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Indigo Children Unicorn HornUnicorns have been around a lot longer than Indigo Children.  Across all kinds of traditions all over the world, they show up in folktales.  The Western image of a Unicorn actually comes from the Hebrew Bible.  A Unicorn even appeared at the birth of Confucius which is a Chinese legend that signals the birth of a great person.  Unicorns are primarily associated with protection.  For instance, people believed that water touched by a Unicorn Horn was safe to drink.  It was common in medieval times for kings to drink from supposed Unicorn Horns to protect themselves from those attempting to poison them.

As an Indigo Child, I’m always aware of protecting myself and my energy. I’ll admit I’m fresh out of Unicorn Horns to drink out of, but I did find a beautiful one to wear as a necklace. I was assured no Unicorns were harmed in the making of this necklace. Pick out one you like on Esty to use for your own energy protection. I can’t guarantee wearing it will only attract awesome people to you, but it probably will.

Growing up we used to sing a traditional Irish folk song about Unicorns.  Check it out below.  And then go find yourself some Unicorn swag.

Wide awake…