I AM the order above the eclipse chaos

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What is normal for the spider is chaos to the fly.

The world has reflected back to us just how chaotic and potent eclipse season can be with change, fear, confusion, and doubts. Indigo Children are sensitive to this cosmic and worldly chaos and may find that it is during these times that the warrior spirit within is awakened. When the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual order of the Indigo Child is strengthened the chaos of the outer world cannot penetrate their auric shield.

Eclipses act as wild cards and this year the eclipses begin to shift from the Scorpio/Taurus axis dealing with value and resources to the Libra/Aries axis dealing with dependence and independence. The ancients viewed eclipses as omens for leaders and their territories where the eclipse is visible. Lunar eclipses were thought of as a porthole for dark energies to enter the earthly plane while solar eclipses act as safety valves releasing the darkness back into the cosmos. On October 8th the full moon lunar eclipse was in the warrior sign of Aries and energized our Indigo Child warrior spirits reminding us to stand tall in our independence and fight the good fight for our freedoms from oppressions, literal or figurative.

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*On October 23, 2014 a powerful new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio occurs at 5:57pm visible over parts of North America. Scorpio is the sign with x-ray vision seeing into the depths of matters well below the surface value. This sign reveals the emotional darkness and vulnerabilities stirring inside each and every one of us and then assists us in the purging of these shadows of chaos and strengthens us to emerge from the shadows with our own order once again. This solar eclipse occurs exactly 10 hours after the sun leaves Libra and moves into Scorpio. Venus also makes the shift to Scorpio from Libra just 65 minutes prior to the eclipse therefore deep soul attachments around love and money are center stage. It is likely the ball started rolling in connection to this placement many weeks ago and the affects will be felt for months to come. Where 0 degrees Scorpio is on your natal chart will indicate where in your life you are strengthened to a new order rising above the chaos you previously felt.

Sun & Rising Sign Affirmations:

ARIES: I AM the order above my secrets.

TAURUS: I AM the order within my relationship.

GEMINI: I AM the order of my daily life.

CANCER: I AM the order of my inner child.

LEO: I AM the order of my home life.

VIRGO: I AM the order of my communications.

LIBRA: I AM the order of my financial and self-worth.

SCOPRIO: I AM the order of my independence.

SAGITTARIUS: I AM the order of my psyche.

CAPRICORN: I AM the order of my future.

AQUARIUS: I AM the order of my career path.

PISCES: I AM the order of my beliefs.

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