How Indigo Children use Numbers to Communicate with Spirit Guides

mama indigo with necklace sittingIndigo Children, like all people, have Spirit Guides. As sensitive folks, we tend to be generally more aware of their presence. When I was a young Indigo Child, I played with my Spirit Guides who my parents called my “imaginary friends.” There were three of them back then. Today, my Spirit Guides include some friends and family who have passed away as well as this very dry, boring, Galactic Council of sorts. There’s around 50 of them in the council and it feels as though I report to them. While learning to clearly communicate with my own Spirit Guides as an adult Indigo Child, I discovered I could communicate with other people’s guides as well.

What I’ve observed is that we all seem to have a specific purpose and a Spirit Guide, or a group of a few guides, to help us achieve that purpose. They keep us on the right track kind of like a project manager or team member. For that reason, I sometimes refer to my life as “The Abby Project.” It can make life a lot easier when we learn to hear the messages our Spirit Guides are sending us. You’ve probably heard them at some point in your life whether you realized it or not. Sometimes it’s a gut feeling that keeps you from turning down the wrong street or something that catches your attention and draws you into a wonderfully synchronistic situation.

One way that Spirit Guides communicate with Indigo Children is through numbers. Some people call them Angel Numbers to signify your guardian angels sending you a message. The idea is simple. When you see a certain number or sequence of numbers repeating (like 11:11) it is a message from your Spirit Guides. You may see them in on a digital clock, the total on your receipt, the number of views on a YouTube video or likes on an Instagram photo- anywhere you see numbers. There are books and websites that go into great detail on the specifics of certain numbers. However, it’s been helpful for me to learn the basics of Angel Numbers so I can quickly get the point of the message being sent.

clock showing time that communicates with spiritsRepeating Angel Number Basics:

0: Beginnings
1: Affirmation
2: Compassion
3: Wisdom
4: Angels
5: Change
6: Healing
7: Purpose
8: Finances
9: Humanitarianism

Your Spirit Guides are reaching out and all you have to do it pay attention. 11:11 is the most common number sequence noted and is a great way to get started with this form of communication. When I’m driving to meet someone thinking I’ll be late and I see 11:11 on the clock in my car, I know my timing is divine and I can relax. Indigo Children know there’s a big difference between perfect timing and being on time. Let your Spirit Guides know when you have received their message and that you are ready for more messages.

One I often see is 1234 which means I have things to do. When you have a 1 in front of a number like 1212, the 1 is affirming the other angel number. 1212 could be understood as an affirmation of your compassion in that moment. The list above is very basic so you can easily memorize and apply it. Have fun translating the messages from your Spirit Guides. Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what repeating numbers you’ve been seeing!

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8 thoughts on “How Indigo Children use Numbers to Communicate with Spirit Guides

  1. OMG! This is so cool. For some weird reason I have always checked the time at 9:11 randommmmm. Honestly, for obvious reasons, this freaked me out a lot. Now I know it is a message. What does a repeated number like the 11 in 9:11 mean? Is it affirming the affirmation?

    1. Yes, I can understand why that one would freak you out! 911 could be a warning or simply a way for your spirit guide to get your attention. The message could be in the numbers themselves, in which case the 11 reinforces the 9 that represents humanitarianism. You have options with this message. Use your intuition. If you’re just starting to use numbers to communicate, I wouldn’t be surprised if your spirit guide was simply trying to get your attention by using 911. Try asking yourself what the message feels like. Does it feel like a warning? Does it feel like a grab for your attention? Does is feel like an acknowledgement of your humanitarian path? Does it feel like something else?

  2. I want to know more about this. I felt like I am one too and I was searching for an answer for my daughter’s behavior I found my answer w you. This is who her and I are. I am so grateful to know and excited on how to grow to understand what her and I will become.

  3. All day everyday I see 7, its either 777 or 77, I havent a clue what this means, I dream a lot about the future, but It comes in riddles…im confused right now trying understand my purpose, I am 30 years old born on the 12th of July 85, I recently stopped drinking, I drank and smoked so much, It was ridiculous, I feel like I have forgotten or supressed my gift, how do I know what to do, to understand me?

  4. What do the numbers 777 stand for? I always see them when Im going for a job interview, which I never get or get but never last in the job longer than 3 months because somehow I just dont fit in or im just misunderstood, I need help. Im stuck!

    1. Hi Violet,
      have you ever heard of the holy ghost? This is what is often called as God and the part of Him and His knowledgde in us. In the bible this is what the 7 is standing for.

      This year I was buying flowers and a cart for my best friends birthday. I thought about how much I love her and how much I wish to be able somehow to bring life to her. When I paid I paid exactly 7.77 and I felt the love of our Lord so close to me.
      I believe we were just sleeping and it is time to awake now to save what still can be saved… Search for him and u will find him. He loves you so much. May God bless u

  5. I recently was brought to this website through Facebook. Now I feel like I found answers and I sense that I am indigo but I’m quite lost. I’m not sure why but I recently had a panic attack after ringing up costumer their total was 31.80. earlier before that I felt like a strange electric sensation after coming in contact with a stranger. I would love to learn more about this.

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