I AM The Roar Of The Leo Full Moon

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The Leo full moon can mean only one thing… we are already in Aquarius season! Leo is the opposite sign on the chart wheel to Aquarius and since in order to have a full moon the sun and moon must be 180 degrees away from one another, then when the sun is in Aquarius there must be a full moon in Leo.

Full moons are fascinating and just like young children, Indigo Children are highly sensitive to this fully illuminated goddess symbol of the night. The moon is symbolic for our emotional and habitual natures. Just as the moon pulls the tides, so too does the moon pull on our water essence, otherwise known as our emotions and instinctual behaviors. When sensitivities are high people are often agitated and that often leads to an increase in hospital visits, criminal activity, and irritated parents trying to get their littles that are bouncing off the walls to bed. The remark is often made flippantly, “It must be a full moon.” If you ask anyone in the crisis worker field such as ER nurses, police officers, and mental health professionals they will confirm that statistically their intake numbers are always higher around a full moon. Therefore it is supported that emotional behaviors of many are heightened and the night is charged with a stronger energy than during other moon phase times. This heightened emotional connection is attributed to the large amount of negative ions reaching earth from the moon by way of the 180 degree opposition to the sun, in other words when the math is right the sunlight reflecting off the moon increases the negative ions in our atmosphere which provides us with a positive charge during the night and therefore more energy.

The right brained creative and feeling natured force of womanhood is what the moon rules, yet not only women and the mother archetype, but also the entire population. The lunar cycle is one of 28.5 days, the same as a healthy menstrual cycle which occurs on a mo(o)nthly basis. The moon’s phases in a month’s time cycle from new to quarter to full to quarter to new. When we align with this natural cycle we operate with more ease than when we ignore such cycles. Some moons are kinder than others in our perceptual experience and we have to take into consideration the planetary placements as a whole when we reflect what’s occurring in our internal and external lives.

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*This February 3, 2015 Leo full moon occurs at 6:09pm EDT and is definitely charged up and ready to shine! And if you happen to be one of the multimillion viewers of the Super Bowl 2 days ago you may have noticed the ritual practice of stirring up this full moon energy during the halftime show (but that’s entirely other post).

Leo energy is of the fire element dealing with inspiration, warmth, creativity, and occasional burns. This is the sign ruled by the sun and therefore shines for all the world to see. Gold is the metal of Leo and with applause this sign shares the wealth. When we add Leo energy to the lunar or shadow side of life we find the tides pulling on emotional pride, creative generosity, and a desire to play. Dramatic emotional expressions in romance or for potential fits may be prominent.

This full moon engages several other planetary players with a close connection to Jupiter which is retrograde in Leo. So ask yourself, are you abundantly fulfilled in your creative and emotional life? The moon makes a harmonious connection to Uranus a few hours prior to being exactly opposite the sun. Uranus is also in conjunction with the south node (an invisible yet important point) suggesting that we are supported in breaking free from our emotional past allowing us release from our binding shadows that block our abundance.

Mercury is still retrograde in Aquarius until February 11, 2015 so be mindful of your thoughts and words and be flexible when engaging with all forms of communication. Revisit brilliant ideas that have been sitting and connect with liked minded groups for support. Venus and Neptune are close together in Pisces opening up visions of love past and assisting us in seeing through the artist’s eye. Mars is also swimming in Pisces waters and softening his bravado to a fight with love motto. Saturn is still in the early degrees of Sagittarius reminding us to focus and work hard on the quest for our truth. Pluto sits at 14 degrees Capricorn awaiting for Uranus in Aries to move 1 degree forward and set off their continued battle once again come February 20, 2015. What challenges do you need to shake up, break free from and transform to evolve your life to your next level of experience?

leo full moon, indigo children, roar

Roar yourself free under this Leo full moon this evening and present proudly to the world, or more importantly to yourself, the creative and confident reflection of sunlight that you are!

ARIES: I AM the roar of my childlike openness.

TAURUS: I AM the roar of my protective roots.

GEMINI: I AM the roar of my curious communications.

CANCER: I AM the roar of my appreciated self-worth.

LEO: I AM the roar of my confidence and integrity.

VIRGO: I AM the roar of inner healing and peace.

LIBRA: I AM the roar of my future ideals.

SCORPIO: I AM the roar of my career success.

SAGITTARIUS: I AM the roar of my own adventure.

CAPRICORN: I AM the roar of intimacy.

AQUARIUS: I AM the roar of my relationships.

PISCES: I AM the roar of creative improvement.

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