I AM the Knowledge of the Aquarius Sun

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Know thyself, and thou shalt know the Universe and God.

- Pythagoras

Happy Birthday Aquarius! The sun in Aquarius is an annual transit from January 20 through February 18 (give or take a day depending on the year) marking our fixed air time of year. Aquarius is one of four fixed signs indicating a nature that holds steady to beliefs and opinions and is self-regenerating in energy. Aquarius is one of three air signs indicating an active mind and intellect with a keen imagination and useful inventiveness. I KNOW is the key phrase for this unconventional sign that favors the rebellion of the old order for the benefit of humanity that brings forth inventiveness. This energy is for the sharing the knowledge of the past in order to create the future. Eccentric and odd with a detached way of connecting to others allows for this sign to express hopes and wishes for humanity’s well-being without being isolated into selfish desires.

Aquarius dominant types (those with the sun, moon, or ascendant in Aquarius or those with strong Uranus or eleventh house planetary placements) find going against the norm the more pleasant way to be in this world, as do most Indigo Children, rather than working against themselves by trying to follow the mainstream norm. While those that have Aquarius dominant energy understand this they do often find a lack of confidence emerge when the outside world tries to box them into a mainstream ideal. The spiritual goal of these Indigo Children is self-confidence through the acceptance of self. This acceptance may be found through self-actualization journeys that often attract the Aquarian to such subjects as Astrology.

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photo by: NASA.gov

*January 20, 2015 4:44am edt the sun entered Aquarius followed by the moon’s entrance to the sign at 7:59am edt and the new moon in Aquarius forming at 8:14am edt. This is the day for setting your new intentions that support the Aquarius goals of future oriented humanitarian efforts that rebel against the outworn structures in order to support a new form of higher knowledge to the world.

Mercury, also in Aquarius, will spend the entire Aquarius season in retrograde. It is important that while you are setting your intentions that you are mindful of Mercury’s retrograde motion and align your intentions with inventive ideas you’ve had in the past that you want to revive to bring to completion during this next month.

Venus will make her move into Pisces on the 28th reminding us that romance from the past is not buried and may be healed on the soul level when we slow down and release our attachments to pains.

Mars will remain in Pisces the entire Aquarius sun transit also reminding us that passion is best expressed in the non-physical forms through music, lyrics, poetry, and colors. Using your action energy for meditation is favored rather than expressing Mars through the passive-aggressive distortions from the ebbing and flowing waters of Pisces.

Jupiter remains retrograde in Leo reminding us to look within ourselves for our good fortunes and take pride in humble expressions of love and adoration.

Saturn continues the slow pace in the sign of the race Sagittarius symbolizing the steady pace and focus will manifest greater results than the explosive hot air of inspirations that burns out quickly without proper care.

Uranus in Aries has caught back up with Pluto in Capricorn setting off the square of the people’s independence versus the obsessive oligarchy control. This energy has been building for a few years now and will further electrify a transformation as we move into Aries season.

Neptune in Pisces enhances our spiritual connectedness and reminds us that this is all an illusion and through physical release of possessions and practices of meditation comes true peace.

indigo children, uranus, astrology, aquarius
photo by: NASA.gov

**The sun in Aquarius affirmations for the month Jan 20-Feb 18: (read your sun & rising sign)

ARIES: I AM the knowledge of hope for the future.

TAURUS: I AM the knowledge of professional success.

GEMINI: I AM the knowledge of the higher mind.

CANCER: I AM the knowledge of regeneration.

LEO: I AM the knowledge of harmonious partnership.

VIRGO: I AM the knowledge of the service to my health.

LIBRA: I AM the knowledge of my creative expressions.

SCORPIO: I AM the knowledge of my home and family connection.

SAGITTARIUS: I AM the knowledge of my communications.

CAPRICORN: I AM the knowledge of my self-worth.

AQUARIUS: I AM the knowledge of my self-confidence.

PISCES: I AM the knowledge of my higher consciousness.

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