Mermaid Tails and Fairy Tales Workshop

Mermaid Tails and Fairy TalesDid you know that worlds of mystery, enchantment and endless surprises exist on land and under the sea? Have you ever wondered or dreamt of the magical places fairies and mermaids play, fly and glide? Let Fairy Paloma and Mermaid Abby guide you on a visionary journey through these enchanted lands and seas, where you get to create whatever you see! Bring to life the worlds you envision and step into your fantasy, transforming into the mythical characters of your most colorful dreams. We invite you to play and let your “imagic-nation” run free with endless possibilities. Together we’ll combine our dream worlds, diving deep to explore the mysterious mermaid’s sea and, fluttering with glee, the land of fairies. The sky’s the limit on what you can conceive…these mythical beings await eagerly!

Fairy Paloma will sprinkle her magical blend of shimmering fairy dust into your hand and guide you through manifesting your heart’s deepest wish. Celebrate afterwards with a winged fairy dance which will make your heart soar. Rest your wings and take the weight off your feet with Mermaid Abby as she shares enchanting stories. Come prepared with all the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask a mermaid like, “What are sharks really like?” or “Can mermaids actually breathe under the sea?” If there is water nearby, you may even be lucky enough to go for a swim with Mermaid Abby herself.

Mermaid Tails and Fairy TalesThe imaginative worlds of fairies and mermaids are so real they are recognized in communities around the world. Acknowledging their elemental magic can help us connect to our inner child and gain fresh perspectives on our relationships and environment. Working together, we can use our imaginations to create heroic communities with a big positive impact where anything is possible.

Accomplished authors and speakers, Fairy Paloma and Mermaid Abby have combined their expertise to create these magical heroic communities as seen in their popular family web series “Mermaid Miracles” and experienced at special events worldwide. Fairy Paloma uses her experience as a clinical psychologist to make dancing through the forest an exercise in self-esteem while Mermaid Abby reminds us that underwater we can use our intuition and feelings to communicate. Whether flying through the tree tops or swimming across a beautiful coral reef, the fairies and mermaids invite us to create the world we imagine.


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  1. I can’t decide which is better: mermaids or fairies, but now I have decided, I like both of them. Especially the mermaid’s tail and jewelry and the fairy’s wings and dresses and looks and accessories

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