Health Secrets of Your Divine Feminine

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Singer/Songwriter Casey Malone

Meet Your Divine Mama 

There has been a fire burning inside of me lately. A red version of myself that I never knew existed. She came out of nowhere, but at the time I needed her most. My inner Divine Feminine. My whole life I was the passive sort, a push over. Very different from Indigo Children. I couldn’t seem to ever find the courage or confidence to say what I was feeling. Then one day I woke up with that flame in my eye, a little more swag in my step. My voice suddenly felt like a roar that could not be ignored. People were listening to me, respecting my opinions and looking at me a whole new way. Did I mention that it felt gooooooood! Even my sex life was dramatically better. It felt like I was dripping a new kind of sexuality and everyone was noticing. I seemed to glow from my inner health and well-being.

I remember being out at a bar one night (which is totally out of character for me) and bantering with a man. He looked at me and at first glance he thought, Oh great, another blonde actress. Let’s mess with her. Through his efforts, he was not only unable to out smart me or make me back down, but ended up with his tail between his own legs. There She was. He then began to talk business with me, and we are business partners to this day. He calls me his Boss.

The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine refer to the pure nature of male and female energies. Masculine energies come from a place of strength where as the feminine energy comes from love. The mortal opposite would be weakness and fear. It is extremely healthy to embrace your Divine energy, but to do so you must treat your body as a sacred temple, offering it proper nutrition for body and soul.

Where is She from?

Since the beginning of time, different cultures have embraced and even worshiped the Divine Feminine Goddess. She appears as Ishtar, Mari, Gaia, Quan Yin, Magdalene, Sophia, Isis and of course, within you. Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Africa, the Middle East, Indigenous tribes, and European cultures embraced Her. These cultures encompassed the Divine Feminine principles as one, which are nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, creativity, forgiveness, healing and wisdom. My favorite adulation of the Divine Goddess is the sacred sexual rituals practiced in the Temples of Inanna and Ishtar (Mesopotamia, 4th millennium BCE). Kings would make love to the Goddess through high priestesses to refresh the land with divine fertile energy. It was then that sacred prostitution became a religious act of devotion where sexuality and spirituality grew as one. The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine learned how to respect each other and work in unison on earth as well as in the heavens.


Ambrosia is typically depicted as the food or drink of the Gods in Greek mythology, granting longevity or immortality upon the consumer. It was with ambrosia that Athena prepared Penelope (Odysseus’s wife) so that when she appeared before her suitors her years had been stripped away, leaving them inflamed with passion at the sight of her. Basically, this youth tonic made her so divinely sexy that the boys couldn’t resist. I’ll take 10 bottles, please!

What types of food can bring out your inner divine?

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a temple in the midst of a sacred ritual thousands of years ago. Flickering candles light the room with rich shades of gold. Goddess-like women and Masculine men dance around you consuming the provisions of the Gods. What types of food would you see lying before you?

These type of foods that bring out your Divine Feminine are very useful before business meetings, romantic ventures or any time you need a confidence boost.

divine feminine, casey malone, energy, goddess, flame, fire, red, holy, indigo children, angels, health, nutrition, functioning bodies, drugs, medications
Singer/Songwriter Casey Malone
  • Grapes
  • Apples
  • Pomegranates
  • Oranges
  • Peaches
  • Watermelons
  • Pears
  • Ambrosia
  • Floral Nectars
  • Raw Honey
  • Cucumbers
  • Red Wine
  • Cacao/Dark Chocolate
  • Maca
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Cinnamon
indigo children, divine feminine, casey malone, goddess, healing, nature, feminine, divine, god, indigo, angels, fire, red, flame, inner, soul, self, healing, nutrition, functioning, drugs, alcohol, medications
Singer/Songwriter Casey Malone

Substances that suppress your Divine Goddess

(Diet) Soda
French Fries
Chemical Sweeteners
Microwave Popcorn
Processed Meats
Non Organic Dairy
Canola/Vegetable Oil
Excessive Alcohol Consumption
Recreational Drugs
Pharmaceutical Drugs

How pharmaceuticals affect your Divine Feminine

Another reason I was so inspired to write this article is because we are seeing a major down fall in society through pharmaceutical medications. I am constantly hearing about females and their mood swings negatively. Society has turned our healthy emotions that connect us with our inner selves into a joke. Boys constantly laugh or get frustrated about not being able to understand women. We are moody and sensitive, empathic to the needs of children and intuitive of our romantic partners. We cry when we are happy. Before our moon cycles we become sensitive. All these emotions serve a deep purpose! Yet we suppress anger out of fear. Psychiatrists diagnose us with depression or anxiety and then medicate us with artificial feel good chemicals. An awakened Divine Goddess is not medicated to keep calm, but rather raises hell and communicates freely and openly. It’s all biology, babes!

How to get in touch with Her

While writing this article, I became extremely anxious. My head was pounding and I could not sit still. After a few hours I realized, the more I sit here and write about Her, the more She wants to burst out of me. I knew I had to honor her before finishing this article. I drove home and ran up the stairs ripping off my clothes one by one. My inner Divine does NOT like clothes. I drew a hot bath and lit candles all around my bathroom, along with an incense. I added rose bath salts and petals to the water. Pandora chose the perfect station, Divine Feminine Nature Radio. I turned off the lights and slid into the water. As I did, a song called "Inanna" started to play. I smiled and watched the flames flicker in the reflection of the water. I felt immediately at ease. Everything in that moment felt ritualistic. I had honored her and brought her out to play.

Music, water and roses all have feminine energy. Just as the wind. We don't have to believe in the wind to know its there and enjoy it's ever changing motions.

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