11 Misconceptions About Indigo Children

Indigo Child Jay Kirton
Indigo Child Jay Kirton

Several months ago, I got a notification on my keyword alerts that a journalist was looking for Indigo Children to interview. I reached out to her on email, Facebook and Twitter but she never replied. Her news piece recently ran and it’s clear she had an agenda in reporting her own exploitive idea of Indigo Children. What an unfortunate missed opportunity to report on something important to so many of us.

On top of that, my alerts sent me to a message board where parents labeling their children with behavior disorders were mocking one young man who had come out as an Indigo Child to his mother. It was heartbreaking to read their uninformed comments and hateful plans to discourage him.

I will keep pushing my agenda for fair representation of my fellow Indigo Children and offering you a voice here. In the meantime, below are some of the top misconceptions about Indigo Children explained.

1. Indigo Children Is A Pseudoscientific Concept
This makes no sense. To my knowledge, no one has ever attempted to scientifically identify Indigo Children. Therefore, the claim that it is a pseudoscientific concept is completely false because we have not failed any scientific testing. I have never been contacted by anyone in a scientific profession and asked to be studied and don’t know a single Indigo Child who has. To date, I seem to have more social scientific data than anyone else on the topic. Rather than the self-professed experts who talk about these mysterious children, I have given you actual case studies and put faces and names to the concept.

2. Indigo Children Are Labeled By Their Parents Who Want Them To Be Special
Ha! My parents are politely trying to ignore my public life as an Indigo Child. I was so lucky growing up to have parents that allowed me to do my thing. They didn’t encourage it, but they also didn’t stifle me. When I started school, they told me my imaginary friends should wait for me at home. They did their best to help me be normal. I was special in other ways to them like when I scored well on a test or joined a school activity- normal special things.

I do hear about parents who call their small children Indigos, but personally I feel little ones have a lot of growing to do and could use plenty of freedom to become their true selves. I’ve had my suspicions about some young ones, but I’ll wait for them to tell me who they are when they’re ready. The majority of Indigo Children are self-diagnosed as young adults despite their parent’s objections.

Indigo Child Casey Dee by Nick Burkett
Indigo Child Casey Dee by Nick Burkett

3. Indigo Children Have Blue Eyes And Purple Auras
Omg stop it. Seriously. Stop it. The term Indigo Children actually has nothing to do with eye or aura color. NOTHING. Pleeeeeeease stop with the images of purple little kids on the Internet.

Our eyes are considered windows to our souls. Indigo Children tend to have intense eyes because they are people of great depth. I know plenty of Indigo Children with beautiful dark brown eyes. Having big blue eyes does not make you an Indigo Child anymore than it makes you a cheese sandwich.

An aura is the atmosphere surrounding us that is created by our essence. It is constantly changing as we change sort of like a mood ring. Although, the more consistent we are, the more consistent our aura color may be. For instance, my aura is usually yellow. Shocking, I know! A woman with a brain disorder coined the term Indigo Children. This brain disorder crosses an individual’s senses so they might taste shapes or feel sounds. For Nancy, she saw personality types as colors. However, what she was seeing was not an aura. She referred to what she saw as “Life Colors.” Indigo is a “Life Color,” not an aura color.

4. Indigo Children Are Children
Wrong again. Just in the same way terms like Baby Boomer, Flower Child or Child of God can refer to adults, Indigo Children is a term open to all ages. It seems that people who may be described as Indigo Children began occurring in large numbers starting in the late 70s. That means plenty of Indigo Children are now in their 30s and the largest group falls in the Young Adult category. There’s no need to refer to them as Indigo Adults just like we don’t say Adult Boomers, Flower Adults or Adults of God.

5. Indigo Children Are Extremely Positive
Lies. Just look how negative this post is! Indigo Children understand that life requires balance. There is no light without dark. Be wary of folks who only allow for the good. They tend to be some of the darkest and most dangerous people I’ve encountered. However, the Indigo Children I know are not scared of the dark. They know their light will always shine bright enough no matter where they are. I’ve met some amazing Indigo Children in the darkest corners, but not many in bright, happy, spiritual places. Such places tend to cater more toward folks who are scared of the dark rather than seeking balance.

6. Indigo Children Think They Are Better Than You
I have NEVER heard an Indigo Child say anything like this. This misconception is purely other people projecting their personal fears. You may not impress Indigo Children in the ways you’d like, but in other ways they may be jealous of you. We have a difficult time in day-to-day life and are envious of the way others seem to handle it effortlessly. We also know that you are capable of all the special things we have like empathy, intuition and lucid dreaming. Indigo Children are an inclusive group because we know everyone is equal.

7. Indigo Children Have Supernatural Abilities
Nope, you're thinking of the X-Men. Indigo Children do have natural talents and sensitivities and are extremely smart, but anyone can do the things we do because they are completely natural. I have blown light blubs when I’ve been upset, intentionally flown through the sky in my dreams, known details about a person without being told and healed body aches and pains just by touching someone, but these are all things every human being is capable of doing. I don’t know why I can and others can’t. It’s like how some people can throw a ball the first time they pick one up and others need to be taught and practice. Focusing on these natural talents of Indigo Children is somewhat upsetting. We are passionate about the big ways we want to impact the world and that has little to do with super powers.

8. Indigo Children Are Vegan Yogis
Not quite. Indigo Children are focused on health in a personal, open-minded way. There are many conscious meat eaters out there like myself and plenty of passionate meditators who do not attend class at the local yoga studio. While some Indigo Children are drawn to both a Vegan Diet and local Yoga Studio, we are just as – if not more – likely found hunting for dinner or meditating peacefully at home. Indigo Children eat a conscious diet. Most of us love our organic, non-GMO veggies, but we are consciously aware of our bodies and what goes in them more than a single label like Vegan can encompass. And while some may find a home at a local yoga studio, many are more comfortable practicing mindfulness in privacy.

9. Indigo Children Is About Smoking Weed And Taking Psychedelics
Actually, other people do drugs to feel like Indigo Children. Ram Dass said, “When you are already in Detroit, you don’t have to take a bus to get there.” Similarly, Salvador Dali said, “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.” Indigo Children are generally very open to plant medicines and tend to be into all kinds of herbal remedies. We are human and can go through unhealthy periods of life where we consume too much of a good thing. But I’m definitely not pleased with the association of drugs and Indigo Children on social media feeds. Smoking DMT at a music festival does not make you an Indigo Child. More accurately, not needing to smoke DMT and not wanting to be at a crowded festival may indicate that you are an Indigo Child. I am proud of the Indigo Children who stand up for the legalization of plant medicines and promote usage within sacred ceremony.

10. Indigo Children Is A Label Used To Justify Bad Behavior
Sad face. This misconception hurts my heart. When someone identifies himself or herself as an Indigo Child, they begin a journey of self-awareness and start to develop a conscious lifestyle. If they are encouraged and nurtured, the Indigo Child’s behavior can become ideal. If anything, the opposite is true – Indigo Children is a label that may be used to explain exceptional behavior. Anything less is a misuse of the term. I feel empathy for the struggles of my fellow Indigo Children and hope to give them the tools to achieve excellence. We may think different than others but that never makes it okay to act inappropriately. Before you judge an Indigo Child’s behavior as bad, try engaging them in conversation to figure out why they made that choice. With Indigo Children, there is always a why.

Indigo Child Celestin Cornielle of JJC Jewelry
Indigo Child Celestin Cornielle of JJCJewelry.com

11. Indigo Children Have Undiagnosed Psychiatric Issues And Should Be Medicated
Not cool. I have unlimited compassion for anyone who is taking medication. It is such a personal choice. I can tell you that lifestyle is essential whether you are medicated or not. From my personal experience and my relationships with other Indigo Children, I have seen how powerful lifestyle is for us sensitive folks. So before you call someone defective, I challenge you to assess the environment for defects. Sometimes a food allergy may be the root cause of a behavior issue, or the wrong lighting may be the key to your depression. We are all different, unique, individuals. When our lifestyle reflects that, we can thrive.

The most common medical diagnoses of Indigo Children are ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Anxiety, Depression and Bipolar. Additionally, we are accused of being Antiauthoritarians, Underachievers and even Criminals. Although the concept of Indigo Children has been deeply criticized for being a broad set of traits that could be applied to anyone, the same is true for all of the above mentioned. Typically the ones doing the diagnosing are driven by agenda rather than the best interest of the one being diagnosed. The Indigo Children who are medically diagnosed are much luckier than the latter, but neither is very productive. Even if any of the above were relevant, lifestyle would still be the most productive way to create a life in which we can thrive.

Indigo Children have a lot to offer the world. We are some of the most intelligent, creative, passionate minds alive today. Imagine the possibilities of the future we might create if you choose to understand and nurture us instead of drug us.




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46 thoughts on “11 Misconceptions About Indigo Children

  1. Let’s talk about connecting and empowering indigos. Thank you for promoting “indigo culture.” i think that can change the world as much as any indigo can…

    1. I agree, Michael! Our culture is a game changer for everyone. I’d love to hear your ideas for connecting and empowering Indigo Children. Tell me more!

      1. Hi,

        I support your connecting goal and would like to get in contact. Please help me get some answers I’ve been longing for 🙂


  2. Very valid points. Let it be known that indigos are among all of us, and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Over the years I have noticed that I fall under this category, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Stay positive and keep the vibes up!

  3. When I made my way to the fifth topic, I was relieved. I thought I was going crazy this previous year in eighth grade. My science teacher was always speaking with an over-the-top, peachy voice that sent a chill down my spine. No matter what happened she tried to keep a smile on her face, and tried to find a joke in what seemed to be every negative event. I thought I was insane all year—I saw anger, hatred, and so many other negative emotions trapped behind that smile of her’s.
    I’m happy I found this…
    Thank you…

  4. “indigos dont have x men powers” tells us about her controlling electricity power, power of thought flight, physic abilities, and healing abilities… ok

  5. Hi, I just read this and it was true. I believe I am an Indigo Child, I have a lot of the same traits, but I’ve never been diagnosed with any disorder. I do believe I have ADHD though. The thing is, I don’t know how to tell. I know no one else in my family is in Indigo Child. I jut need some big time advice! P.S. I’m 13.

    1. Hi Kaylee! I didn’t know I was an Indigo Child at your age so it’s okay if you want some more time before you decide what fits you. Or, you’re welcome to be an Indigo Child now and grow out of the label into something more wonderful later. My only advice is to trust your intuition. Whether or not you are an Indigo Child or have ADHD, creating a healthy, conscious lifestyle will benefit you and facilitate any clarity you’re wanting.

      1. Umm hi, I’m samira and I’m 13, I believe that I am an indigo child, I have a lot of depression, my classmates don’t like me, and I’ve heard weird things and dreamt weird things, I was gonna ask, why do people say us indigo kids are demonic and stuff like that, and is the third eye chakra bad, cause lots of websites say it was prohibited by god, and demons can posses you if you practice that third eye chakra, I’m scared, but I want that power to change the world and protect my family, I have 2 sisters, they’re older than me, and they’re indigos too… please answer

        1. Hello,Samira.I believe to you.Third eye chakra,isn’t bad,it helps you trough your life,gives you knowledge.I feel the same as you and I understand! >_<
          Do you have a Facebook account?
          I hope I could help you

  6. Hmmm. Here’s how it is for me:

    -I was actually not a born indigo.
    -I don’t identify as an indigo as described on this website. It’s kind of an Other (because some important things can only be properly expressed with capital letters) that I refer to as “the Universe” that guides me through stuff with dialogue, largely self-healing and philosophy. I’m about 99.99% certain that I made this up as a kid to help me get over the fact that I didn’t get a Hogwarts letter.
    -I am a surprisingly normal human being on the outside; 4.5 HS GPA so far, 6 ECs, etc. Nerd.
    -I have no wish to do drugs or alcohol.
    -I am very tolerant of chemicals.
    -I can change basic stuff (just got rid of cramps… yay) and Heal. (more capital letters, if you’re into that.) It’s slow, but I’m almost done with a cut on my hand.
    -If you’ve ever read the Young Wizards series (10/10 would recommend), THAT’S what it’s like.
    -I like to use hyphens as bullet points.
    -I regard most of the stuff on the internet as bullcrap, including the majority of this comment.
    -Functional belief; I believe in it enough to use it.
    -Hacking, but with biological stuff.
    -More hyphens.

    1. i like to call the others the golden children because of all the capabilities they hold ik a non indigo that is a extremely powerful psychic and is able to do telekinisis :),the minds very powerful indeed.

  7. I’ve been told I was an “old soul” since… well, all my life, really. I first encountered the term Indigo Child probably twenty years or so ago. Parts of it fit me like a glove, parts of it I’m not certain of, but mostly it feels right. Of course, some people have said “You’re too old to be a REAL Indigo Child,” but the few articles I’ve read here sounds like that “rule” is being thrown to the wayside lately. Which is comforting to hear. People are people, you know. I was many times told I was “maybe an early fore-runner or scout-type Indigo” because I fit pretty much everything about the definition of an Indigo Child except age. (born 1971)

    1. Hi Josie, It seems to me that rules aren’t for Indigo Children 🙂 71 and 78 are close enough. Many of those born before 78 who relate to Indigo Children are Lightworkers. As a subgroup of Lightworkers, Indigo Children are distinguished by their warrior sensibility. We’re rather abrasive, destructive, aggressive, etc. If you don’t relate to those qualities, then there is another Lightworker subgroup that may fit you better. If Indigo is the label that feels right to you, then you are welcome to use it no matter that year you were born. The purpose of these labels are to find the best ways to care for yourself and support your life’s purpose. If Indigo does that for you then you have the right one.

      1. Funny thing. I have to be an Indigo but I was born in 1953. I have written to you before but didn’t mention about what I have been doing for some 20 years on the side – learning various other ways to learn! many have not caught on fast enough. “Accelerated learning” for ex. – facinating. I have been incorporating the precepts within an Achievement Game I’m inventing. All of the various styles of learning are represented and it’s an amalgamation of several dozen other criteria actually. A challenge is raising enough financial support. Any ideas Amy? Years in the making now. Thanks, John

    2. Josie, you may be a Starseed, like myself. When I began to suspect that I was an Indigo Child, I concluded that perhaps not because I came to Earth in 1967. I discovered that I am a Starseed; knowing this has explained so much of my life – now it all makes sense. I encourage you to investigate this for yourself.


  8. i like it when they view them as equals instead of being superior.each person has a unique set of abilities and talents that they should be proud of.For me personally even though i am a Indigo i have issues with the gifted people at my school because the teachers view them as smarter and more capable than a average school person, i hate it when schools do that.

  9. Hi, my name is Indigo. I’m 13. I love this article! I really do feel as if I am an Indigo Child, and not just because my name is Indigo. But, I’m still getting a little adjusted to the label. I do have all of the characteristics and i have ADD and I’m bipolar, and my mom and my other two siblings are also Indigo Children. But its just weird, because my first 9 years of living I felt normal. I felt like I wasn’t weird at all. Of course, I was very intelligent, I could tell the future, and I could pay attention to save my life. But then I realized, I was different.

  10. I feel I am an Indigo but do not identify with the physical characteristics defined on the internet such as blue eyes and indigo aura. I have been diagnosed with “schizophrenia” and was put on meds, which is highly uncool. I identify with all the characteristics of Indigos otherwise. I am a bit aggressive, in that I speak the truth blatantly and no one likes it. I do not like being labeled a “schizophrenic” just because I speak the truth. However, I have always had the feeling that I do not fit in anywhere.

    1. I don’t identify with the blue eyes or aura either. Identifying Indigo Children by our aura is a major misconception and has never been a real thing- you are right! I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis and medication. I have a great deal of compassion for anyone taking medication. It can be a blessing but it is never the whole answer. I hope you focus on self care regardless of labels and diagnoses. You have an important purpose here and your journey will support that even when it’s not pleasant. You fit in here 🙂

  11. The crossing of senses called ‘synesthesia’ is NOT a brain disorder, it it simply a different way of experiencing consciousness. I have many types of synesthesia and am extremely offended when people ignorantly consider cognitive patterns that are unlike their own to be ‘disordered.’ This places a judgement on an experience. If the majority of people had synesthesia, the lack of synesthesia would be considered a ‘disorder.’ Disorder is a relative term, coined by the majority.

  12. Sometimes, for a second, I think I’m better than someone. But then I realize that’s stupid! We may BEHAVE with varying levels of awesomeness and goodness, but that does not change how good WE actually are. I also understand that it can be blissful to succumb to the ego for once, but then you have to own up to it, y’know?

  13. I really love how (despite the misconception the reporter/writer depicted)
    you have calmly disputed how ignorant the person has been, in the true spirit of an Indigo you calmly inform everyone what in fact it’s like to be an Indigo/ what and who Indigo’s actually are.

  14. This was really helpful for me too!
    It’s really hard for me to be typing this because I’m fairly new to this, It’s not the easiest thing to discuss with strangers, but hey, If we’re all here then we must all be like-minded Individuals and Indigos, right?
    I actually feel like an outsider, I’ve recently self-diagnosed myself as an Indigo Child, I’m 20 and all but a few traits apply to me, from a young age of 5-6 I’ve been spiritual but not religious, I feel like I have a purpose and all that stuff too, I feel so isolated and I have no idea how to find and chat to other Indigo’s.


  15. I am not always confident.. in myself anyway.
    I don’t have any allergies, except for the usual pollen allergies. Or animal allergies that I ignore.
    I don’t have a rare blood type, my body temperature is always high, I’m always hot. And my eye color is hazel but I’ve been told differently on some occasions.
    Electricity isn’t affected by me.

    But everything else is definitely me. Am I still indigo?

  16. hey guys. im an indigo child and id like to promote a documentary movie called the secret wich talks about the law of attraction it really helped alot of people just watch it and you’ll know what I mean.

  17. Wow… I have been seeing therapist after therapist my main is “don’t understand the world. And the would doesn’t understand me” I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder which seemed to fit some of my behavioral issues.i have refused meds because i hate how numb i feel when taking them. But THIS is 100% me. Thank you so much….

  18. I’m so glad I stumbled across this! When I was about 4 my mom took my to a psychic because I said thing about seeing ghosts, controlling dreams, ect and the lady told my mom the second we walked in that I was an indigo child. Up until now (I am almost 18) I have just ignored her when she talks about it and thought it was bs, until I did some research that is and realized that I posses all of the traits associated with indigo children. I believe the lady we met was right, I believe I am and indigo child.

  19. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigo

    So Indigo is a color name

    The term “indigo children” originated with parapsychologist and self-described synesthete and psychic Nancy Ann Tappe, who developed the concept in the 1970s. Tappe published the book Understanding Your Life Through Color in 1982 describing the concept,[6] stating that during the mid-1960s she began noticing that many children were being born with “indigo” auras.

    So if it major misconception, then you should name it something else rather than indigo 😀

  20. Thank you ! I tried To post several times and for some reason my IPad has malfunctioned& with my ADHD I’ve already forgot what I typed, but I’m in my thirties and finally feel I’m not crazy .I have sleep paralysis and it scares me . I chose a dark path in my teens .I couldn’t handle at the time the intense feelings of everyone and everything all at once( my severe anxiety/hyper vigilant disorders) . sad or angry I feel electricity leave my body and bulbs go out. Machines break. I feel BS & like a child I always ask why? I have pet crystals and am even allergic to myself. I’m in tears

  21. I had a person tell me a few years ago that I should look into Indigo Children. I thought it might have been because of what I was talking about concerning my children. I now suspect it may have been because I fit all too well the description and have fit it all my life – except one thing – I’m 61 now. I find the irony of that interesting and accept that odd time glitches are pretty normal for me.

  22. indigo children or indigo man, three days ago I heard inidari update my facebook homepage, some friends talking about it.
    child that is different from the other children as I have heard even though I have never know, it has been since the 70’s has done research as I have heard from some website along with unique stories.
    just fill the space my time that was empty of activity and a bit of curiosity.
    after listening to your writing I find that you have a different opinion from the others, their lives are turned out by you are no different from other children.
    so, type or group never existed and if it did exist it means that all of humanity is indigo.
    i’m i right … this far!
    and why you acknowledge its existence, it means that there is clearly a difference

  23. As a 29 year old person diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome I must say I don’t care anymore about this ascension or let alone trying to care about helping humanity. I see it as useless, and as it is I just wanna get outta this “Cestui Que Vui” system one way or another. This Universe is a fake one we created using our divine powers, and as such we should have never created it to experience independence from God. What a bunch of jackasses we all were for deciding this. Heck even my 30th birthday is tomorrow & frankly I don’t give a crap about trying to fix every problem in the world.

  24. What’s the point in caring, I’ve dealt with nothing But experience being treated like crap from people. As an Aspie I am in some form angry about my past and the childhood I deserved. I needed a true father figure and besides my dad is a person with Bipolar disorder. My step dad didn’t make it any easier because he mistreated me during my teen years. A part of me is still angry about all this. I’ve been mistreated & don’t trust most of humanity.

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