I AM the Strategic Action of Mars in Capricorn

view of red planet marsThe long hard climb to the top gets a boast of strength from Mars with his 6 week transit through Capricorn. Mars in myth is known by mainstream understanding as the god of war and known by Indigo Children as an archetype for the action energy that influences our passions and conflicts. The Red Planet as it is often referred represents the youthful fire burning in us all as a call to action. Mars represents our physical prowess including our level of sexual assertiveness. The glyph of Mars is also a familiar symbol to many as it is the symbol for “man” and therefore is also a representation of the masculine sex-drive and genitalia. When prominent in the natal chart this planet emphasizes courage, confidence, and strength. All forms of physical performance from construction work and driving to athleticism and performing surgery fall under the domain of Mars. This planet has rulership in the signs of Aries the ram and Scorpio the scorpion/snake/eagle/dove, and is considered exalted, meaning the planet exerts a powerful influence, in the sign of Capricorn.

atmosphere of mars

*October 26, 2014-December 4, 2014 Mars moves through the sign of Capricorn for the next 6 weeks. Capricorn favors the building of solid structures and despite the pains to get there is always striving for the top of the mountain. Mars here gives a power-up to this climb to the top and assists in the labors of laying a solid foundation to build your goals upon. Do pay attention to events on or around November 10-12th as Mars will be stirring tensions both personally and globally. Be mindful to maintain your strategic action and not destroy what you’ve come to build. Be sure to exert your energy physically through beneficial means, such as exercise, so you do  not see this firey build up explode in unnecessary ways. If you find something in your life falls apart around that timeframe accept it as a cleansing of a structure that wasn’t strong enough to hold the power you carry and then start to build again. Capricorn is the Red Planet’s sign of exaltation and therefore will prove powerful for the next six weeks to whichever “house” Capricorn happens to be on your natal chart. These next six weeks is your time to take strategic action in your life to reach your own mountain top!

Bartolomeu Velho map 1568

Sun and Rising Sign affirmations:

ARIES: I AM the strategic action of my career goals.

TAURUS: I AM the strategic action of expanding and expressing my higher mind.

GEMINI: I AM the strategic action of healing my inner secrets.

CANCER: I AM the strategic action of building a strong relationship.

LEO: I AM the strategic action of my daily health.

VIRGO: I AM the strategic action of my creative/romantic expressions.

LIBRA: I AM the strategic action of my home and family’s structure.

SCORPIO: I AM the strategic action of my networking and communications.

SAGITTARIUS: I AM the strategic action of my earnings.

CAPRICORN: I AM the strategic action of my identity expression.

AQUARIUS: I AM the strategic action of my psychological health.

PISCES: I AM the strategic action for having supportive social circles.

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