Indigo Child: Tristan Montoya

Indigo Child Tristan MontoyaName: Tristan Montoya
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Location:Washington, D.C.

Indigo Children talk a lot about this idea of awakening.  Tristan Montoya is an Indigo Child whose purpose is to help people with their awakening experience.  That may sound all warm and fuzzy, but when your whole life is crashing down around you, waking up can be a difficult experience.  Indigo Children are notorious for being horrible employees and even poor students.  We are built to be poor system busters and good system builders.  Most of us try to fit in and abide by the systems we’re here to change.  But ultimately we’re destined to wake up and fulfill our purpose as warriors for what’s right.  I wish Tristan was around to help me go through my awakening.  The path of an Indigo Child is definitely a rocky one at times.

Why do you think Indigo Children are here?
tm: Indigo Children are here, or have incarnated, to break genetic and social programming, to remind us of our divinity, and to restore harmony in the world and within individuals living on this planet. Indigo Children are spiritual warriors and feel as if they’ve been given a mission to wake people up and help them “fight the good fight.”

How did you discover you are an Indigo Child?
tm: I’ve always felt different and have had trouble fitting into any one group. I disguised my social anxiety in my teens and twenties by partying and experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Eventually, this created an identity crisis in my life which resulted in several years of depression, but much needed inner exploration and introspection.

I experienced a spiritual awakening in November 2009 and out of that life-changing event was born a deep desire to find my people. I kept telling my family I had to find my people—those like me—but I did not yet know what that meant or who they were. Thank God for the internet and YouTube which allowed me to do research and learn about Indigo Children. Once I watched “Who are the Starseed Indigos” I knew I was one of them. It described me to a ’T’.

Indigo Child Tristan Montoya Do you know other Indigo Children?
tm: I’ve met and have befriended lots of spiritual types, but none have come out and said, ‘I’m an Indigo Child.’ Only recently have I met one other in person who describes himself as an Indigo Child. I met him through the Meetup group I created called ‘Spiritual Warriors,’ in which I chose ‘Indigos’ as a keyword in the search so that others may find me.

The other Indigo Children I’ve met have been online through the Facebook group Indigo, allowing me to get to know many more like me in a supportive and friendly community.

What is your favorite part about being an Indigo Child?
tm: I love that I’m able to tap into the magic of life that others don’t seem to notice. Synchronicity seems to happen to me at an alarming rate sometimes, and helping hands have come to my aid more times than I care to mention. I love that I’m very intuitive and can often sense or visualize future events. My life feels guided and purposeful, and when I surrender to my mission and accept what I am and why I’m here, I get into a flow. I love being in this flow. This is the magic I’m speaking about.

What is the hardest part?
tm: The loneliness and feelings of not belonging are the hardest part. I can’t help but feel different. I don’t understand society, how it’s organized, and people’s destructive behavior sometimes. It leaves me feeling isolated and disillusioned. I’ve succumbed to depression for years at a time, not to mention other vices and self-sabotaging behavior.

What Indigo gifts do you practice?
tm: I learned and began practicing my own brand of Energy Healing last year on the island of Ibiza. It came quite naturally to me and those who received sessions reported amazing results.

I feel Indigo Children, like myself, have an unusually high amount of emotional intelligence. We can feel others’ emotions and often know how to allow for healing in that person—through our interacting with them—or by doing work on ourselves. We know that as we heal ourselves the whole world begins to heal on an emotional, psychological, and spiritual level. Sometimes we are the catalyst in another’s healing, though that person (and ourselves) may not fully realize it.

Do you know what your purpose is yet?
tm: Yes, I do. I’ve been steadfastly searching for it since I was a teenager. After many years, many careers, and much investigating, I finally got some insight into my purpose upon having a spiritual awakening. I then began to ask myself, “How can I be of service to others?”

The answer the universe had for me is to help others deal with their own spiritual transformations and the ‘dark night of the soul’ that inevitably comes to pass in our awakening process.

I’ve since enrolled in a 1-year training program to become an Integrative Life Coach through The Ford Institute, which deals with integrating the ‘shadow self’ and the disowned aspects of ourselves. This approach to wholeness and integration brings peace to those who feel tormented and allows one to fulfill one’s life purpose, I believe.

I’ve also created my own website: I love having the chance to connect with others and to offer them support and any guidance I've gleaned, which is all based on my own personal experiences and the turmoil I went through. My hope for the site is that it helps others feel that they’re not alone in this journey, and that there are others like them.

Indigo Child Tristan Montoya What advice do you have for other Indigo Children?
tm: Don’t suffer alone. After or during your inevitable spiritual transformation, try to find a supportive community of kind, like-minded souls who will assist in your growth.

I also believe that our life’s purpose will be fulfilled when we find a way to give back using our God-given gifts. Find a way to give back and help others while using and developing your spiritual gifts.

What advice do you have for people who are not Indigo Children?
tm: Think with your heart, not your head. Your heart will tell you that we’re much more alike than different. Your head will only try to find our differences, and will most likely cause you to condemn others for their uniqueness. Compassion heals those heavy judgments. Look upon others with compassion and see that they’re just doing the best they know how to do. Bless them and wish them luck. Life is hard enough without us making it harder for others trying to find their way.

Thank you, Tristan!
Wide awake...

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  1. I cried when I read this because from the time I was little I have always known I was different and what you said in this article was honestly my eye opener I know I am am indigo child

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