I AM the Expansion of the Sagittarius Full Moon

I AM the Expansion of the Sagittarius Full Moon

full moonJune 2, 2015 at 12:19pm edt the moon peaks in full illumination wearing the Sagittarius attire that Laura Croft fans would be proud of. The moon is always revealed by the sun’s 180 degree opposite position on the zodiac calendar. The sun in Gemini fully illuminates the moon in Sagittarius as they are opposite signs. Gemini is the energy of information gathering, communicating and networking while Sagittarius is the energy of the information synthesis through preaching and teaching of this gathered knowledge. The moon is representative of our emotional and habitual natures often referred to as the shadow side and has symbolic reference to ultimate feminine. Additionally the moon represents the physical and nurturing experiences of life, especially those that we attach to mother. We know the orbit of the moon as seen from Earth is 29.5 days or a mo(o)nth which is synonymous with the female menstruation cycle so it is appropriate our symbolic connection with the moon and women. While the sun’s placement speaks of the conscious will to shine the moon’s placement speaks of the natural instinct as triggered by the emotional responses to our experiences. The moon in Sagittarius reflects the adventurer’s instinct to seek knowledge on a grand scale and to maintain the flicker of hope as seen far into the horizon where freedom lies.

This Sagittarius full moon is connected to retrograde Saturn where lessons of the past especially around our ancestry can be imagined and synthesized into a greater expression of who we are and who we are not along with where we’ve evolved to in our lineage. The Gemini sun along with Mars and retrograde Mercury has us reviewing our research and asserting our position on what gets to stay and what must go. The devil is in the details which may be resurfacing the haunting deceptions of the past but with concentrated effort can be offset with a mindset that clarity will only be found by clearing the muck and polishing what’s become dull. The NOW allows for a structured design of big ideas you once had that were left incomplete yet can now find form through organizing the visions, so sharpen the Sagittarius arrow of the Gemini pen and write out a pros and cons list followed by lighting the flame of your exciting passions and have faith in your ability to transform your experience into your greatest spiritual adventure yet. When Indigo Children accept their power of intellect, will, passion, and faith in the ability to rebirth then the adventure under this full Sagittarius moon can surpass that of the tomb raider.

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Photo by: Von Ohlhausen

Rising sign affirmations:

ARIES: I AM the expansion of my higher learning through my earliest experiences.

TAURUS: I AM the expansion of my intimate affairs through my sense of self-worth.

GEMINI: I AM the expansion of my relationship though my honoring the I AM that I AM.

CANCER: I AM the expansion of my healthy lifestyle through the light of my higher consciousness.

LEO: I AM the expansion of my creativity through my ideals for humanity.

VIRGO: I AM the ancestral expansion of my professional achievements.

LIBRA: I AM the expansion of my communications from my higher learning.

SCORPIO: I AM the expansion of my self-worth through my intimacy understandings.

SAGITTARIUS: I AM the expansion of I AM through my reflections shining in others.

CAPRICORN: I AM the expansion of my higher consciousness by being playful in my daily life.

AQUARIUS: I AM the expansion of my humanitarian efforts through my creative expressions.

PISCES: I AM the expansion of my professional image through the knowledge of my ancestral roots

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