Indigo Child: Nikola Dejanovic

Indigo Child NikolaName: Nikola Dejanovic
Sun Sign: Libra
Location: Serbia

My friend Jeremiah was given an assignment in kindergarten to draw a straight line to show he understood the concept of “flat.” Jeremiah drew a person being run over by a steamroller and got in trouble for messing up the assignment.  I was reminded of that story when I heard from Indigo Child Nikola Dejanovic recently.  Instead of answering the questions from my interview series, he came back with something quite different.  But, unlike Jeremiah’s kindergarten teacher, I love it when I get something even better than I originally asked for.

Indigo child feeding pigeonnd: First of all I must tell you a story about Indigo creations. These are hybrid creatures, who came into this world of reason. In the beginning was nothing, nothing that we necessarily understood as matter. There is another kind of creation of banks, which our senses can not recognize (antimatter). Creator decided to create the world and matter. In the beginning there was darkness and there is no light we see today. Creator is an idea that was unlimited and stunning, an idea that did not have a clear shape. Then the designer decided to create a kind of map, archetype and a blue-print, network reality, the matrix of laws by which the world that it exists. There its infinite energy, making it a arhitipnu creation energy and the law, the mental world, where the world was created only on a mental level and in the form of ideas. He later made a matrix grid, energy structure, where the creation received its shape slowly. In this created world, and his grace dbrota was huge, so it did not have mercy for the power to manifest itself as a law. He had to create a fire, which will share the role of laws and a strong force to transfer his word and will. Now it was ready for creation manifest, and the first form of creation. These laws are slowly creating regulations and determine, laws and levels of existence, one of these levels of existence, our astral world, is also one of those levels of existence, our material world. The astral world is a higher dimension, and the energy density is different from the level of our material world in which we are prevented from seeing the energy with the naked eye. The astral world is the world of creation, where creation of any impact on our material world, practically to the same world only because of the energy density, we see as the difference, a different filter views. Many occult masters and spiritual teachers, spiritualists, they created the world, our material world, from the astral planes.

muscular man with beardAstral plan allows the creation of networks, power grids, which creates the world down here, the network that creates laws in our material world. These are great creations at the astral level, astral machines, such as the one of which our galaxy and our solar system. Perfectly designed machine that has the astral many levels of existence, reality, the matrix, in which we live today. We in the material world we see things like stars and planets, while these things in the astral and higher level of existence, a kind of minds and beings that our minds can not comprehend and discover down here, but we feel their influence on our lives. Our closest source of energy is the sun, we are replications of our energy sources, and with time, the sun is perceived and its transformation, we will experience a transformation of our mind, body and soul as well. Stars experience their transformation, they can grow into giants, can turn into neutron stars or black holes, and thus, their purpose to be different and to design a different kind of energy. Indigo Children are the creation of dark stars, what our sun will become a time when you expect a transformation. Indigo Children are the souls who come from different parts of our universe. These are the creations of his new message for the world, new types of creatures that will replace the old seeds of life, a new kind of evolution. These are hybrid creatures, emerged as being the first of a new era, a new page in the book of life. These creatures are not related to the sun as the source of all other creatures on earth, its source is a neutron star, which is near our solar system, and which has the form of an angel that is not known human beliefs on Earth. That level is where it will be a deeper level of the astral, and it is difficult to know this will be, unless you Indigo Child or another type of hybrid creatures, such as Crystal Child, Rainbow Child, Diamond Child. I was born as a hybrid being, I can say that my character is the character most suitable Diamond Child, but eventually I realized several forms of creation and now my body has mutated and has all kinds of designs and shapes to me. Indigo Children and other hybrid creatures are here to create a new energy grid matrix of reality, and to raise awareness to a higher level.

Thank you, Nikola!
Wide awake…

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