I AM Eclipse Energized

Moon sequenceEclipse season is upon us Indigo Children!This is powerful wild card energy that we all seem to feel quite intensely, for better or for worse. An eclipse is when either the sun or the moon are blocked out entirely at a new moon or full moon. A lunar eclipse happens on a full moon when the earth blocks the sun’s illumination of the moon. A solar eclipse is when the new moon blocks the light of the sun.

Eclipses indicate a crisis point especially if your chart is directly influenced by it, such as the eclipse happening in conjunction with or opposite one of your natal planets. This crisis doesn’t have to be negative, but it is a stirring up of the energies around this point in your chart and can act as a wild card changing the game of your life. Eclipse shake ups are often initiated months ahead of the actual eclipse and then may be triggered in the months following the eclipse by transiting planets to the eclipse point. Ancients viewed eclipses as a porthole with lunar eclipses allowing dark entities into the 3D realm and solar eclipses as an exit point for dark entities to leave the earthly realm into the cosmos, acting as a safety valve.

*October 8, 2014 is a lunar eclipse with the sun in Libra and the moon in Aries. Find 15 degrees (+/- 5 degrees) of Libra and Aries on your natal chart to see where this eclipse will hold influence. If you have planets at these points or if your ascendant, MC, IC, or descendent fall here you will feel this eclipse strongly. Uranus is really shaking this eclipse up with some electricity, excitement, eccentricity and rebellious energy! The Indigo Child warrior is activated under this energy! Brilliant psychic insights will strike you. Putting your foot down to honor your assertiveness and independence while maintaining the feminine and receptive balance in your identity is prominent under this eclipse.

all the planets in line

-Energizing your natal planets that may be influenced by this eclipse will help facilitate the wild card fast forward in your life.

SUN: I ENERGIZE my soul identity

MOON: I ENERGIZE my emotional expressions

MERCURY: I ENERGIZE my perceptions & communications

VENUS: I ENERGIZE my pleasures

MARS: I ENERGIZE my assertive actions

JUPITER: I ENERGIZE my philosophy on life

SATURN: I ENERGIZE my discipline & structure


NEPTUNE: I ENERGIZE my spirituality

PLUTO: I ENERGIZE my transformative power

-Accepting the wild card challenge of a lunar eclipse will help you flow rather than battle with the energies. (read your sun sign and rising sign for more accuracy)

ARIES: I ACCEPT my eccentricities

TAURUS: I ACCEPT my psychic awareness

GEMINI: I ACCEPT my changing future & friends

CANCER: I ACCEPT my public image

LEO: I ACCEPT my journey

VIRGO: I ACCEPT changing resources

LIBRA: I ACCEPT an independent relationship

SCORPIO: I ACCEPT my mind/body balance

SAGITTARIUS: I ACCEPT creative & romantic change for my future

CAPRICORN: I ACCEPT home & career changes

AQUARIUS: I ACCEPT communication changes



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