I AM the Joy of Jupiter Direct

hs-1994-35-a-full_jpgJupiter stations direct at 12 degrees of Leo April 8, 2015 at 12:58pm EDT.

Clear some space for Jupiter’s re-emergence! After several months retrograde and despite the chaos of this recent eclipse season plus the final Uranus/Pluto square active these the last few years the energy of  joy, hope, abundance, and expansion returns to the scene with Jupiter returning to direct motion in Leo.

Jupiter is Zeus in Greek mythology, the god of the gods. This cosmic philosopher adorning the throne on Mt. Olympus boasts in the abundance of his royalty status while sprinkling gold dust on all those deserving. When Zeus puts on the Leo wardrobe royalty is exaggerated and all that actively participate in the co-creative manifest of the life experience find favor in Zeus’ court. However those who deny their creative will also deny the acceptance of Zeus’ royal abundance and may find exasperation with an excess of arrogant, pride-filled and egocentric interactions.

Where Jupiter is transitting in your natal chart is where you’ll experience the positive and/or negative manifestations of this expansive energy. To co-create your experience with Jupiter in Leo you want to focus on the joy of the inner child and honor your philosophy through leisurely and artistic pursuits.

ARIES: I AM the JOY of my inner child’s creative expressions

TAURUS: I AM the JOY of my home and family

GEMINI: I AM the JOY of my communicative pursuits

CANCER: I AM the JOY of my self-worth

LEO: I AM the abundance of JOY, I AM

VIRGO: I AM the JOY of my higher mind

LIBRA: I AM the JOY of my future

SCORPIO: I AM the JOY of my career pursuits

SAGITTARIUS: I AM the JOY of my search for knowledge

CAPRICORN: I AM the JOY of my accessible resources

AQUARIUS: I AM the JOY of my partnership relations

PISCES: I AM the JOY of my abundance in healthy practices

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