I AM the faith of the Sagittarius flame

Sagittarius, archer, fire sign, mutable fire, centaur
Photo by: Von Ohlhausen

Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign of the zodiac. Mutable energy is understood by Indigo Children as energy that is changeable and adaptable, energy that may be manipulated to ebb and flow with the surroundings. Sagittarius is the fire of both cerebral and animal passions. Represented by the centaur these mutable fire passions move between the cerebral pursuits for seeking higher philosophical truths and the animal passions of adventure, freedom and carefree fun. This is the sign of the teacher, preacher, publisher, adventurer, skeptic, and gambler.

Jupiter rules the Sagittarius tribe coloring the personality of Sagittarius dominant types with a sense of abundance, excess, good fortune, faith, and optimism. Jupiter is Zeus in mythology, the god of the gods known for his excessive behaviors with feasts and lovers. Those with a strong Jupiter placement in their chart or planets in Sagittarius see the big picture, the bright lights, the target of knowledge and success.

Jupiter, Zeus, Sagittarius, Indigo Children
Photo: NASA.gov

*The sun entered Sagittarius on November 22, 2014 at 4:38 am EDT with a new moon forming at 7:32 am that same day. New fires are lit for freedom. New adventures are set into motion. The feelings of hope lost during the depths of Scorpio season are rebirthed into flames of optimism. Everything is amplified for better or worse. Sagittarius energy at its worst is hopeless and reckless and at its highest performance is strengthened by faith in the arrow tip flying toward a bright target.

Where the Sagittarius is on your natal chart is where the sun will shine for the next month and you will want to have faith in the flamed arrow reaching your intended target.

**read your sun and rising sign affirmation:

ARIES: I AM the inspiring faith.

TAURUS: I AM the faith in intimacy.

GEMINI: I AM the faith in my relationship.

CANCER: I AM the faith of my routines.

LEO: I AM the faith of my creative expressions.

VIRGO: I AM the faith of my home and family.

LIBRA: I AM the faith of my thoughts.

SCORPIO: I AM the faith of my self-worth.

SAGIITTARIUS: I AM the faith of I AM.

CAPRICORN: I AM the faith of my higher consciousness.

AQUARIUS: I AM the faith of my future hopes.

PISCES: I AM the faith of my career path.

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