There’s a reason you’re here...

Something’s different about you.

You feel it... your family feels it…  everyone notices it but no one can reeeeally describe it.

You’ve done your best to fit in and they’ve done their best to ignore that you don’t. Until the depression or the anxiety gets too big to hide and becomes an issue. No matter how hard you try to do what you’re supposed to and follow the rules, you inevitably get into trouble. It’s not fair so, if you’re like me, you stop playing games you can’t win.

You’ve been surviving like this FOR YEARS because you can’t see a better way… but you know it’s there and you’ll never give in.

Maybe the doctor diagnosed you with something like ADHD, or said you’re on some spectrum or depressed and wrote you a prescription. But somewhere deep down, you know better.

So you learned to pretend everything was fine. You learned how to hear your thoughts without letting them show.
And, good gawd, it is L O N E L Y.

Like, extremely lonely.

But it’s not the kind of loneliness that goes away just by hanging with friends. Sometimes that makes it even worse. It’s a loneliness that is so deep within you and always lurking because no one actually gets what’s it’s like to be you.

You would have given up a long time ago, but there’s this other thing inside you. You don’t know what it is exactly, but it’s the reason you’re here and it feels like you have something seriously big and important to do. (If you could only figure out what it is, argh!)

But you don’t have time to focus on that when you’re struggling to just get through the day.

And you’re right. You are here for a reason. All the things that make you different are good things. Instead of you trying to fit in, everyone should be trying to be more like you. The depression and anxiety are ways your body communicates to you that you’re going the wrong way and you need to get back on track toward doing that big, important, mysterious thing.

You’re not alone. You’re one of the Indigo Children.

At this point, you’re probably either feeling incredibly relieved to finally hear the truth or you’re thinking it’s too good to be true. No worries, I get it.

I didn’t feel connected to the term Indigo Child the first time I heard it because it was all about creepy little psychic kids with giant blue eyes. Or dreaded up hippies, smoking weed, dressed in tie-dye, living in a van. I couldn’t relate. I heard it again years later when I was a total mess of anxiety (which was about to get me fired at work) and I knew there had to be a bigger answer to what I was feeling.

I remembered that I’d been very intuitive as a kid and I had stopped listening to my intuition when I started going to school. (Because intuiting answers to math problems instead of showing my work got me accused of cheating more than once.) I thought, maybe if I figured out how to use my intuition again, I would feel safe and stop freaking out all the time.

That’s when I heard about Indigo Children the second time. I was searching online for information about intuition and I came across the list of traits used to identify an Indigo Child. I had almost all of them. It made me feel all the things… relieved, nervous, excited, skeptical, vindicated, doubtful.

My life drastically changed after that. I nerded out hard and started doing extensive research on what it meant to be an Indigo Child and how I could create a lifestyle for myself so that I could finally thrive instead of just like awkwardly surviving.

To be totally honest, I was mostly excited. I felt great for the first time in forever and I wanted to share all this knowledge so everyone could join me in this place of bliss and answers. At first, I only told a few of my besties. But I knew this was way bigger than me and I had to let go of my fears and speak up much louder so you could hear me too.

I put my real name on my Facebook page and started talking about what it was like for me being an Indigo Child. I didn’t go searching for others, I just stopped hiding so you could find me… and you did. Folks from all over the world started calling me Mama Indigo and asking for my advice so they could feel awesome too.

The craziest part was... the things I would say to other Indigo Children seemed to actually help. People started feeling better and then they started doing big, cool, important stuff. The best part was, we all got to know each other and aren’t so lonely now.

Eventually though it all got too big. Emails were coming at me faster than I could respond and the pain so many folks were feeling was overwhelming. Part of me wanted to take it all back, dig a hole only big enough for me and quit the internet. But I was in too deep and, instead, I decided to figure it out. I realized the only way to help everyone was to give you the tools to help yourself and provide the opportunity to connect with other Indigo Children so you could chat even when I needed a break.

The truth is, you don’t need my help.

You are an incredible person full of courage, strength, wisdom and you are very powerful.
But sometimes it makes a big difference to be understood and learn about things that have helped other folks who share your experience to feel better and get on with it.

I don’t have any licenses or certifications of any kind. I’m absolutely not qualified to give anybody advice about anything and I don’t even want to. What I can do is give you options so you can make the best choices for yourself and create a seriously cool lifestyle that’s all you. I can share with you my own experiences and those of hundreds of other Indigo Children just like you. And I can hook you up with your community so you don’t have to be alone anymore.

Connecting with other Indigo Children has made most of the loneliness disappear for me. I still lose it some days with anxiety or depression, but those feelings have become assets in my life to help me keep going in the right direction. Plus, I have a self-care routine worthy of at least a high-five from an ascended master to minimize the symptoms and keep hustling.

There are plenty of people out there talking about Indigo Children, but most of them aren’t Indigo Children themselves. I understand you because I’m like you. And my world is inclusive- Starseeds, Crystal Children, Elementals, Angels other Lightworkers, (don’t worry, we’ll get to the definitions later) -they have a lot in common with Indigo Children and some of us identify with more than one label. Personally, I have past life memories of being a mermaid (cause mermaids are real) but I’m also an Indigo Child. Whatever special blend of magical awesomeness you are, you’re welcome in my house.

I have a talent for helping people figure out if they’re an Indigo Child and, if not, what other type of Lightworker they might be (think fairies, unicorns, dragons, etc). I’m confident that self-discovery moment will be a total game-changer for you just like it was for me. Because, all the work I did finding ways to make my own life not suck, I’ve tested with other folks and built systems that you can easily jump in on.

My big “eff this” moment came one day when (between work and boys) I had been feeling unsafe and anxious for awhile. Then, I was in three car accidents in a like a month where I was stopped and they just ran into me. Wtf!? I was in a lot of pain and I didn’t want to be a victim anymore. So I blew off work and spent the day Googling things about intuition and ancient wisdom instead. And I found my answer that day…

...I found out that I am an Indigo Child.

There’s a reason you found yourself here, right now, and it just might be your own big “eff this” moment.

It was hard to accept at first and there was a lot of weird stuff I read that I didn’t relate to. But I was determined to figure this out. I did years of hardcore research reading books and blogs, redecorating my home, playing with crystals, eating all kinds of weird plants, chatting with other Indigo Children online, getting psychic readings, traveling to remote places to find indigenous shamans… and some of it actually worked.

Part of my life purpose is to find the things that will help all of us thrive and package them up in a way that’s real for you. But, the truth is, I’m a revolutionary at heart and my motives are a lot more selfish than they may seem. I believe the Indigo Children showed up to save this planet. I can’t do it myself. So I need you to get yourself together and get started on that big important stuff- your own life purpose.

I’m so over the conversation from the 90’s hypothesizing if Indigo Children exist or not. I really don’t have time for that. We’re right here and it’s time for us to quit messing around with broken systems and build the world that only we can. I want you to start feeling better NOW so we can be the force we came here to be. I’m not talking about resisting or protesting or endlessly posting conscious memes on social media… I’m talking about taking real action to literally build something else.

I am living proof that changing your lifestyle will solve your biggest problems and allow you to get on with your life purpose work (ya know that big, important, really cool stuff you were born to do). Taking the first steps is always the part that sucks the most. And, unlike your doctor, I’m not offering you a magic pill. There is real work for you to do here, the hustle is no joke, but the rewards will come quick and they’ll keep on coming.

Through all of it, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader. (I was captain of my high school cheerleading team so I can totally handle it.) I’ll send some good thoughts about you out into the universe while I’m walking my dog. I’ll make it rain inspirational meditation beach selfies on Instagram at the perfect moment to keep you going. I’ll recycle and ride my bike to work so I don’t make anything worse until you get yourself together enough to help me fix it.

If you’re ready to do this, then I want you to join the Indigo Children Society©.

I’m creating a Ritual Initiation that will prepare you to show up ready and go hard. You’ll be connected with other Indigo Children from all over the world who totally get it and want to work together. I’ve put in a lot of time on this and it’s almost done. If you want to get the official invite to join when we launch, then click below to enter your email. Because it’s time to quit messing around and become the Indigo Child force of nature that you came here to be.

YES! Send me the official invite to join
the Indigo Children Society when it launches!

Yes, send me the official invite to join the Indigo Children Society when it launches!
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