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** New Consulting & Coaching programs
are launching soon! **

So you are an Indigo Child, parent of an Indigo Child or can relate to many traits of the Indigo Children.

Now what?

It’s time to seriously evaluate your lifestyle and create an environment in which you can thrive. The video and blog content here is a great resource for you, but, if you would like to get some serious momentum, you may want to consult with Abby directly.

Consulting is a one time, hour-long conversation with Abby in which you can discuss your specific situation and needs.

Abby’s Consulting Client:
• Is someone (or the parent of someone) who relates to the traits of Indigo Children
• Has questions about their personal situation
• Can have the majority of their questions answered in one conversation
• May be looking for a place to start or may be ready to improve life a little more

Yes! That’s me, but I need more…

Abby is now offering a personal coaching program to help you master life as an Indigo Child.

There are two parts to Abby’s coaching process:

1. The Intensive Phase
This is a 6-month phase during which you will have 4 one-on-one coaching sessions per month with Abby. During these sessions, you will work directly with Abby to clarify your goals, identify actions and create a lifestyle in which you can thrive. Some people achieve what they need during this first stage, while others choose to continue to The Maintenance Phase.

2. The Maintenance Phase
This phase is continuing until you have achieved your goals. Your coaching sessions with Abby will be less frequent as you work together to solidify the work you did during The Intensive Phase.

During both phases you will interact with Abby using phone and email to encourage communication and accountability.

Each coaching client is considered individually to address your specific situation. However, the process can generally be divided into three sections:

1. Consciousness
familiarize Abby with your unique situation, current lifestyle and needs
• identify your goals, strengths, challenges and opportunities
• learn more about the who and why of Indigo Children and how that may be understood in your life

2. Participation
action toward a lifestyle in which you can thrive
• communicate productively
• boundaries established within which you can succeed
• accountability without judgment

3. Achievement
goals realized
• application of new skills
• lifestyle established as a foundation to continued growth


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7 thoughts on “Consulting and Coaching with Abby

    1. I’m glad you found us here 🙂 Hopefully the content we are creating helps you not to feel so lost. But you are always welcome to send a message if you’d like to connect directly as well.

  1. I am a mexican Indigo teen and is awesome,I love the way I am but I had been very sad this days because is very hard to me to talk to new people is very awkward to me, I am to shy and I am always alone and this makes me a little sad because i watch all the people around me and all of them use to have more “social life” and is a little hard to be the way I am.
    I am 15 years old and I am the only one of all the people I know that it dosnt had have a Girlfriend or a really best friend and this makes me sad but the truth is that I really would like to find something that thinks just like me but I dont really know if I will find him or her maybe I do maybe not.
    This is what really makes me feel sad I dont realy feel I am loved for someone,dont even my family,and love to each other is the only thing that really matters on this life,and I dont know if i will find it some day.
    sorry if i have some mistakes but I usually speak spanish and I am still learning English.

    1. I completely understand and have heard of similar experiences from many Indigo Children. As individuals, we are deeply lonely. It makes me sad to see other people being loved in ways that never seem possible for me. A big part of that is being understood. When I began meeting other Indigo Children online and then in person, I experienced an understanding along with love that has been very fulfilling. I still crave to be loved in the other ways you mentioned, but it’s not so lonely now. I have also come to realize that many of those relationships I used to wish I had would not have been fulfilling for me. As Indigo Children, we love big and deep and vast. It’s incredible, but overwhelming for someone who doesn’t love that way themselves. I hope you keep loving other people and know that you are very loved and understood by your fellow Indigo Children.

  2. I can not believe that this is the first time i am hearing of this. I spend a lot of time researching and trying to connect with people to figure out what is wrong with me, why i experience the things i do and just why i am the way i am. I am in total shock at the moment, I just went down through the list of traits and i am 100% convinced that i carry every single one of them. I am very interested in learning more about indigo and i am even more interested in learning what this might have to offer me. It really seems to good to be true. I mean, could this really be the answer i been seeking for, for so long?

    1. I’m so glad you found yourself here! It sounds like you’re ready to hear about this information. I truly believe the answers are within our lifestyle. If there is anything I can do to help you on your path you definitely have my support.

  3. I was an unknowing Indigo, (didn’t even know what it was until this year) until I had the awakening. It was scary and I didnt know what was happening. I suddenly had all this information in my head that makes scary sence (even to spiritual people, of which I was not). I went from agnostic to spiritual, from living an ordinary life to doing excercises, meditation, yoga, learning new languages and skills and being 100% productive. Life has gotten better now I know I am an Indigo, just wish there was someone to physically speak too. Where can I go to find more Indigos ?

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