal Children. They are hard workers that enjoy following the rules and tend to be neat and organized. Their careers almost always involve helping or healing people.

Incarnated Angels Often:

  • Feel connected to angels and even have angel collections
  • Seem to glow or have a radiant aura
  • Trust people
  • Keep themselves pure which may include long periods of sobriety or abstinence
  • Apologize and say “I’m sorry”
  • Are approached by strangers who tell them personal stories causing them to feel drained afterward
  • Listen to their friend’s problems but don’t get to share their own
  • Give more than they receive
  • Feel guilty saying no or letting others help them
  • Self-sabotage by helping everyone but themselves and then feel taken advantage of
  • Struggle with addictions
  • Have relationships with addicts or others that need help
  • Experience long-term issues with food
  • Carry extra weight on their body which functions to energetically shield them and is not easily lost regardless of dieting or exercise
  • Manifest their emotions as physical issues including fatigue, heart problems, gynecological issues and depression

Incarnated Angel Indigo ChildrenIncarnated Angels are here to help and heal but they desperately need balance in their lives. Taylor herself has struggled with many of the things listed above and has become a resource for other Angels struggling with similar health issues.

As Indigo Children, it’s important for us to support and protect the Incarnated Angels. After all, they do the same for us. Spending time with the Angels I know has been interesting. People stare at me in public places, but it’s totally out of control for the Angels. I’ve seen people take photos, but mostly they have an intense need to come up and tell the Angel their life story. Men often confuse this desire for love when they meet a female Angel. I still can’t believe the time a man chased our cab down the street yelling something about wanting to talk more with my Angel friend. Male Angels seem to have the warrior thing like Indigo Children. They tend to be tall with broad shoulders (broad enough to hold a big pair of wings) yet still have a soft side with a big heart.

Energetic Shielding for Incarnated Angels:

  • Imagine yourself as Gold Light: This imagery will repel would-be energy suckers.
  • Imagine yourself as Silver Light: This imagery will make you invisible to those who are only looking to take advantage of your energy.
  • Project your Heart Chakra: Often what the energy suckers want is to feel loved. If you project your Heart Chakra onto them before they even notice you, they won’t need to come and ask for it.
  • Imagine others as Violet Light: This imagery is healing and may be just what that person needs so they won’t feel compelled to take energy from you.

These techniques work for Indigo Children as well. I like to help Taylor and my other Angel friends when I’m with them since usually I’m the stronger one. It’s easy to imagine both of us in a bubble of Silver Light so that we can move quickly through a crowd. Additionally, we can help our Angel friends by remembering to give to them. They struggle with that giving and receiving balance, so it’s important for us to be conscious about giving so they can receive. That can be as simple as listening to how their day was, or what is going on in their life. Angel’s tend to go above and beyond. They don’t expect that from us, but being a good friend is very important.

Thank you to all the Incarnated Angels out there. Your love is so big and I appreciate the vibration you are creating.