Healer: breathwork meditation with Naomi Lindsay

woman with hands in meditationBreathwork is a term I’ve been hearing tossed around lately.  I’ve been to Yoga classes in Los Angeles and taken deep breaths so I assumed it was a fancy way of trying to relax.  My friend and accomplished healer, Naomi Lindsay, offered me a Breathwork Meditation session and I decided to try it so I could tell you guys all about it.  We scheduled a time in the afternoon, she came to my home, we made some tea and then got down to work.

First, she asked me to set an intention.  I wrote down on a piece of paper something to the effect of fulfilling my purpose and she helped me refine the wording.  Next, I laid flat on my back on the couch with my hands over my heart and my stomach and closed my eyes.  I asked Naomi to put on some of that peaceful music you hear in spas to help me block out the noises around my home.  She instructed me to focus on taking deep, steady breaths.  We did this for about two hours.  The dogs settled in and snored through most of it obviously taking advantage of the peaceful flow of energy in the room.

Every once in awhile my body would twitch and Naomi would ask what I was thinking about.  It was never anything too terribly interesting.  She told me to let her know if any thoughts or images repeated.  I did think of elephants several times, but that was all.  Twice I went into a very deep state of meditation.  I’ve done it before during energy healings so I know the difference between that state and falling asleep.  At one point, my body got cold and Naomi covered me with a blanket and again asked what I was thinking.  My little dog, Josie, decided that was a good time to snuggle in with me.  After about two hours my eyes were ready to open so we stopped.  And that was it.

Over the next couple of weeks I thought about my Breathwork session quite often.  Again, nothing too serious, just passing thoughts.  I looked up the symbolic meaning of elephants and found some cool stuff.  Bulldozing obstacles on my behalf is one interpretation.  Or it may represent qualities in me such as advanced sensitivity, social connection, determination, loyalty, honor, etc.  I have made quite a bit of progress on my purpose which I’m excited to share with you guys soon.  I’ve gotten much more organized and my work is more focused.  I’ve been very productive!  Naomi and I caught up a few weeks after my session and I was able to process it a bit more with her.

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“What I do during a session is watch your chest and your breathing,” Naomi explained.  “With the chest, I know whether you’re having full conscious breaths.  The moment that that stops it means that something is coming up for clearing.  Throughout our whole lives, when something scary or painful or even exciting happens we change our breathing.  We may gasp, but also there’s a thought pattern.  So what we’re probably doing is thinking something like, ‘oh no that’s going to hurt me,’ we gasp and seal the thought in with the breath.  When we do full conscious connected breaths we actually release whatever we’ve stored in there.

“If the breathing remains really clear during a session and I have no inclining to say anything, I’ll sit there and support and hold space.  For me, what that means, is there’s a safety.  It’s like a mother and a child.  A mother is aware that her child is there.  She is, in a sense, protecting the child from harm.  It’s an awareness and it’s about safety.  In a session that means whoever is laying there feels safe to allow the thoughts to come up that need to.  All the thoughts that come up for you are representations of things that are going on in your life.  What we’re doing in a Breathwork session is summarizing or intensifying other stuff that’s going on.  That’s why the training is so important so I can make the person feel safe to re-experience those things so they can be able to let it go.  I stay as agenda free as possible.  Even if I have a thought come through I pull that back.  It’s a safe space for the person to experience what they need to right then and it’s completely about them and their body.  That was a massive part of the training to become agenda free

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“Setting an intention and then being conscious of the body and the breath is what facilitates a shift in your life.  My trainer was a yogi swami.  We tend to work with people who are already quite awakened.  My trainer, all the people that come to her have worked on themselves for lifetimes.  It’s a more advanced step.  And even though it seems so simple, we’re just lying and breathing, taking your intention to your consciousness and your body and breath for an hour and a half sounds so simple and that’s why they say the simple things are often the best.  For each person it’s going to be different what the outcome is depending on how ready they are.

“I keep my intentions for approximately four or five months and I work on the same one.  And then stuff comes up in my life to deal with that.  For a long time my intention was to live where I love, with who I love, doing what I love.  That’s a big one for me because that represents success.  So none of the actual things mattered.  It could be anyone, anywhere, doing anything.  But as long as I love doing those things, being there, with those people that’s all that matters.  That had been my goal and I achieved that.  Now my intention is to honor myself.”

The dogs wouldn’t mind doing another Breathwork session soon.  Yes, it was relaxing, but I’ve experienced the shift Naomi talked about.  I’ve been producing more and it’s been with a focused intention.  It took me about two weeks to see a result and I can still feel the effects of the session.  I agree it’s a healing technique for those who are already awakened.  The results are something you have to be very sensitive to observe and understand.  If this sounds like something you’d like to try, Naomi does sessions in person in several locations and via Skype worldwide.

Naomi Lindsay
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Thank you, Naomi!
Wide awake…

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