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Incarnated Angel Taylor Indigo ChildrenBeing a sensitive person can be such a blessing. Sensitive people, like Indigo Children, possess knowledge and understanding of all that occurs around us. However, as beautiful as it may be, being a sensitive person sometimes means having a sensitive body as well. Our bodies contain so much knowledge, so much soul, that they couldn’t possibly run at 100%. (And let’s face it, being bigger than our body is kind of AWESOME). But as far as pain and discomfort goes, symptoms can be less than stellar. That’s why I’m here. My name is Taylor. Or “The Famous Angel” as Abby likes to so graciously put it. I am a food and nutrition NUT! And I adore alternative medicine. I personally do not believe that medicating your problems will make them go away, but instead simply mask the problem and possibly bring new problems to the surface. I am all about the true healing of the body. This is what I will write about. But first, I’ll share my story, so that it can be fully understood where I am coming from.

When I was 20 years old I began to experience lower abdominal pain that no doctor could explain. They just kept giving me medication for bladder infections and UTI’s and whatever else they could possibly think was the culprit. None of the medications did anything, except cause nausea. A year passed and the horrible pains continued to worsen. It was very hard on me being so young and not understanding what was happening to me. Finally a doctor in Los Angeles diagnosed me (after heavily medicating me with a drug called nitrofurantoin, or macrobid for short) with a condition called Interstitial Cystitis. A bladder disease. A chronic pain disorder with no cure. After about 2 months of treatment they decided they wanted to put me on a medication called Elmiron. A drug that could possibly make my hair fall out and make it difficult for me to sit or stand, but my bladder might feel better. I decided to quit all treatments and go at it alone. Searching for ways to feel better and documenting my progress with vlogs, I stand here today, helping people the way I helped myself rid the pain and live a normal life.

So now the fun part, your diagnosis:

Indigo Children:  ADD/ADHD, Depression, Mental illness, Chemical imbalance.

Incarnated Angels:  Gynecological problems. Over weight. Depression. Addictive personalities.

Elementals:  Tend to be healthy. Weak Bodies and Immune Systems.

Crystal Children:  Neurotoxins. Digestive Issues. Weakened Immune System. Autism. Jaundice. Etc.

Rainbow Children:  Same as Crystal Children.

Wise Ones:  Similar to Incarnated Angel Symptoms.

Do any of these resonate with you? In my research I have found that many symptoms correlate to each branch of our spiritual army. Some of these are even reversible by ridding the body of heavy metals and toxins (especially in Crystal/Rainbow/Indigo Children).

But how do you detox? Through Mother Earth of course. She so graciously gives us all the medicine we need to live a long healthy life, granted we avoid vaccines and pills full of chemical poison. Fruit, vegetables, sunshine and dirt. Vitamins and minerals that allow us to vibrate at our highest frequency, so we may continue on our path to make this world a better place. I look forward to the journey we are about to begin together. Get ready to have your body rocked!

Until next time,

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Taylor Carr

About Taylor Carr

Taylor Angel is avid about her own personal health and loves exploring the benefits of nutrition especially for sensitive folks like Indigo Children.

6 thoughts on “Indigo Children Health and Nutrition with Taylor Angel

  1. Hey Taylor – I know for a fact I’m part of the Incarnated Angels:, I would like your feedback on my nutrition and health. I have been putting together a master doc for my nutrition plan, and would be even be willing to pay you for your time!

    1. Hi Devin! So glad you enjoyed the articles. I’m so looking forward to talking to you. I saw you on my twitter page and private messaged you there!

      Taylor Angel

  2. Hey taylor. i just wanted to be pen pals with you, you’re the only other incarnate angel i know of. First things first, i am an incarnated mystic angel.

  3. Taylor I just discovered that I’m an angel, it all makes sense now! I don’t know why I’ve been chosen or what I’m going to do but I do know in going to help people and make the world a better place. Every day! Omg do u have wings too?? They see so awesomeeee. Hope to hear back from ya, but if not bless your heart and hope to fly 0=]

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