I AM the Health of the Virgo Full Moon

virgin mary, virgo the virgin, virgo full moon, astrologyThe Virgo full moon reveals the details of healing from outworn illusions, delusions, deceptions, and escapisms through conscious awareness, active creativity and meditative contemplation. Virgo is the opposite sign on the chart wheel to Pisces, the intuitive dreamer, and since in order to have a full moon the sun and moon must be 180 degrees away from one another, then when the sun is in Pisces there must be a full moon in Virgo.

Full moons entice many with the wonders of the night. Indigo Children are highly sensitive to this fully illuminated myth-goddess symbol as it is symbolic for our emotional and habitual natures. Just as the moon pulls the tides, so too does the moon pull on our water essence, otherwise known as our emotions and instinctual behaviors. Sensitivities are high for many people during full moon phases that may lead to an increase in discontent, debate, confrontation, and upset. Others may be sensitive to full moons in that their energy increases which supports higher confidence, creative flow, vivid dreams and restless sleep. The night is charged with a stronger energy than during other moon phase times. This heightened emotional connection is attributed to the large amount of negative ions reaching earth from the moon by way of the 180 degree opposition to the sun, in other words when the math is right the sunlight reflecting off the moon increases the negative ions in our atmosphere which provides us with a positive charge during the night and therefore more energy.

The right brained creative force of womanhood is what the moon rules. Additionally the moon rules not only women and the mother archetype, but also the general population. The lunar cycle is one of 28.5 days, the same as a healthy menstrual cycle which occurs on a monthly or moon-thly basis. The moon’s cycle moves from new to quarter to full to quarter to new again. When we align with this natural cycle it is possible to flow your life with more ease than when we ignore or work against such cycles. Some moons are kinder than others in our perceptual experience and we have to take into consideration the planetary placements as a whole when we reflect what’s occurring in our internal and external lives. It is also important to consider the planetary pattern from the moment of your birth in relation to the current planetary placements to gain greater understanding of how these cycles manifest in the flow of your individual life experience.

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*This March 5, 2015 Virgo full moon occurs at 1:05pm EDT and is definitely charged up with health, purity and details to be revealed.

Virgo energy is of the earth element dealing with practicality, detail analysis, purity of cleanliness, the timeliness of routines, and the importance of healthcare. This is the sign ruled by the Mercury and potentially Ceres if the dwarf planet gains planetary status. Mercury as planetary ruler supports the speed of mental analysis that the Virgo archetype is so readily known for, especially with their quick wit. Service is a key word for this sign with the critical eye that finds attainable improvements where others see none. When we add Virgo energy to the lunar or shadow side of life we find the tides pulling on emotional critiques, service generosity, and a desire to take care. Emotional expressions in defense of imperfections and nit picking unnecessarily may be prominent.

March 2015 is the peak of intense energy build up! The final match-up of the Pluto-Uranus square (ninety degree angle between the two from a geocentric perspective) since 2012 happens on March 16, 2015! And just days prior on the 11th Mars, which often acts as an aggressive trigger comes into direct contact with Uranus early in the day and then Pluto in the evening. If the ways of the world haven’t already reflected the buildup of this energy it certainly will around these dates and the days that follow. On the 14th Saturn in Sagittarius officially turns retrograde and brings us to our knees in reflecting upon our multi-cultural and philosophical perspectives. We may notice the mainstream media revisiting stories that occurred since late December. The 16th again is the big match-up between Hades in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, with Capricorn representing the elite, government and corporations and Aries representing the individual, the warrior for the I AM. Pluto represents obsession, power and destruction while Uranus represents rebellion, surprises and the future. The last time these two were aligned was in the mid 1960’s therefore making this modern match up the first quarter point in their cycles which serves as a test to what originally was set into motion. As for looking further back in history we can note the 1930’s as a time when Uranus and Pluto were in a last quarter square or final test before completing that long cycle. When we seek to understand the cosmic patterns in relation to human and mundane behaviors and manifestations we notice the underlying themes that play out despite progresses over time.

March 20th is not only the Vernal Equinox when the sun enters Aries, but has a solar eclipse just 12 hours earlier at 29 degrees of Pisces. This is another important celestial event involving an important zodiac position. What false beliefs is it time for you to release before the new spring buds?

by: nasa.gov
by: nasa.gov

Decide your mental, spiritual and physical health this Virgo full moon and present practicality, health and service to the world, or more importantly to yourself! Be the pure and healthy reflection of sunlight that you are!

ARIES: I AM the health of my routines.

TAURUS: I AM the health of my creative will.

GEMINI: I AM the health of my home and family.

CANCER: I AM the health of my community involvement.

LEO: I AM the health of my self-worth and financial investments.

VIRGO: I AM the health of my independence.

LIBRA: I AM the health of my body, mind & spirit.

SCORPIO: I AM the health of my creative future.

SAGITTARIUS: I AM the health of my work/life balance.

CAPRICORN: I AM the health of my philosophical views.

AQUARIUS: I AM the health of my own renewal.

PISCES: I AM the health of my balanced relationships.

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