I Am Balanced

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by SteveAli

Twice a year Indigo Children around the world receive an equal amount of the sun’s life giving energy regardless of hemisphere location, on the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes. Equinox is derived from Latin meaning “equal night”. The equator of the earth is aligned with the center of the sun on the equinoxes making our day equal in both the northern and southern hemispheres. March 21st and September 22st give or take a day are the equinoxes and when the northern hemisphere has the vernal or spring equinox the southern hemisphere has the autumnal or fall equinox and vice versa.

Indigo Children around the globe may relate better to the equinoxes as the Aries equinox and the Libra equinox rather than vernal and autumnal. The astrological calendar begins around March 21st at the tropical Aries zero point and marks spring for the northern hemisphere and fall for the southern. The astrological calendar’s halfway point occurs around September 22st at the tropical Libra zero point and marks fall for the northern hemisphere and spring for the southern. As Indigo Children scattered across the globe our seasonal affiliation with the equinoxes are less relevant than our energetic attunement to this global experience.

warrior shield emblem for the aries equinox
by SteveAli

When the Aries equinox arrives we know that a new solar cycle is upon us and when we reach the Libra equinox we know that we have experienced half of the solar cycle journey and to take note that what has occurred in the first half of the cycle must be balanced in the second half of the cycle. The inspired warrior energy of the Aries equinox is a reminder to stand in the I AM while the Libra equinox is a reminder to recognize the OTHERSIDE of the I AM which is our offering to balance the Libra scales.

ARIES: I AM individual and balanced by others

TAURUS: I AM stable and balanced by emotion

GEMINI: I AM curious and balanced by knowledge

CANCER: I AM nurturing and balanced by success

LEO: I AM creative and balanced by inventiveness

VIRGO: I AM practical and balanced by spirit

LIBRA: I AM harmonious and balanced by assertiveness

SCORPIO: I AM deep and balanced by stability

SAGITTARIUS: I AM adventurous and balanced by intellect

CAPRICORN: I AM successful and balanced by sentiment

AQUARIUS: I AM the future and balanced by my inner child

PISCES: I AM higher consciousness and balanced by grounding

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