I AM The Renewal for the year 2015

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Happy New Year Indigo Children! Now that the crazy 2014 ride is coming to an end with our head spinning, neck sore, vision blurred, and heart beating strangely we can’t help but think, “WTF just happened there?!” Well a string of awesome and insane planetary math is what happened! And just as you think your lap bar will lift and you can safely exit the ride a cackling voice comes over the intercom, “Keep your hands and arms inside” because we are off for more twists and turns as 2015 kicks off. The good news is the ride is a little different from the last year of twists and turns, however this year the ride takes on new thrills and chills with some revisits of a few sharp corners you took last year. And since life doesn’t end on New Year’s Eve and then begin again when the 3D clock strikes 12 o’clock a renewal of the Indigo Children spirit is in store.

Saturn, Astrology, 2015 horoscope, Heather Renae Horton
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Indigo Children are quite sensitive to planetary transits and can feel the swift kick of Uranus and Pluto in hard alignment with one another or can feel inspired by the warrior transit of Mars at just the right time. 2014 was a dark night for the soul for many with Saturn’s transit through Scorpio. Many Indigo Children were born when Saturn was in Scorpio during late 1982 through the fall of 1985 and experienced 2014 with more setbacks than expected. The Indigo Children born November and December of 1985 are going to get their first taste of their Saturn Return as 2015 begins. Then come September of 2015 Saturn officially moves into Sagittarius and those born between November of 1985 and December of 1986 will feel this shift in their lives strongly. If you were born in February, March, October, or November of 1985 you will still feel one more visit by Saturn in Scorpio during 2015. With this energy, that which no longer serves your soul’s purpose is ended so you can renew your bones and strengthen your structure for the purpose you are here to fulfill. Dutiful, responsible and humble hard work will prove well as you reap what you sew. Whichever house Sagittarius occupies on your birth chart is where you will want to cut the fat, so to speak. You will want to focus your aim to a realistic goal and work diligently and deliberately to achieve that goal over the next 2 to 3 years. If you sew well during this timeframe you’ll reap well.

Astrology, horoscopes, 2015, Heather Renae Horton
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*2015 -the year ahead & affirmations January kicks off with some strong warrior energy, if ever you were going to renew your climb up the mountain of achievement now is a great time for an extra boost of energy!

CAPRICORN: I AM the renewal of my power, perception and pleasure.

February ends with commitment. If Valentine’s was uneventful then maybe two weeks later will show you why the wait was worth it! Just mind your ego, it can be a block to the romance in the air if you let it.

AQUARIUS: I AM the renewal of the inner creative warrior.

March is an up and down month. Right when you think you are enjoying yourself, you’re not, but then you are, but then things get hard, but then you think you’re confused because it all seems surreal and then really real.

PISCES: I AM the renewal of my daily intuitions and healings.

April also has a little beginning bump but is overall moving along nicely. You may find you change your mind and know more than you should which mid-month creates an isolated feeling, but then after an energy boost your mind is strong and perceptions clear, even if no one agrees with you.

ARIES: I AM the surprise renewal of commitment to conquer for others.

May is a little too much a good thing to start and that may lead to mid-month conflict about what you stand for. Love, money and ego are up for challenge later in the month. Remember this is a year to renew your basic structure for endurance and strength rather than immediate gratification.

TAURUS: I AM the renewal of emotional intimacy.

June restores whatever flowers were plucked in May. You can find energy and excitement later in the month even if you feel foggy a day or two.

GEMINI: I AM the renewal of my wisdom faith.

July is a hot month, not just literally for the northern hemisphere but figuratively with the planetary transits. There will be pleasure, passion, opposition, transition, surprises, heartache, conflict, wisdom, and bravery abound.

CANCER: I AM the renewal of my powerful image.

August starts off a little uncomfortable when the reality of extensive pleasure creeps in, but strength for thinking positive wins out even when you have a headache. Mid-month big ideas and daydreams are worth noting and a surprising turn of events may have you more productive than expected. Do rest when you feel you can go no more because at months end another boost of will may help you along your way if you are rested and ready.

LEO: I AM the renewal of abundance and good fortune for the future.

September has many planetary aspects to inspire the imagination and passions. If you are a creative type this is a great month to keep working and manifesting your ideas. Late in the month a headache or outburst will prove to you that either working too hard or ignoring your work altogether may come with a price, but a stiff drink or some good rest will prove worth how far you’ve come this month.

VIRGO: I AM the renewal of my psychological peace.

October is a little cranky with power struggles, misleading efforts, financial and romantic setbacks, and some miscommunications that some see reward and others punishment. Hopefully the moments of romantic and creative opportunity outweigh any hiccups you experience this month.

LIBRA: I AM the renewal of my personal bliss.

November begins on the quieter side with a little passion and dreamy ideas. The ideas around love and money get put in check with possible obsessions and surprises. Thoughts and communications may turn sour and mislead as the month closes.

SCORPIO: I AM the renewal of my self-worth and values.

December ramps up the thoughts and feelings of anger and outbursts until a few surprises change the course. With the course change and release of pent up tension a little romance and over indulgence enters the scene. The holiday time comes with more jolly communications and positive thinking.

SAGITTARIUS: I AM the renewal of respectful communications.

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