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Chelsea Autumn soulmate tips for Indigo Children

Relationship Expert Chelsea Autumn

Tis the season for love and therefore it’s the perfect opportunity for a discussion on Soulmates. This is one of the most common topics Indigo Children ask me about. It usually starts with an excited email or text stating they have found their Soulmate! My condolences are usually met with confusion, but, when the whole thing becomes a disaster, they turn to me for an explanation. How did I know? How could they have been so wrong?

First, let’s get clear on exactly what a Soulmate is. If you dissect the word you get Soul (the spiritual being that is the eternal you) and Mate. There is a general assumption that Mate refers to a romantic life partner. That is only one of many definitions of a Mate in this case. A Soulmate can be a friend, a business partner, a roommate, a relative, a pet, etc. I like to talk about these relationships in terms of Soul Contracts. In fact, when we fully understand the nature of these relationships, we can start to see our enemies as Soulmates as well. For a beautiful illustration of this, check out Little Soul in the Sun by Neale Donald Walsh.

All Soulmate relationships have a function to them and Indigo Children are especially sensitive to being aware of this. Most Soulmates or Soul Contracts have an expiration date that coincides with the completion of their function. Your dog may be a Soulmate who’s primary function is companionship during this specific period of your life. That girl you dated for nine months last year may have been a Soulmate with the function of allowing you to experience patience. Instead of being disappointed by your dog’s comparably short life span or seeing your last relationship as a failure because it ended, you can understand these relationships as Soulmates who successfully fulfilled their function.

Chelsea Autumn soulmate tips for Indigo Children

Relationship Expert Chelsea Autumn

The romanticized idea of a Soulmate being your other half who completes you is actually a reference to your Twin Flame. Don’t get too excited. This may be the last person you want to date or marry. At the moment of your soul’s creation it was split into two. Each one of you represents a side of the duality in life. You are the Yin and your Twin Flame is the Yang. Chances are the two of you have been incarnating together throughout lifetimes. The connection you feel and deep understanding you experience with your Twin Flame will be unparalleled. While that may sound great and wonderful, it’s simply too much for a healthy romantic relationship.

I, like many other Indigo Children, had to learn this the hard way. I’ve known my Twin Flame for almost a decade. Having him in my life is an incredible blessing. Being in the presence of someone who understands me deeper than this lifetime brings me incredible peace. But it has been a challenge to keep our relationship healthy. We put effort into being respectful of each other’s romantic partners and have found that we work well together, but it’s good to keep our distance too. I’m probably being too kind here. He honestly drives me crazy and I joke with him all the time about wishing I could upgrade to a better Twin Flame. Haha, but he’s my person and I plan to keep him for at least another million lifetimes.

After speaking to several Indigo Children and other Lightworkers, I compiled…

The DOs and DON’Ts of TWIN FLAMES:

Connect! It will be an amazing and deep connection that you will cherish.
Set Boundaries. It’s important to have a healthy relationship with your Twin Flame.
• Work Together. Find a small, part-time project to work on together.

Date. You probably won’t listen to me at first, but remember you can have a fulfilling non-romantic relationship with your Twin Flame.
• Lose Yourself. The connection between you too can easily become so intense that everything else gets set aside.
• Eliminate Them. When things go wrong romantically it’s easy to feel deeply hurt and pull away. Do your best to create a healthy plutonic relationship with appropriate boundaries.

If you’re ready for a fulfilling romantic relationship, I highly recommend scoping out your next Soulmate. It may last a lifetime or it may not. It could be perfect for a moment and you may even learn a few things about yourself. Relationship Expert Chelsea Autumn is my favorite Matchmaker and knows way more than me about the Dos and Don’ts of Soulmating. If you’re still searching for your life partner, check out her expert tips…

Chelsea Autumn soulmate tips for Indigo Children

Relationship Expert Chelsea Autumn

The DOs and DON’Ts of SOULMATES with Chelsea Autumn:

DO- Be open. Sometimes your prince charming doesn’t always come in the package you expect him/her to. You can have 5 non-negotiables, but try not to have more than 5. This way you are opening your soul to love so that your soulmate can come in. If you are too closed off and have too high of a check list, your soulmate might be right around the corner, but you might not be able to meet him/her if your checklist is too narrow.

DON’T- Judge a book by its cover. if a friend wants to fix you up with someone, go! Even if she/he doesn’t look like your ideal type, go for the experience. Go to meet a new friend. Don’t go into it thinking that this person has to be your future wife/husband. Get up and get out! You never know how your soulmate will appear in your life.

DO- Consider your astrology. Do a combined/composite astrology chart of someone you are interested in romantically. It is very helpful and can show you your strengths and weaknesses in your relationship. After all, knowing these is half the battle 😉

DON’T- Consider sun signs only. Don’t refuse to go out with someone because they are the same sign as your ex. There is so much more to astrology that just your Sun sign. Therefore, give that person a chance, even if they are a stubborn Taurus 😉

DO- Compliment your date or partner. Who doesn’t like a compliment? It’s one of the best ways to make someone feel good. Just make sure it’s a sincere compliment. And yes, men like compliments too ladies 🙂

DON’T- Assume. Assumptions ruin relationships, communication builds them. If you don’t know something or are confused, ask! Don’t ever assume you know why your date/partner did something.

Happy Dating Indigo Children! Dating and relationships do take work, but they can be fun too and very rewarding. Remember, we are all vulnerable creatures. Once you remember that, dating and relationships get a lot easier 😉
Xoxo, Chelsea Autumn

Thank you, Chelsea! And if you want to spice things up with your Soulmate this week, check out the Divine Masculine Blend by Indigo Herbal Blends. Ooh lala!