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How to Tell if You Are an Elemental Fairy

How to Tell if You Are an Elemental Fairy

Fairy woman looking into the distance

by Darquelyte

Meet Fairy Paloma.  She’s not an Indigo Child. You heard right- not an Indigo Child. While it’s possible for Indigo Children to also have Elemental energy, most Fairies are pure Elementals. Like the Incarnated Angels, Fairies have more in common with Indigo Children than not, so we tend to attract each other.

The Fairies, Elves, Pixies and other Elementals are quite similar and look like their namesakes. They often have freckles, reddish hair, high cheek bones, rather pointed ears and even melodic voices. They are easy to spot because they look exactly like what they are. I was on the island of Maui once and went to visit a new friend. As soon as I walked in his home, I was flooded with mental images of a magical Elemental Kingdom.

My whimsical visions included a forest celebration with twinkling lights, winged bodies dancing and upbeat music that never paused. Everyone was happy and for no particular reason other than a joy for life. It was pure celebration. My new friend took celebration seriously, I soon found out. I thought I was coming by for a few hours but found myself there for a few days instead.

woman with corquet mallet over shoulderThe celebration morphed with time and we barely slept. The living room held a deejay booth and plenty of space for dancing, but no furniture. The celebration never peaked, instead continuing at a sustainable pace. On Sunday morning, we changed into formal attire and took to the lawn for several rounds of croquette. Tea was served in ceremony and, whenever I found my stomach starting to stir, I would discover someone had been cooking in the kitchen and was ready with a plate of organic glory.

Just as serious as my friend served tea and danced all night long, he took me for a tour of his garden. He carefully pointed out each plant with pride. We chose a flower to pick and brought it back to the house for the alter. I felt as though I had stepped into a Fairyland for a moment and I’ll always remember how magical it felt to live there for a few days.

Elementals are at their best when they can dance in celebration with a group of friends and then spend an afternoon alone in nature. Their homes tend to have big windows with plenty of plants, animals and crystals inside. They are creative, passionate, flirtatious and even promiscuous. Physically, they have almost no issues and thrive on a largely vegetarian diet with plenty of nuts, seeds and berries.

magic fairy woman in ballet pose

by Darquelyte

They are not the warrior Indigo Children who are here to destroy poor systems on the front lines of battle. Instead, they are the rule breaking, fun loving, keepers of the Earth- passionately engaged in environmentalism and animal activism with a youthful playfulness. They are best suited for nurturing careers outdoors such as a nanny, dog walker or farmer.

Elementals struggle emotionally, often suffering from depression or diagnosed as bipolar. They can come off as bratty, immature and stubborn when they don’t get to replenish their energy alone in nature. Their emotions carry powerful energy which may explode on you in a ball of fire or fill you with the urge to dance. While Angels tend to become involved in relationships with addicts, Elementals tend to be the addicts and struggle with substance abuse.

Elves are distinct when it comes to work. Fairy Paloma and I met a 4-year-old Elvin boy at a festival this year who worked very hard making sure everyone was having a good time. He kept track of each person meticulously and would bring over items to play with if he saw someone pause from the fun. By the end of each day he was completely exhausted and covered in glitter.

Elemental fairy woman in water

by Darquelyte

A mother stopped by one morning to watch the kids playing because she missed her son who had stayed home with his father. The little Elf spotted her, took her by the hand and led her into the middle of the jungle where we were playing. He did the same with her friend, joining their hands, and then brought them a book to read together. Tears streamed down her face and welled in my own eyes to experience this kind of love. He was only able to enjoy himself if everyone else was having fun.

Elementals help people because they feel they have to rather than because they want to. With Elves as the exception, Elementals playfully manifest instead of working hard for a living. If they understand this about themselves, it can be very successful. But if they aren’t encouraged or nurtured for this skill, they will manifest poverty. Fairy Paloma has made a career of teaching us how to playfully manifest through meditatively making Fairy Wishes with her very own magical Fairy Dust.

How to Nurture Your Elemental Energy:

1. Go Outside
Elementals cleanse and recharge their energy in nature. Spending time outside is the single best thing you can do for yourself. Bring the outdoors into your home as well with plants, animals, crystals and aromatherapy oils. Be creative and make art from items found in nature. Use chemical-free products with natural ingredients.

2. Play
Fairy myths are full of mischievous Fairies. This playful side of the Elementals is an important part of your energy that we call connecting to your inner child. Go ahead and dance all night long. It’s actually good for you.

3. Eat Consciously
Elementals thrive on vegetarian, pescetarian and vegan diets with plenty of nuts, seeds and berries. Focus on putting good things in your body and avoid drugs and alcohol which could easily become addicting. Read more about The Fairy Diet from Taylor here.

woman with fairy wings

by Darquelyte

4. Manifest
Your conscious diet will allow you the clarity of mind to playfully manifest your success. Daily yoga and meditation will help you refine your manifestation skills and identify the intangibles your heart truly desires. Instead of working hard in an environment that drains you, nurture your manifestation skills and create an environment where you can thrive.

5. Emotionally Mature
While other types of Lightworkers struggle with physical issues, yours are emotional. Learning emotional health will make life much easier and help you avoid psychiatric drugs for depression, ADHD and bipolar disorder. As in all aspects of health, balance is ideal.

6. Participate
You are a born activist for animals and the environment. Your life’s purpose is almost certainly found here, so get involved. We need you! Try recycling at home, adopting or fostering a rescued animal, driving a hybrid vehicle or buying certified cruelty-free and organic products.

Connecting with the Fairies is a great way for all of us to keep magic alive within ourselves. When I misplace things at home, I like to ask for help from the Fairies. It works every time, and I’m always careful to thank them afterward. Once, my friend lost an important data card in my home. After he had searched frantically for some time, I suggested he ask the Fairies for help finding it. Immediately after doing so, he found the data card under his foot. Very funny, Fairies. Thank you.

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The Indigo Children’s Secret to Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose

The Indigo Children’s Secret to Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose

Mama indigo with venice t shirtFrom an early age, Indigo Children are consumed with the question of their life’s purpose. It’s the most common question I hear during my intuitive readings. And while we may be plagued with this pondering earlier than most, it certainly finds its way into the daily thoughts of most all Lightworkers.

The unknowing of your purpose can lead to plenty of stress and even serious depression. Unfortunately, asking your spirit guides probably won’t get you the answers you want. Nearly every time I ask, I hear something like, “stay on your path,” followed by plenty of affirmations.

But how are we supposed to know which path to take if we don’t know where we’re going? The answer is pretty simple and there’s a good reason for it. If you knew where you were headed, you would most likely take shortcuts to get there and miss necessary experiences along the way effectively messing everything up. Instead, knowing how to make decisions to stay on your path is the best shortcut.

Here’s the secret:
Make decisions out of LOVE instead of FEAR.

gold love ring with pink nailsIt’s simple, but it can take some time to get used to. Start with small things and make it a game. Are you choosing that nail polish color because you love it or because other people will be accepting of it? Are you choosing to eat a healthy meal because you love your body or are you nuking something in the microwave because you fear the amount of time it will take to make a healthy meal?

It will take you some time to start thinking this way. It’s not logical and we live in a society that values logic. However, it’s effective. Learning to make decisions this way is the only way to stay on the path to your life’s purpose. Once you get used to choosing love over fear in the small choices that have small risks, you can start to use it in bigger choices.

Are you working at this job because you deeply feel this is where you belong right now? Or because you believe you need benefits and a regular paycheck no matter how stressed you are? Are you in a romantic relationship because you truly love yourself there? Or because you have some love for that person and you’re scared of what life would be like without them?

Here’s the tricky part:
It’s illogical.

Logic says you have job security at that company and your partner is a great catch and that nail polish color is just fine. But this is about your life’s purpose. As you get closer to achieving it, you’ll be able to look back and see the sense in all of the choices you’ve made. Until then, it’s going to be hard. Sometimes it will even seem totally wrong. But it will feel really good.

While it may be seemingly illogical, it’s actually simple physics. Acting on things that feel the best to you creates an energetic vibration which represents your true self. You become a magnet for synchronicity and will achieve your life’s purpose much faster than if you took the more logical path full of resistance.

I’ll let Bashar explain that a bit more…

Here’s an extra tip:
Be humble.

The point of your path is to gather experiences that will prepare you to fulfill your purpose. Experiences. They are perfect because they are experienced. Not because they are perfect. I am a survivor of domestic violence and people often express how sorry they are that I had to experience that. It really sucked, but I’m not sorry. I’m so grateful for that experience because that is where I gained the majority of the compassion I need for my life’s purpose.

I once listened to a girl explain that she had quit her job at an organic drink company because they used plastic bottles. She then began pursuing certification as a yoga teacher. Logic would say that being a yoga teacher is better than filling the world with plastic bottles. But I could feel the fear in her choice that was keeping her from being humble enough to stay on her path. I have no fear of taking jobs that are beneath my qualifications or not completely in line with my values when I can sense that there is a valuable experience waiting for me there. I also have no fear of turning down seemingly perfect opportunities when I know they aren’t for me.

mama indigo performing acrobatics on modern artPaulo Coelho wrote, “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” This essentially means that, when you go around choosing fear, all the universe is conspiring against you. Oh no! Fear is at the root of all behaviors that mistreat others. Fear gives us permission to take from others, speak badly about them, hit them, sabotage them and defend ourselves violently. (Remember that last one next time you respond to a negative comment online.) Love gives us permission to empathize, understand, give, set healthy boundaries, co-create and thrive.

Here’s the result:
Life gets simple.

I still have anxiety and challenging things happen, but I am able to receive them in a way that is manageable. I’ve lost that desperate feeling of flailing around in the dark fearful of getting hurt. Instead, I’m confidently stepping forward and I am starting to glimpse where I might be headed; although that final destination thing doesn’t matter much anymore. In fact, a lot of things don’t matter much anymore. I’m so busy trying to keep up with all the amazing things that are part of my purpose that I don’t have time to be a victim.

My friends and co-creators know that I’m famous for telling them to, “figure it out.” Instead of being afraid of things and dwelling in the drama, I chose to approach with love, find solutions and keep moving. Simple. I try to remember this love or fear formula when giving others advice. Our job is not to know what the right decision is for someone else, but to help them process their options. Listen and let them know where you hear love and fear expressed. By getting rid of all that unnecessary drama in your life you are creating room for the extraordinary things that are part of your life’s purpose. You’ll know when they show up because they will feel great and be simple. If you’re trying too hard, ask yourself what you’re so scared of and find your way back to the path of your life’s purpose.

Why Indigo Children are Uncooperative

Why Indigo Children are Uncooperative

Why Indigo Children are UncooperativeI’m well known for being an uncooperative person and that is something I share with my Indigo Children peers. However, like my peers, that uncooperative behavior is often misunderstood. I have been accused of being an easily influenced person and rebelling for the sake of rebelling. There is also the common Indigo Children assertion of antiauthoritarianism. Interestingly, I don’t relate to any of these ideas.

At the heart of my uncooperative behavior is my sense of self. That confidence, that knowing, shakes others to their core. I refuse to cooperate for the sake of cooperation. I will listen to and consider your ideas and choose for myself, while allowing you to do the same. And I do my best to respect authority simply for the sake of manners, but sometimes that violates what is right and good for me.

The more some folks demand my cooperation, the more uncooperative they might find me. I’ll share a secret though… The key to my cooperation is consideration. My behavior is not the mystery or the violent rebellion many see. It’s logical, well thought out and right for me without needing to be right for you. If anyone wants my cooperation, they could simply engage in a conversation with me in an effort to understand and support each other.

But maybe it’s not about me at all. Maybe the ones that find me uncooperative are exploring something within themselves. Why do we need others to cooperate with us? I’m interested in supporting people to be themselves. If your journey involves behavior that conflicts with my personal boundaries, then that probably means we are in each other’s way. What it doesn’t mean is that one of us is right and the other is wrong. It means there is an opportunity that we haven’t discovered yet.

My friend Hank says he finds me very cooperative and that is even one of the qualities he enjoys most about me. That says a lot about Hank. He is profoundly wise. He considers me as an individual and we have lots of cool conversations that involve creative ideas specialized for our personalities and situations. It feels easy to spend time with Hank because of this.

Why Indigo Children are UncooperativeThe way to tell that I am not going to cooperate with you is my silence. If you find yourself engaged in a monologue with me as your audience, then you can be sure I am allowing you the opportunity to hear yourself. However, I am still listening and considering what you say. But without your consideration of me- it probably isn’t going to go well.

This happened to me today when a homie I’m just getting to know decided to perform a monologue in front of me in an effort to demand that people are wonderful. You see, I have a hard time in large groups or crowds of people. My empathic sensitivities can be too much and sometimes I even have panic attacks.  But he doesn’t know that and wasn’t interested in hearing about it. He wanted to assert his ideas without considering me. That happens a lot when people demand that a food dish is wonderful without considering my allergies to its ingredients. I can accept that you love it, but I would appreciate if you didn’t force me to eat something that will harm me. The silly thing about the monologue I heard today is that I agreed with him. People are wonderful! But if you put 50 of my favorite people in a room I may still have a panic attack.

Hopefully by sharing my personal experiences, I can support you in discovering what’s right for you and inspire you to allow others to do the same. True power isn’t a leader with loyal subjects all in agreement. True power is knowing yourself. That may be something Indigo Children are commonly interested in, but it definitely applies to everyone. I support you and I’m open to what that means for you as an individual. Even if it means listening to your monologue so you can hear yourself.

How Indigo Children use Numbers to Communicate with Spirit Guides

How Indigo Children use Numbers to Communicate with Spirit Guides

mama indigo with necklace sittingIndigo Children, like all people, have Spirit Guides. As sensitive folks, we tend to be generally more aware of their presence. When I was a young Indigo Child, I played with my Spirit Guides who my parents called my “imaginary friends.” There were three of them back then. Today, my Spirit Guides include some friends and family who have passed away as well as this very dry, boring, Galactic Council of sorts. There’s around 50 of them in the council and it feels as though I report to them. While learning to clearly communicate with my own Spirit Guides as an adult Indigo Child, I discovered I could communicate with other people’s guides as well.

What I’ve observed is that we all seem to have a specific purpose and a Spirit Guide, or a group of a few guides, to help us achieve that purpose. They keep us on the right track kind of like a project manager or team member. For that reason, I sometimes refer to my life as “The Abby Project.” It can make life a lot easier when we learn to hear the messages our Spirit Guides are sending us. You’ve probably heard them at some point in your life whether you realized it or not. Sometimes it’s a gut feeling that keeps you from turning down the wrong street or something that catches your attention and draws you into a wonderfully synchronistic situation.

One way that Spirit Guides communicate with Indigo Children is through numbers. Some people call them Angel Numbers to signify your guardian angels sending you a message. The idea is simple. When you see a certain number or sequence of numbers repeating (like 11:11) it is a message from your Spirit Guides. You may see them in on a digital clock, the total on your receipt, the number of views on a YouTube video or likes on an Instagram photo- anywhere you see numbers. There are books and websites that go into great detail on the specifics of certain numbers. However, it’s been helpful for me to learn the basics of Angel Numbers so I can quickly get the point of the message being sent.

clock showing time that communicates with spiritsRepeating Angel Number Basics:

0: Beginnings
1: Affirmation
2: Compassion
3: Wisdom
4: Angels
5: Change
6: Healing
7: Purpose
8: Finances
9: Humanitarianism

Your Spirit Guides are reaching out and all you have to do it pay attention. 11:11 is the most common number sequence noted and is a great way to get started with this form of communication. When I’m driving to meet someone thinking I’ll be late and I see 11:11 on the clock in my car, I know my timing is divine and I can relax. Indigo Children know there’s a big difference between perfect timing and being on time. Let your Spirit Guides know when you have received their message and that you are ready for more messages.

One I often see is 1234 which means I have things to do. When you have a 1 in front of a number like 1212, the 1 is affirming the other angel number. 1212 could be understood as an affirmation of your compassion in that moment. The list above is very basic so you can easily memorize and apply it. Have fun translating the messages from your Spirit Guides. Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what repeating numbers you’ve been seeing!

Green Carpet Photos from the Indigo Children Launch Party

Green Carpet Photos from the Indigo Children Launch Party

Indigo Children Green Carpet The Real Mike Jones and MBennz

The Reel Mike Jones with Rapper MBennz

These Indigo Children are some good looking folks. From hipsters to gangsters, we figured you may enjoy some highlights from the Green Carpet at the Indigo Children Launch Party.

And yes, we know the carpet is usually red, but that’s just soooooo old paradigm. We went with green to represent our eco-consciousness.

The homie, fashion photographer Courtney Allen of DC Image Photography, hooked it up with some beautifully lit photos for the carpet. He has done it up on my Instagram many times and is also the man behind my Indigo Child Warrior shoot.

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Miko Courtney Allen

Miko with fashion photographer Courtney Allen

Designer Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel and Fendi said, “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” I feel that, Karl. So instead of trying to reproduce the evening, I’d like to share the vibe with you through these images of the the incredible folks that made the evening come alive and live on forever.

Enjoy these vibe-filled green carpet moments and check out Indigo Children on Instagram if you want more.


Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Mercedes Lopez Kane Soofi Abby Oilver

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Mercedes Lopez with Model Kane Soofi and Abby Oliver

The homie Jeffery

The homie Jeffery

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Ava and Angelo

Actors Ava and Angelo

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Rick Segal Love Delivery Andrew Keegan

Rick Segal of Love Delivery with Actor Andrew Keegan

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Abby Oliver Angela Lima Hail Merry

Abby Oliver with Angela Lima of Hail Merry

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet 3rdi Noah Becker AudioMicro Natalie

Bruces 3rdi and Noah Becker of AudioMicro with Bootsie Natalie

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Taylor Angel Saul Escobar

Taylor Angel with Artist Saul Escobar

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Metatron

Metatron himself

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Worldwide AMG Abby Oliver Josie

Rapper Worldwide AMG with Abby Oliver and Josie

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Hipsters

Indigo Flavored Hipsters

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Cappuccino Man Noah Lewkow Corrie Novak

Cappuccino Man Noah Lewkow with Corrie Novak

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Darquelyte Photographer Cristin Abby Oliver Josie

Darquelyte Photographer Cristin with Abby Oliver and Josie

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Kyle Brandon

The homies Kyle and Brandon

Indigo Children Launch Party Angelo Platon Spiritual Coach Tristan Montoya

Actor Angelo Platon with Spiritual Coach Tristan Montoya

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Gigi Grose Casey Dee

Producer Gigi Grose with Model Casey Dee

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Ray Rae Venice Beach Photos

Ray Rae of Venice Beach Photos

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Lance Moseley McKenzie McQuown

Host Lance Moseley with Model McKenzie McQuown

Indigo Children Launch Party Free Diver Pablo Beronda Abby Oliver

Free Diver Pablo Beronda with Abby Oliver

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Sincere Leigh Corrie Novak Alyssa Morang

Conscious beauties Sincere Leigh, Corrie Novak and Alyssa Morang

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Cool Kids

The Cool Kids

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Mitalias Dad Abby Oliver Josie

Mitalias Dad with Abby Oliver and Josie

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Jon Nash Natural Leaders Foundation

Jon Nash of Natural Leaders Foundation

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Tom Christiansen Lorena Brothers

Artist Tom Christiansen with Humanitarian Lorena Brothers

Indigo Children Launch Party Green Carpet Silicon Beach Tracy Williams

Silicon Beach Entrepreneur Tracy Williams