Indigo Child: Casey Dee

blonde indigo childName: Casey Dee
Sun Sign: Gemini
Location: Orange County, CA

Casey Dee is an Indigo Child that I have the pleasure of knowing and spending time with here in Los Angeles. She has the gift of manifestation and I’ve never seen it so powerful in anyone else! Casey is the main inspiration for an important character in my book who embodies so many Indigo struggles including diet, health care, focusing energies, filtering what is attracted, and so much more. The character only slightly resembles her original inspiration, and I’m so blessed to know the real version. I’m grateful to her for giving me a character that I think is going to help so many Indigo Children all over the world overcome the daily oppression we face from those who simply don’t understand.

Why do you think Indigo Children are here?
cd: Indigo Children are here to raise the consciousness of the planet and to teach and help not only the Crystal Children but also everyone as a whole to love more, live more and learn more. We’re becoming more aware and more able to influence the world in positive and loving ways.

How did you discover you are an Indigo Child?
cd: I always felt I was different since a young age.  Then a friend brought Indigo Children to my attention because she thought I maybe Indigo.  At the time I had never heard of Indigo Children but, looking into it further, I feel I share many of the characteristics of what an Indigo Child may be.

beautiful indigo child with blue eyes and blonde hairDo you know other Indigo Children?
cd: I feel like I have met quite a few Indigo Children, especially recently, and I seem to be manifesting them into my life at a greater and greater speed. Together we will do more then we could ever do on our own. We will inspire each other and let our creative forces shine. We are pulled towards each other and for a reason.

What is your favorite part about being an Indigo Child?
cd: My favorite part of being an Indigo Child is finding other Indigo Children. The purpose is for us to find each other and use our powers together to better the universe. Also having the ability to Manifest more powerfully is awesome too.

What is the hardest part?
cd: The hardest part of being an Indigo Child is being very sensitive at times. In addition, when I am feeling lost or lonely…I tend to feel really lost and really lonely. It also is frustrating when you do not know if you are going in the right direction or if you may be wasting time not following your calling.

What Indigo gifts do you practice?
cd: I feel my strongest gift is the ability to manifest and also I have a very strong intuition. I am enjoying learning more about crystal healing and adding to my collection of rocks and crystals. I’m into alternative forms of healing and think there are many natural ways like yoga and meditation to heal the body too.

Do you know what your purpose is yet?
cd: My purpose is to help people. There are many ways, shapes and forms to helping people…especially other Indigo and Crystal Children. Our purpose with raising the consciousness of the planet is a very important role in the future to come. As Indigo Children, we also realize much comes from within our very own hearts and souls and projecting that love out into the world is necessary to move forward.

blonde girl in red swimsuit with surfboardWhat advice do you have for other Indigo Children?
cd: Embrace yourself for all that you are and listen to your heart

What advice do you have for people who are not Indigo Children?
cd: Find an Indigo! We rock. We will expand your mind. We will be a great friend. We offer great information and have a lot to offer as a soul and spiritual being! If you have children and you think they are incredible little creatures…you may have a Crystal Child on your hands, which could be one of the many blessed treasures here on Earth... that will save us!

Thank you, Casey!
Wide awake...

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2 thoughts on “Indigo Child: Casey Dee

  1. Hi There,

    I am also an indigo child, currently living in Southern California. I am hoping to reach out to other Indigo’s to discuss our visions and speak our language to one another. I usually don’t message publicly online, but intuitively this particular article is dragging me to act upon it and reach out..

    Is there any way to get in touch with other Indigos? Real indigos?


    Ps. Thank you to whoever made this site. This is much needed for all of us sensitive indigo beings.

    1. Hi! I want to talk with other indigos too. Actually it’s pretty hard when no one in my environment couldn’t see what the indigo children are and how different their viewpoints are. So If u want to talk with me, feel free to ask and talk. My mail is [email protected].

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