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There’s something different about you.

You notice lots of stuff that nobody else does (like that annoying buzzing sound from electronics)…

you know what’s going to happen before it happens…

and you’re suuuuper smart (regardless of any test scores).


Even though all those things make you awesome, it actually sucks being different. 

Especially when no one understands and, even worse, when they think there’s something wrong with you. (Spoiler: There’s nothing wrong with you.)

It all leaves you feeling:

  • STUCK…  struggling to get through another day
  • LOST… not sure where you belong or what your purpose is
  • LONELY… like you’re the only one that thinks and feels this way.

You’re doing THE MOST to fit in, follow the rules and get along with everybody. But, no matter how hard you try, it isn’t working and no one understands.

I see way too many Indigo Children overwhelmed and desperate so they do anything they can to feel a tiny bit better just for a moment. But the good feeling doesn’t last and it eventually catches up with them and creates more problems. They feel like they were born on the wrong planet and are never going to make this human thing work.

I understand exactly what it’s like to struggle as an Indigo Child.

I spent most of my life hiding who I was, trying to fit in and be normal. I was full of anxiety and felt like I was fighting my way through life. Like the systems were built to make me fail- and I hate playing games I can’t win.

Figuring out that I am an Indigo Child was the beginning of a new life.
It gave me the answers I needed, a path to follow and friends who understood because they were just like me.

But it wasn’t a smooth path. Back then, Indigo Children hid their identity with pseudonyms and never posted photos of their faces online. There was a lot of fear around going public as an Indigo. I figured, fuck it… If someone wanted to come at me because of who I am, then I was going to make sure they spelled my name right!

So I put my real name, Abby Oliver, on my Facebook profile and started talking about my personal experiences. Indigo Children around the world reached out to me asking questions, asking for my help. The conversations were fascinating and I was ready for more. I tried to organize my new friends within Facebook and accidentally created a private group. (Oopsy! Tech fail.) I woke up the next morning to a bunch of new members in the group having really amazing conversations… so I jumped in. That was the beginning of the original Indigo Children Society.

They treated me like an expert and the things I said had a big, positive impact on their lives. They started calling me Mama Indigo because of how I was nurturing them- but they were nurturing me too.

As I’ve figured out how to make this human experience work for me, I’ve shared my best secrets with fellow Indigo Children like you and created systems and rituals that can be customized and repeated.

Together, we’re mastering this Indigo thing and learning stuff like:


  • How to feel great, everyday
  • How to discover and use your magic
  • How to find your purpose in life and take action
  • How to create extraordinary success and make an impact in the world

I was on my way home one afternoon from a physical therapy appointment for injuries from a recent car accident… when I was AGAIN rear ended at another stop light.

It was like an ironic manifestation of how out of control I felt in my life- like everything was coming at me and all I could do was brace for the impact.

I didn’t want to live like that anymore.

As I sat in my car crying, cursing the universe, begging for a break already and collecting myself from this latest blow, I tried to remember the last time I had really felt safe. And that’s when I remembered being intuitive as a little girl (although I didn’t have a word for it then).

In that moment, I thought, “If I had the power to be safe then, that power must still be inside of me somewhere.” And I vowed to find that mystical piece of myself I had buried so long ago.

Since that day I’ve learned to listen to the universe better so it doesn’t have to literally send large objects barrelling into me to get my attention.

I went home and did a lot of Googling that eventually led me to a description of Indigo Children and everything suddenly made sense.

I took every test I could find to make sure I really had the traits of an Indigo Child. I read all the books and blogs and watched hours of YouTube videos. I learned everything I could about intuition, brain function and even some quantum physics.

I started meditating, I changed my diet, I traveled to remote parts of the world and met legit shamans, I ate some weird plants, redecorated my house, played with crystals, communicated with my spirit guides… and I’m still learning and trying new things to this day.

The truth is, I’m not licensed or certified in anyway to give you advice. I’m not interested in telling you what you should or need to do.

I’m here to show you what has worked for me and other Indigo Children so you can create a lifestyle that works for YOU.

Leo Sun / Cancer Moon / Aries Rising


Indigo Children live all over the world, we’re from tons of different cultures and we like different things. I loooooove meeting other Indigo Children and getting to know them. So here are some random things about me so we can start to get familiar too.

  • I grew up in Iowa in the backwaters of the Mississippi kind of like Huckleberry Finn except with parents. This is why I can shoot guns, climb trees and make a very accurate bird sound with my hands- all of which just freaks people out now that I live in Los Angeles.
  • I’m EXTREMELY allergic to all onions and that makes me the most awkward dinner guest ever. It also makes potlucks and plant based restaurants the most dangerous places in the world.
  • I have past life memories of being a mermaid and learned to swim when I was two by watching a movie about a mermaid… so I can only swim underwater. I have zero normal people swimming skills.
  • People always assume I’m a hippie, but I’m actually way more of a nerd and a little bit gangster. I’m a total sportsfan (hi Dad!) and I love girly stuff like luxury handbags and spa days.
  • I live in a tiny house on the beach with my rescue Pitbull, Lucy, who looks like a baby hippopotamus. We are both introverts, literally love long walks on the beach and we meditate together everyday. (Lucy’s favorite part is the OM’s and it’s so hard not to giggle while she howls!)

Let’s Do This!

If you’re ready to quit messing around and become the mystical force of nature that you were born to be… then I want to help you make it happen.

I’m talking about results like a career you love, a bank account with more than you can spend, fulfilling relationships along with physical and mental health.

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