Energy Work: Silver Light

woman with lensflares shiningBeing an Indigo Child sometimes feels like you are a shiny object everyone wants a piece of. Energy Vampire is my term for a person who sucks you dry of energy. They leave feeling ready to take on the world while you feel ready for a nap.

I recently met a Reiki Healer who taught me a trick for protecting yourself against these Vampires. He visualizes a silver light surrounding himself which he says makes him invisible (or at least his energy is invisible). A white light will attract more attention as will gold light. He likes to put a silver light around his car too. Once he left his car on the street like this and, when he returned, every other car on that street had been broken into except his.

Next time you leave the house, make a little phshh sound and visualize silver light all around you. Let me know how it goes!

Wide awake...

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