Mercury Retrograde: June 7-July 1, 2014

image (16)I'd give you Indigo Children a heads up on this, but in good Mercury Retrograde fashion I'm posting a few days late... we'll call it a misunderstanding.

Mercury is symbolic of our mental and mechanical nature, you know, it reflects how we think, speak, write, move in body language, etc.  This includes mechanical communications in the form of emails, faxes, texts, even your car's internal communication of how one part communicates with another to make it run properly, and any contracts you may be signing (don't judge my typos).

Mercury is the true synthesis between our sun sign, or the ego self being the sense we have of separation identity, and the rest of our intricate parts from love, passion, fear, strength, insight, spirituality, and emotions.

When Mercury, the zippity quick messenger of the gods, appears to reverse course in retrograde motion we can't help but notice this cycle in the collective consciousness as misunderstandings, communication breakdowns, and pure frustration that our modern technologies lock up on us.  But unlike as so many may portray, this doesn't have to be a cycle to be feared, after all Mercury is quick and retrogrades about three times a year for about three weeks at a time, and we all can't just stop communicating all together during those times.  But what we can do is be mindful of these cycles and go along them rather than fight or fear them.

Tips for Mercury Retrograde cycles:

*Sloooow down; take time to really think before you speak.

*Have patience; if Mercury rules the communications within technology and your app is running slow, it's probably wisest not to get frustrated and throw the device.

*Read the fine print; because really you should read it anyway and there may be a typo there that matters in the long run.

*Listen with intent; another because you really should anyway, and because the sender's info may get cross-wired upon delivery.

*Back up your devices; there tends to be an increase in mechanical breakdowns during Mercury Retrograde cycles.

*Be prepared to repeat; things initiated now may come back around in a couple months and require a redo.

*Dust off some old ideas; revisit writings or mechanical projects you may have put aside as you might just finish them now.

*Watch out for those Geminis & Virgos; they're in rare form during their planetary ruler's retrograde cycles.

*Laugh & Be Happy; because no matter the communication mishap, you already know Mercury is retrograde, so why fuss over spilled milk?!

image (17)Heather Renae Horton, of Indigo Life Designs is a Jungian Life Coach, astrologer, & radio show host.   She works with clients around the world by phone or in-person in select areas.  You can listen to her live on PLANET SOUL every Friday at 12noon eastern.

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