STEP 1: Conscious Diet

We are spiritual beings experiencing this life within a physical body. It is a vehicle that contains us. When we take care of our body, it runs better and we can do more and go farther. Life purpose work is long hard hours and takes a sharp mind. Developing a physical body that is high functioning is essential to doing the work and subsequently fulfilling our purpose.

Having a Conscious Diet looks different for every individual. There’s a lot to consider such as where your ancestors came from, the environment where you currently live, your blood type, your allergies and intolerances and what is happening culturally, socially and politically with your food sources.

Healthy is a state also relative to the individual. Our physical bodies offer us a great deal of information. Some aliments or limitations are actually opportunities while some seemingly insignificant symptoms are huge problems. It’s up to us to listen closely, stay inspired and find the opportunities.

The foods you consume are either your biggest opportunity or your biggest enemy. They will either pick you up or push you down. Food is that important in your life. When you begin eating consciously your energy increases, your mind becomes clear, your relationships improve, you do more in a day, your body functions better, your stress decreases, you become happier and life gets easier. All of that just from making conscious choices about the foods you eat.

Ask yourself these questions to begin your path to eating consciously:

  1. Who are my ancestors and what was their native diet?
  2. Where does my food currently come from?
  3. What foods are grown locally, seasonally and organically in my environment?
  4. When do I have the most energy and how is that related to what I’m eating?
  5. What is my blood type?
  6. What foods am I eating that irritate my skin?
  7. What foods am I eating that cause bloating?
  8. What social impact does my diet have?
  9. How can I learn more about making conscious food choices?
  10. What can I do this week to eat more consciously?

Often when I begin a conversation about eating consciously folks immediately assume I’m pitching them a Vegan diet. Personally, my body thrives on animal products but I consume them consciously. In my community, some of the most unconscious and unhealthy folks are eating a Vegan diet. You can be conscious or unconscious within any diet category. This is about getting educated, doing a lot of thinking, using your intuition and being aware.

There is so much information out there about foods and different types of diets that it can be easy to get a bit obsessed. Being righteous about your diet isn’t conscious. Having compassion within your diet is very conscious. Save the judgments for big corporations like Monsanto and try sharing a meal while having compassion for the others at the table. When we share a meal platter style, we develop awareness of things like fairness, authority and greed.

I’ve seen lives transform from simple diet changes. Eating consciously is the single most important thing you can do to move forward in your life. It’s also the biggest roadblock to stop you if you don’t eat consciously. From a wider perspective, our diet can propel our society into political liberation, freedom from corporate gluttony, ecological sustainability, lower crime rates and an overall higher quality of life. If you want to start a revolution, you start with food.

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