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Fairy woman looking into the distance

by Darquelyte

Meet Fairy Paloma.  She’s not an Indigo Child. You heard right- not an Indigo Child. While it’s possible for Indigo Children to also have Elemental energy, most Fairies are pure Elementals. Like the Incarnated Angels, Fairies have more in common with Indigo Children than not, so we tend to attract each other.

The Fairies, Elves, Pixies and other Elementals are quite similar and look like their namesakes. They often have freckles, reddish hair, high cheek bones, rather pointed ears and even melodic voices. They are easy to spot because they look exactly like what they are. I was on the island of Maui once and went to visit a new friend. As soon as I walked in his home, I was flooded with mental images of a magical Elemental Kingdom.

My whimsical visions included a forest celebration with twinkling lights, winged bodies dancing and upbeat music that never paused. Everyone was happy and for no particular reason other than a joy for life. It was pure celebration. My new friend took celebration seriously, I soon found out. I thought I was coming by for a few hours but found myself there for a few days instead.

woman with corquet mallet over shoulderThe celebration morphed with time and we barely slept. The living room held a deejay booth and plenty of space for dancing, but no furniture. The celebration never peaked, instead continuing at a sustainable pace. On Sunday morning, we changed into formal attire and took to the lawn for several rounds of croquette. Tea was served in ceremony and, whenever I found my stomach starting to stir, I would discover someone had been cooking in the kitchen and was ready with a plate of organic glory.

Just as serious as my friend served tea and danced all night long, he took me for a tour of his garden. He carefully pointed out each plant with pride. We chose a flower to pick and brought it back to the house for the alter. I felt as though I had stepped into a Fairyland for a moment and I’ll always remember how magical it felt to live there for a few days.

Elementals are at their best when they can dance in celebration with a group of friends and then spend an afternoon alone in nature. Their homes tend to have big windows with plenty of plants, animals and crystals inside. They are creative, passionate, flirtatious and even promiscuous. Physically, they have almost no issues and thrive on a largely vegetarian diet with plenty of nuts, seeds and berries.

magic fairy woman in ballet pose

by Darquelyte

They are not the warrior Indigo Children who are here to destroy poor systems on the front lines of battle. Instead, they are the rule breaking, fun loving, keepers of the Earth- passionately engaged in environmentalism and animal activism with a youthful playfulness. They are best suited for nurturing careers outdoors such as a nanny, dog walker or farmer.

Elementals struggle emotionally, often suffering from depression or diagnosed as bipolar. They can come off as bratty, immature and stubborn when they don’t get to replenish their energy alone in nature. Their emotions carry powerful energy which may explode on you in a ball of fire or fill you with the urge to dance. While Angels tend to become involved in relationships with addicts, Elementals tend to be the addicts and struggle with substance abuse.

Elves are distinct when it comes to work. Fairy Paloma and I met a 4-year-old Elvin boy at a festival this year who worked very hard making sure everyone was having a good time. He kept track of each person meticulously and would bring over items to play with if he saw someone pause from the fun. By the end of each day he was completely exhausted and covered in glitter.

Elemental fairy woman in water

by Darquelyte

A mother stopped by one morning to watch the kids playing because she missed her son who had stayed home with his father. The little Elf spotted her, took her by the hand and led her into the middle of the jungle where we were playing. He did the same with her friend, joining their hands, and then brought them a book to read together. Tears streamed down her face and welled in my own eyes to experience this kind of love. He was only able to enjoy himself if everyone else was having fun.

Elementals help people because they feel they have to rather than because they want to. With Elves as the exception, Elementals playfully manifest instead of working hard for a living. If they understand this about themselves, it can be very successful. But if they aren’t encouraged or nurtured for this skill, they will manifest poverty. Fairy Paloma has made a career of teaching us how to playfully manifest through meditatively making Fairy Wishes with her very own magical Fairy Dust.

How to Nurture Your Elemental Energy:

1. Go Outside
Elementals cleanse and recharge their energy in nature. Spending time outside is the single best thing you can do for yourself. Bring the outdoors into your home as well with plants, animals, crystals and aromatherapy oils. Be creative and make art from items found in nature. Use chemical-free products with natural ingredients.

2. Play
Fairy myths are full of mischievous Fairies. This playful side of the Elementals is an important part of your energy that we call connecting to your inner child. Go ahead and dance all night long. It’s actually good for you.

3. Eat Consciously
Elementals thrive on vegetarian, pescetarian and vegan diets with plenty of nuts, seeds and berries. Focus on putting good things in your body and avoid drugs and alcohol which could easily become addicting. Read more about The Fairy Diet from Taylor here.

woman with fairy wings

by Darquelyte

4. Manifest
Your conscious diet will allow you the clarity of mind to playfully manifest your success. Daily yoga and meditation will help you refine your manifestation skills and identify the intangibles your heart truly desires. Instead of working hard in an environment that drains you, nurture your manifestation skills and create an environment where you can thrive.

5. Emotionally Mature
While other types of Lightworkers struggle with physical issues, yours are emotional. Learning emotional health will make life much easier and help you avoid psychiatric drugs for depression, ADHD and bipolar disorder. As in all aspects of health, balance is ideal.

6. Participate
You are a born activist for animals and the environment. Your life’s purpose is almost certainly found here, so get involved. We need you! Try recycling at home, adopting or fostering a rescued animal, driving a hybrid vehicle or buying certified cruelty-free and organic products.

Connecting with the Fairies is a great way for all of us to keep magic alive within ourselves. When I misplace things at home, I like to ask for help from the Fairies. It works every time, and I’m always careful to thank them afterward. Once, my friend lost an important data card in my home. After he had searched frantically for some time, I suggested he ask the Fairies for help finding it. Immediately after doing so, he found the data card under his foot. Very funny, Fairies. Thank you.

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