Indigo Child: Hailey Carr

Indigo Child Hailey CarrName: Hailey Kristina Carr
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Location: Palm Desert, CA

The United States has been making monumental legislative decisions about the human rights of LGBT citizens recently. Hearing the news and debates surrounding this topic, I think about how reminiscent this is of the Civil Rights Movement from the 60s. Then my mind inevitably drifts to the future where I wonder what human rights I may fight for as a sensitive citizen. Indigo Child Hailey Carr is fighting for her rights as both a sensitive and LGBT person- “World War III” she calls it. Indigo Children worldwide are joining Hailey in the fight to be themselves and live consciously. Every time I see Hailey ecstatically dancing, I know we are winning.

Why do you think Indigo Children are here?
hc: Indigo children are here for many different reasons. We serve in life where we are needed. We are warriors of the present and many previous lives before this one. We are the fat bouncers at the front door of Club World War III.

How did you discover you are an Indigo Child?
hc: As a child my mother always told me that she believed I was a "Star Child" or "Indigo Child" but I never quite understood what that meant. I knew it meant I was special but, as a very skeptical child, I figured she was telling me this because I am her daughter and those are the types of things you say to kids. I never gave it much consideration. Farther down the line growing up, I started having an abnormal amount déjà vu, could feel others emotional energy the moment I stepped into a room, and sometimes I was able to see their auras. It would always slightly nauseate me. And then, around the age of twelve, I really started to have an inner connection with the moon, the sun and the stars, the air surrounding me, the earth I walk on and the water I heal in. I truly felt like I could embrace and understand the universe and Mother Nature’s gifts better than others. After losing touch spiritually for a short while, I realized that my life is so empty that way, so I began to practice my spirituality again. My older sister gave me the Indigo Children book my senior year in high school while I was dealing with an inner-struggle. I already knew before reading too much of the book that this was who I am. It was such a warm sensation to know that there are others out there like myself and that I truly do have a purpose beyond that of what many others are willing to accept within themselves.

Indigo Child with flowersDo you know other Indigo Children?
hc: I do know many other Indigo Children and can usually tell when I am introduced to an Indigo Child right off the bat. Thanks to my sister, Taylor Carr, and friend, Abby Oliver, I now have friends like me!

What is your favorite part about being an Indigo Child?
hc: Connection. But sometimes the connections can become overwhelming.

What is the hardest part?
hc: The hardest part is when it consumes you and nobody seems to understand a thought in your mind. It can drive you to a nomadic state of mind.

What Indigo gifts do you practice?
hc: I practice tarot, energy, aura and heart readings. I also am a beginning learner of Chi. I try to practice discipline within myself. I dance to feel connected to the universe. And I am a multi-dimensional amateur philosopher.

Do you know what your purpose is yet?
hc: Maybe not the answer anyone's looking for, but right now my purpose is to live on life's terms and enjoy the days that are presented to me every morning (of course topped off with a mindful vision of success to come shortly down the road).

Indigo child looking at venice beachWhat advice do you have for other Indigo Children?
hc: Don't lose yourself. Be exactly who you are. And never let anyone have too much influence on you. Also, remain casual and balanced. We can throw ourselves out of whack very quickly. But always, ALWAYS be spontaneous and outrageous.

What advice do you have for people who are not Indigo Children?
hc: I think the most important thing for anyone, outside of the Indigo Children family is to always keep an open mind and remain level. It's also important to not let life drag you in the dumps. Get out and do things that put you on a ledge, feel the thrills of life, and take everything in life for granted and nothing at all.

Thank you, Hailey!
Wide awake…

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5 thoughts on “Indigo Child: Hailey Carr

  1. I came out of the closet as an indigo, mystic, and artist 3 years ago when i quit my job as a teacher and youth minister to build treehouses. I own a house in Tacoma, hotel indigo, and acreage on the Puget sound, the experience earth project. My blog is every moment holy every inch beloved at blogspot. Talk to me. We have acquired a 185 acre refugee for indigos near mt. St. Helens. I’m gonna change the way people relate to each other and to the mother.

    1. 😮 I didn’t know that “Hotel Indigo” was a thing. Bless you! Doing research now. Does your hotel avoid strong chemicals and fragrances? I haven’t been able to survive in a hotel for years and it would be a godsend to have a safe place to sleep at night while traveling without having to pitch a tent in the woods.

  2. my name is Lee and I’m from South Africa… I’m 16 years old…
    I’m confused,I feel like I’m lost because nobody understands me, that’s what I think.. I have a small circle of friends who I trust but still feel like there are some things they shouldn’t know about my life,I’ve always felt rejected and unwanted when I’m around a lot of people that’s why I prefer being alone,I know its illegal but I smoke when I’m too stressed or too happy.. I feel like there’s no feeling for me,like I shouldn’t be here on earth,like I’m in the wrong place,I get uncomfortable.. I don’t like school and no matter how hard I try to fit in with the cool guys it seems like I keep failing,so I consider myself as Anti-Social.
    an abnormal amount of strength comes out when I get stressed by people so I end up breaking stuff… this one time I got stressed I had a headache and the chair that was about 1 metre away from me moved towards me like I was a magnet .. I didn’t even touch it.. I freaked out and ran away..
    so I went to Google to try and find out what was going on and I saw something about indigo children.

    I don’t know whether I’m an indigo child or not because I tried the test and it marked my email address as unknown
    I need guidance.
    how do I know that I’m an indigo child?

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