Empath – an Indigo Children trait

Indigo child in Kauai WaterfallThere was a 7.7 magnitude earthquake over the weekend off the coast of Canada.  I happened to be in Hawaii on the island of Kauai and the subsequent tsunami headed straight for me.  We packed up and drove up the mountain to a friend’s house where we had an impromptu Halloween costume party.  The tsunami missed us (hooray!) but I was reminded of how sensitive we really are by some of the people at the party.

An empath - an Indigo Children trait - is a person who feels the emotions of others even though they are not going through the same situation.  Imagine being an empath at a fun, safe Halloween party while an island full of people are frantically rushing to safety around you and panicking over the possibility of mass destruction from a tsunami at any minute.  It created quite an internal conflict for some who were experiencing the dichotomy of emotions around them.

I’m generally able to control my empathic nature pretty well, although most people I’ve met that have this sensitivity commonly struggle with substance abuse and all kinds of social issues.  Many of them are diagnosed as addicts, but I’ve found they are typically self medicating to block everyone else out and can easily stop consuming alcohol or drugs at any time they feel comfortable.

You don’t have to be an Indigo Child to be a highly sensitive empath.  In fact, sometimes I think being Indigo helps me as an empath.  I’m able to use my other sensitivities to understand which emotions are mine and control my experience accordingly.  The most recent example I have of a difficult empathic situation personally is when I was at the Lightning in a Bottle music festival.  I went expecting a loving community environment and instead experienced a wrath of negative emotions like jealousy, selfishness, judgment, need for approval, etc.  It felt so horrible I found myself literally physically debilitated.  I didn’t even eat the whole time I was there.  My body craved a clean, nice feeling.

Empath at Home in decorated backyardHad I known what I was walking into, I would have prepared for that and been able to move through it easily.  There are many things I do in my daily life to create a safe place for my empathic self.  Where I live is probably the most important thing.  My home is on a peninsula surrounded by a canal and ocean.  Water helps purify energy and neutralize emotions.  I keep lots of plants and crystals in and around my home which not only cleanse energy but put out positive energy as well.  Touching a plant is incredibly soothing to an empath.  I’ve found that large apartment buildings are very hard for me because there are so many people around to pick up on emotionally.  Animals are a great source of positive emotions.  My dog Josie is very happy and loving and my favorite thing to sleep next to.  I’m even cautious about the food I eat.  Happy, healthy plants and animals are a much better experience emotionally in my body.  But the key to my personal empathic success is understanding what’s going on.  Understanding enables me to create solutions.

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