Four Steps to Achieve Your Life’s Purpose

Life purpose is a common topic among Indigo Children, Crystal Children and other forms of Lightworkers. As sensitive folks, we are keenly aware that our life has a purpose much bigger than ourselves. That purpose is the reason we exist. For Indigo Children (who are known to be rather intense folks in comparison to our fellow Lightworkers) the need to achieve our life purpose is a powerful, driving force deep within us. Many Lightworkers I know have expressed they would really like to discover their life purpose and achieve it, while most Indigo Children say they need to know what their life purpose is now and do nothing but work toward fulfilling it otherwise there is no point in existing here. Somewhere in between those contrasting sentiments is a productive path to your life purpose.

As Indigo Children, we are aware that we came to start a revolution and we’re ready to fight. We just aren’t sure how to get started and we don’t feel so great here. Often we end up fighting just to survive day to day while we ache for more purpose in our lives. Meanwhile, our soul family is showing up everyday spreading their light but unsure how much it really matters. You can feel it’s the right thing to do, but you crave more.

Wherever you land on the spectrum of desiring to know and achieve your life purpose, the steps are the same. No matter how lost you are or if you feel like you’ve almost figured it out, these four steps always apply and they work.

Let the revolution begin!

Take the First Step

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