Energy Work: Urban Gardening

Organic Urban Garden This weekend I helped my neighbor plant an organic urban garden.  Sure we love our organic produce and how it makes us feel physically, but the other reason she planted this garden was for the positive energy it created in her space.

She had a new neighbor move in a couple months ago and it changed the energy in the courtyard making her uncomfortable.  With only a small area separating her home from his, she was overwhelmed by the energy and decided to do something about it.  Plants are a great source of good energy.  Putting plants between them will improve the energy of the space and will probably even flow into their homes.

Since this is an urban space, she bought a raised garden bed and put it in a sunny spot. She even scored some really cute gardening boots. She went to a local nursery where she was able to get organic soil, nutrients and non-GMO plants.  She planted tomatoes, strawberries, rosemary, mint, green onion, basil and a variety of lettuce.  Basil is a great plant for feeling happy!  Grow it, eat it, bathe in it... use basil in your life and you will be happy.  It can also bring in money.

Organic Urban Garden

While she was planting her garden, other neighbors came out to participate.  Her courtyard went from a storage area for bikes to a gathering place full of happy people.  She added some furniture in the space including a fire pit and people hung out all day.  This tiny garden completely changed the energy at her home.  She also planted yellow roses in a pot and ordered a fruit tree.  Choosing plants that nourish your body is extra good vibes.  She finished up by burning sage to cleanse the energy and the difference was obvious.  Although she can't control many things, she took responsibility for her space and created a lot of positive energy.

Wide awake...

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