How To Come Out as an Indigo Child

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Indigo Children have been compared to the LGBT Community for hiding our true selves from friends, family and society and (sometimes) eventually coming out to reveal who we are. It makes sense. Like the LGBT Community, our lifestyle is ridiculed morally and scientifically creating a danger for those of us who dare to admit we relate to the label Indigo Child. But also like the LGBT Community, we can create a solid foundation on which to grow fulfilling lives by saying the truth about ourselves.

The term ‘coming out’ is a reference to a debutante’s introduction into society. In our current culture, we think of coming out of a closet where we have been isolated and hidden. In reality, the term points to an individual coming out into the world where he or she will join society. A coming out is meant to be an honor and celebrated by the whole community. However, as we have experienced through our LGBT friends, coming out can be tricky when you are unsure if your lifestyle will be supported.

My own coming out as an Indigo Child was rather drawn out and forceful. I denied my true self for about 20 years and instead tried hard to be the kind of person society expected of me. The first person I came out to was myself and it happened through a need for safety. I was so relieved by my revelation that I didn’t consider how my family and friends would react to my news of self-discovery. I definitely fumbled quite a lot and I didn’t come out at work until years later.

I officially joined society as an Indigo Child in October of 2010 when I put my real name on my Facebook profile. It was clear to me that I needed to show my face and state my name if I was actually going to say the truth about myself. I get random messages regularly telling me I’m going to burn in Hell for meditating or listening to my intuition. But I get way more messages thanking me for talking about something that is still below the surface of popular culture.

Through the Indigo Child Interviews, I have tried to create a space where others can be supported in saying their truth and maybe even create a culture of emancipation for Indigo Children as a group. We may not be fighting for the right to marry, but we are fighting for the right to choose what we put in our bodies (like organic produce over psychiatric medications). Our quality of life is being sacrificed for the comfort of those who don’t understand. Only through saying the truth can we show society how to love and nurture us.

4 Things To Do Before Publicly Coming Out as an Indigo Child

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1. Come Out to Yourself
Saying your truth starts by being honest with yourself. Discovering which labels fit you best could take some time. You can always start by acknowledging that you are sensitive or intuitive or conscious.

2. Nurture Yourself
As a sensitive person, it’s essential to learn how to nurture yourself because the world does not currently cater to us. Living a conscious lifestyle is the way you will thrive. Remember, a conscious lifestyle is different for everyone. Find the things that are healthy for your unique body. A great place to start is with your diet.

3. Find Support
Talk with folks who already understand and can offer support. Connect with us through social media. I have met some of my best friends and biggest supporters through the hashtag #indigochildren. Many of us are isolated physically, so social media networks are a great resource. The best support goes both ways. It feels pretty great when your experience becomes valuable to someone else.

4. Educate Yourself
There is an infinite education on the topic of Indigo Children. The more you understand, the more you will be able to explain when you are ready to speak about your truth. Knowledge is power.

After you've done those four things, you might be ready to say your truth. Use your intuition to know when it’s the right time to come out and share your truth with friends and family. If you have been nurturing yourself, they will likely have noticed you thriving and be more receptive to why you are making positive changes. If you decide to come out publicly, you may consider these three things when making the big announcement.

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photo by Saul Escobar

1. Set Them Up For Success
By now, you know who you are and have support. This conversation should be about them. Consider them as an individual and cater the experience so they can understand. Chose a place where they are comfortable, a time that is convenient for them and approach them with plenty of compassionate love. Be available to accept any reaction they may have so they can succeed with you no matter what.

2. Use Words They Can Understand
Indigo Children and other Lightworkers have our own steazy lingo like “open your third eye” or “balance your chakras.” If you choose words the person you’re speaking to would use, they are more likely to understand you. Sometimes when people ask me about Indigo Children they stare at me with a blank face until I give in and use negative words to describe something I see as very positive. It’s our job to show them the positive side of what they understand.

3. Focus on Experiences Rather Than Beliefs
Talk about the positive changes in your life first, and then explain why you have been making these changes. Discuss how you feel rather than what you think. I’ve found people to be resistant to the topic of Indigo Children when they have committed to specific beliefs. I explain I haven’t really thought about what I believe and can only speak about what I’ve experienced. Even if they use scientific arguments to prove I must be wrong, they can’t argue away my experiences.

Ultimately, saying your truth starts by being honest with yourself. That is the truth on which you will build an amazing life. As your friends and family witness you thriving, it will be easier for them to understand your truth. Have compassion for them and find support from others with similar experiences. I did a lot of research on tips for coming out successfully in the LGBT Community and overwhelmingly recommended was baked goods. Organic, gluten-free, naturally sweetened blueberry muffins just might work!

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45 thoughts on “How To Come Out as an Indigo Child

  1. I believe that I and my two older girls are of Indogo children . I’m not like other girls nor are my girls. They do not know but Im going to tell them. I see them struggling to fit into society . They are stay at home moms as I was and worked at home. The have powers they don’t understand and I will explain this to them and share your site with them . Thank for giving me the courage to come . They will be in awh.**

    1. My pleasure, Sandy! I hope you and your girls can find a lifestyle that nurtures you. Thank you so much for reading my article. I really appreciate the feedback <3 I will keep writing articles to encourage you.

  2. I leaves me unsettled to read, that so many people in US would consider meditation and intuition as something that brings you to hell – yeah, that so many people even believe in something like hell. O.o
    I always struggled with my incarnating in germany, because I don’t really like the common people and common understandings. But at least now I know I can be glad to live in a society, where meditation and intuition is considered absolutely normal and helpfull and concepts like hell to lots of people don’t apply any longer.
    We just have our problems with the scientific community. I know it’s against the rules of communication and forming of opinion, but for my inner peace I startet to sort the people out, that would argue against my experiences and rather believe what some study tells them, regardless of who payed for the study and without questioning, if the conclusions in the abstract are comprehensible.
    Send you my love!

    1. Thank you for your comments! For every person that responds to me out of fear I get so many more who respond with love. That’s so encouraging to hear meditation and intuition are accepted in your society. What a blessing! It’s funny, my first exposure to meditation was when my mother taught me to recite prayers. How ironic. I also struggled to understand why I had incarnated in a place that didn’t feel right. I’ve heard that from a lot of other Indigo Children. But the wisdom of that choice always seems to become clear for us eventually. We are needed all over the world. I hope you keep speaking the truth and sharing your experiences!

      1. Well, I have been thru hell and back with this feeling of alienation and not fitting in the place I was born and have to live in. I once went to live abroad and felt much more “at home” then I had to come back and i can’t handle it. The sun is too bright, I get sunburns all the time and there are too much chemicals even in the water here. I ended up becoming so stressed, specially feeling also alienated with my family (it’s hard to explain, I don’t feel them like family and get no support what so ever from them) that I now have a hemorrhagic gastritis ruling my life. Can u tell me what can I do to accept I have to be on this place and how to heal myself?

        1. You must have an important purpose in that place, Deborah. Perhaps you volunteered to go there as an energy anchor, or maybe you knew you could set a new lifestyle standard there that others might follow after seeing your success. If you feel that you need to be there and life keeps bringing you back, then there is obviously a divine opportunity for you there. It’s up to you to discover the opportunities and set a new standard of living in which you can thrive. Use your intuition and let go of society standards. Create a life from scratch that really works. I always suggest starting with diet and meditation. From there, use your Starseed wisdom to guide you 🙂

        2. I have a similar aspect of feeling alienated, with family i once thought loved me unconditional even in aspect of feeling lied to about my identity which lead tp me moving to another city. in which having me feel that i cant stand being at a park for more than 20 min or at mall for more than an hour being in a restraunt with out sitting still and anxious. or surroundment being up in my face as if its in slow motion. where i feel drawn to every little thing right before me. but wasnt sure how to balance it or embrace the purpose of life or why these intutive senses are occuring the way it does drasticlly. And why? and contemplating it for years.

  3. Can you still be considered an indigo child, if you are older than 25? I read that the age limit is 25, but I feel like all my life, I will fit into that group.

    1. Yes, you can be older than 25. It’s not something we lose at a certain age. Nancy Ann Tappe who coined the term Indigo Children said she began seeing the life (not aura) color Indigo in babies born as early as 1978. In 2014, that would mean you could be 36. I’ve met people older than that who feel they are Indigo Children. If you feel you are an Indigo Child then I would suspect you are- regardless of your age.

      1. Hello, I am 45 years old and recently discovered I am an Indigo Adult. It is a real trip to read the characteristics of an Indigo person in a book and feel like the book was written about me from someone who doesn’t know me.

        I have always felt like I was swimming up stream, only to get to the top and look back to realize the streambed has dried up. Then I breathe a huge sigh of relief that I trudged forward. “Trust your intuition” has been a recurring experience. And something very few seem to embrace. They see it as being a risk taker. That’s just part of the program, Baby.

        I have succeeded in spite of this nonconformity. It has often been a “lonely” path. You look around in society and wonder how so many couples can actually put up with eachother. It’s as if everybody is walking around with their head in the sand. Can be extremely frustrating. “Don’t you see, hear, feel, taste that?” “Didn’t you notice this, that, these and those?”. Yes, streetlights do often go out as i pass below. I have often wondered if that was a coincidence.

        It has always been amazing to me to hear people going on and on about things just for the sake of conversation. I prefer to not waste valuable energy, and frankly do not understand why everyone is always stating the obvious. It seems they talk excitably about things as if they just discovered them. Now, I understand more about me and care less about my “odd-seeming, chosen individuality, and life of ongoing spiritual richness”.

        This whole discovery came about over my having issue with overly bright LED lights that were put in my neighborhood. I am the corner house and the only one who seems to have issue with them…

        I began researching the situation to find out what was the deal. First, Highly Sensitive Person. Second, Sensation Seeker, which led me to da da da da…… Realizing I am an Indigo Adult. I was beginning to have confrontations with neighbors who are so unaware of; barking dogs, loud music, misdirected and blinding floodlights… Even got arrested a few years ago for pepper spraying a neighbor/loser who played loud music all the time and stayed up till all hours.

        I remember as a kid walking into Thalheimer’s and telling my Mom I could hear the alarm system. I have never been afraid of dying and have always felt “heaven and hell” referrencing are to make us behave in the here and now.

        The naysayers about Indigo people, etc are just that. Either you are or you aren’t. There is no wondering. The traits they list in all the research I have read are very real and obvious. I could go on and on. 45 years of trying to figure out that cloud… It wasn’t depression. Maybe anxiety, for now obvious reasons.

        It’s not about being proud or ashamed, happy or sad about this self discovery. It is just so exciting to have a book written about “little ol’ me.” I want to share it with everyone… Uh oh, Here we go again… Harness the energy!!!!!…..

    2. I am 50 years old and I am an indigo. So there is no any age threshold after which an indigo ceases to be an indigo. It is a state of being which characterises and defines indigos through out their life. Of course this state of being is not completely unaffected by external factors or other sources that we may not be able to completely comprehend but the way we perceive things and the traits that characterize indigos remain with us and define us for all of our life.

  4. I am sorry but comparing an indigo child to an oppressed group of people is not cool. It is in no way similar other than you’re hiding who you are (which can also be comparable to hm…literally any other type of person). LGBTQ people hide who they are so that they don’t get physically assaulted(we get beat for how we LOOK or who we are) or emotionally hurt(we get called names because of the way that we LOOK). I understand how you feel entitled to use language that is similar to an LGBTQ situation, but please understand that you don’t understand and that it is not interchangeable. A better way to have written this article would be to not drag the LGBTQ community into this conversation of eating organic foods to feel better about yourself. It is not that simple friend. I see you’re trying to be nice but you’re shooting yourself in the foot- rethink this article.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate your perspective. I chose to borrow the LGBTQ comparison for this article because of our similarities as oppressed groups of people. The article lightly touches on this idea, but I did try to keep it positive and focused on the solutions. Unfortunately, I have been physically assaulted because of who I am as well as emotionally hurt- just like you. Most of the Indigo Children I know keep their identities a secret because of these threats. We are rejected by our families and religious organizations, fired from our jobs and harassed by the government. Despite death threats and hate mail, I have chosen to say who I am, show my face and advocate for basic human rights. I look up to the LGBTQ community for how far they’ve come and hope that someday Indigo Children may do so well. You have all my compassion for your situation. Maybe I need to work on an article about the realities of being an Indigo Child so I can give others a chance to understand us.

      1. Being gay and an indigo child (as I found out today) I can see the similarities as well as the differences. Personally I like the article and do not think you need to “rethink” it. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the info and keep up the good work!

    2. How about grow up being called weirdo, problematic, strange, eccentric and feel like an Alien close even to your family cause they can’t understand what you talk about just to start and they want to force you to be like the others. You hide yourself inside not to be hurt and labeled a nut case. Well, I have a gay brother and I truly understand the kind of prejudice that comes with it and trust me, is no different from the prejudice I had to face and I didn’t even know I was an indigo. You just need to be different to get hit in the face and pressured to fit in. Abuse, bullying, brainwashing, controling, I’ve been thru it all.

      1. Deborah,
        I’ve been through what you have, as most Indigos have. Abuse, bullying, brainwashing, controlling—- yup, been there done that. Also, the question came up as to what age is the cutoff for Indigos. The age range is far wider that is commonly known. I’m 72 and a guaranteed, in the blue (violet), Indigo. I also know an Indigo who is older than I am. All us “elder” Indigos are known as the “ground-breakers” for the Indigos that came after us, it it was a royal B*tch of a life. Being “different” back then could easily have you put into an insane asylum.

    3. I happen to be from the LGBT community and just about a week ago was lightly introduced about the Indigo Children community by a dude I had just met, whom I believe also belong to both communities. Today has been my first readings on the Indigo Child community and as I can feel with all my being right now I belong to it as much as my LGBT community. With that said, I can already see an abundance of similarities between the two, just not yet said or explained further . From both we are lead into each morning knowing that there is an additional tax for us, to be fight from us, to just be ourselves. With so many bullies, having either such noticeable qualities give lead way to both group’s ridicule and actual life safety hazards. But both share their qualities from within our beings rather than our bodies outward appearances. This exposes both groups as children and up to having our core’s, our minds and hearts, openly exposed to danger from others. And on the playground, both are outcastes.

  5. Hello,

    I just want to ask something. I have been doing alot of reading lately as I feel like I’m going through some sort of spirtul awakening . I have been having alot of trouble sleeping lately . I have moved back home and have been experiencing alot of emotion on two occasions I had bad nightmares woke up at sometime between 5 and 5.30 , on both occasions a few minutes after waking up the picture above my bed has fallen off the wall. I find this so strange that it has only ever happened after i have woken up from a nightmare.This morning I woke up at exactly 5.55am after a strange dream about someone from my past.A friend told me to look up angel numbers so I found message linked with this is usually that you are going through a time of inspiration and are being divinely guided. shortly after I found myself discovering information on Indigo children for the first time and I felt excited as I feel like I have all of those traits and I had a feeling of belonging..However recently I have come across writing by a woman named Mary L english and she notes that to be an indigo child your birth chart should look a certain way. Im not too good at reading my own astrological birth chat . It looks strange but not like the examples she has shown….Can anyone tell me if this is true? If my astrological chart does not look like here examples does that mean I am not an Indigo child?My date of Birth is the 7th of June 1990 and I was born in Ireland..Can anyone help me. I feel lost again .

    1. Congratulations on your awakening!!! One of the cool things about being an Indigo Child is that we can FEEL what is true. We don’t need chats or anything else to tell us what is true. Those things are nice to give us affirmation of what we already know. If you feel you are an Indigo Child then that’s good enough for me 🙂 I do value astrology and am working on some tools for this website so you can have more access to astrology. You can also go to the services page and book an astrology reading with Heather who writes the astrology info here. But, I don’t think you need to do that in order to identify yourself as an Indigo Child or not. Deep in your heart you have your answer.

      As we launch more astrology tools on here I’ll announce them in the newsletter. You can either sign up for the newsletter or check back here weekly for more resources. We are working on soooo many things.

  6. I’ve been struggling and annoy people for seeing something outside of logic
    Been struggling so hard,til I consider myself to be a depressed girl..
    Until one day,I try to talk to other indigos and close friend,finally now I can accept and nurture it..
    What is more,God sent me an indigo life partner,which we become so connected each and everyday ..
    Keep nurturing it and cheers

    1. That’s so great to hear Visca! Thank you for the encouragement. Nurturing ourselves is so rewarding. It’s great to hear it from someone who has experienced that personally.

  7. this first comment i will keep short and sweet because i currently am filled with so much love and relief due to the fact that spirit always leads me to exactly the information and knowledge needed for my indigo soul’s expansion. however, throughout my life, i have struggled with the common issues faced by those of us who identify as indigos, such as depression and a constant state of cosmic home-sickness, just to name a few. i find myself coming out as an indigo naturally, in the same way i came out in the LGBT community; i have been on a constant pursuit for truth and over the span of about 10yrs, i have documented my experiences (which is soon to be published as a memoir), and have also been classified as an “expert” in the esoteric realms and subjects such as the starseeded indigos, astrology, numerology, and energy healing and several over subjects common to this theme. due to my ultra sensitive empathic nature, i find solace in solitude and spend much time reading and researching these topics in order to prepare myself for my mission here on earth. this has been both a promising experience as well as one that holds the pressure of “tomorrow”. i thank you for the work you are doing, as it has been divinely designed, and am excited to take up my role in this process as well. i find myself feeling extremely alone and misunderstood and yes ADHD has been my label. i seek to connect with my other incarnated star families here on earth , such as yourself, since you and i are cut from the same thread. it has been very lonely for me throughout my life, as i have been on a search for like minded souls and have only found them on the Web; i spend much of my time online researching and know through my intuitive ESP gifts, that i am here to become an esoteric spiritual teacher, traveler, change agent, and author, as well as a pioneer for educational reform and mentor for the little ones coming in from the stars in the future. i know first hand what it is like to fall between the cracks of the educational system and to feel as if one is torn between doing the norm and fulfilling ones mission on earth. i would like to connect with others like me, because at this point in time, i know that the path i am walking is one outside my familys traditional custom and it would be lovely to share the road or adventure stories with another who understands our indigo lingo and one who is as open to the expression of unconditional love as i am, for many times it seems that those who are close to us, really do not understand us, our language, our intelligence, our gifts and our mission. i high a very high IQ, as do most indigos, but it is a unique and exceptional intelligence that isnt fully recognized. i have a warrior spirit and have been experiencing recently, a shift into becoming a crystal /Christ consciousness awakened soul. i would LOVE to communicate with you, if possible, about this adventure that u and i are on. you are doing the work that i am now coming into awareness of, as being my line of work as well. i admire you , send much love and am here for you as well. hope to exchange conversations based on honesty, acceptance, and love. lord knows we need this kind of communication these days on earth, something that is rarely experienced by those of us who are misunderstood and dismissed and therefore, are not given the opportunity to fully and freely express oneself without fear. this is something that i am struggling with,as my current situation and surroundings completely do not cater to me and actively seeks to oppress and shame me. my higher guide leads me to exactly where i need to be and it has lead me to this website due to my asking for this type of information to be brought into my reality, so that i may connect with other awakened indigos, for there are not many of us out there and we, as the special Ops force of spirit (lol) , must stick together. hope to hear from you soon and hope to exchange email correspondence with you, as i now am working on manifesting my mission and divine purpose.

    1. Thank you so much for your message, Karina! What a blessing to take time to yourself to awaken and grow. I admire you as well for being so honest in your life. It was difficult for me to begin to share my life publicly, but it has been rewarding more than challenging. I often get overwhelmed but, when I hear stories about how much my work matters to others, I let go of that feeling and keep moving forward. Life purpose work is intense stuff. I encourage and support you all the way! Thank you for being here at this time with me and doing the work.

    2. Many of you have mentioned being of the LGBT community and I have come to the conclusion from personal experience that we’re not “odd” at all but understand that “Love is never wrong.” That is hard for most to comprehend. Most people are so brainwashed into following the social rules: you can’t marry someone of your own sex, you can’t marry someone of a different race, you can’t marry someone of a different religion– it goes on and on about the “you can’ts” but it all comes down to severely restricting how you can express love. Source, Love has no restrictions.

  8. i apologize for not keeping the comment short and sweet like i said lol this seems to happen to me ALOT which is why i am writing books, and hope to tour the world lecturing etc. i can not help it, its natural for me to write incredible amounts of information as it is for a bird to sing it’s constant song throughout the day without worrying about the number of notes in it’s melody.

  9. I’ve only recently been informed of indigo children. I am definitely one. I need your help. We must now all come together. The time has come to rid the world of the trickery that’s led to the current state of things. I’ve been hiding for a long time because I was afraid. I no longer am. I’ve been shown visions. I’ve had out of body experiences corroborated with in your face proof that I am not crazy. I can no longer pretend. The time is NOW, we must come together and this must happen soon, for our children. I will sacrifice whatever must be, I will stand against any foe, I will not be corrupted. We can change the world and I know this now. I do not want to lead but will if that is my path, I do not want to fight but I will if that is what’s needed, I do not want to die but I will gladly sacrifice myself for each and every one of you, for my children and yours. We must go public, we must bring light to the truth. We are many and we can bring about the next golden age. I need to talk to someone who can help. Sandy Paul Biles born May 1st 1978, [email protected].

    1. Sandy Paul Biles
      I’m sorry but you must wait for the fire to come and not force it on the world the time is come but not everyone is in fighting shape and this time we must make sure we are ready for the fight because we can not fail

    2. Sandy, I agree we can change the world. We each have a specific purpose. When can create the change by doing our part. I’ve written a bit about life purpose. Taking care of yourself, discovering and taking action on your life purpose is the key to worldwide change. I appreciate your passion! I’ll definitely help my doing my part xoxo

  10. I am worried that i may never be able to “come out” as an Indigo Child. No one takes me seriously… i have always had a very adaptive personality, i could hang out with any social group i wanted due to reading people and adapting to the way they act and socialize. but i never really fit, i have no one in this world that i can truly confide in but myself, i find power in my own mind and with that i fear that if i expose my mind no one will be able to conceive it and instead turn their backs and shun me if they even took me seriously at all… as we all know humanity has never really been too keen to accepting new things… what can i do?

    1. Tuuku, it may not be necessary for you to ever come out as an Indigo Child to everyone in your life. Many of us start out by sharing that revelation with friends online, but not telling our families. That may change for you over time. You can make friends who support you as an Indigo Child and let the others in your life appreciate you as they are able to <3 Good luck my fellow Indigo Child.

  11. Don’t forget the more scientifically minded “Indigos”. I’ve been called this many times. I’ve read the lists of traits of Indigos. I have ALL of the traits. Even so, I’m on the fence. But from what I can tell, we are not people who “Keep calm and carry on” but instead people who “Raise hell and change the world”. From what I’ve read, the Crystal children are the ones who are passive, peaceful, accepting, and spiritual, but the Indigos are the ones who challenge the status quo.

    There is much overlap, but there is little question, based on the various sources I’ve read, that Crystals make peace and Indigos make waves. So here I am, making waves. And I want to inject a little science into this. Those of us on the Aspergers spectrum, with ADD and a high IQ, who are introverted, are more likely to spend a LOT of time obsessively reading about things and then babbling to our loved ones about “the truth”. We don’t understand people, but we do see the patterns, and then we try to inform people of those patterns. Meanwhile, everyone else is living a life of intuitive understanding, blending in and feeling as though they understand everything. It’s highly frustrating.

    I can sort of tap-in to read people, but that doesn’t mean I entirely understand their motivations. Science and logic helped me to understand people. Empathy helped me to tolerate them. But in my natural state, I challenge the status quo. My friends are ready for getting called out. As am I.

    Crystals believe in tradition and following rules. Indigos believe in breaking them. And that’s okay. You know that the Indigos will break the rules for you. Hi. I’m a rule-breaker. I challenge authority. I was put in a “talented and gifted” class. I guess I’m an Indigo according to spiritual types. And I’m here to tell you… you sound more like a Crystal.

    In this world, people have many different psychological and sociological differences. People who are physically and seemingly mentally healthy are more prone to narcissism, sociopathy, and conformity. They don’t care about issues until those issues affect them personally. If and when they are affected by those issues, they become obsessed with those issues and hail themselves as some sort of martyr or hero.

    Here are the symptoms of NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder):
    Sense of self-importance and grandiose fantasies.
    Belief in being special, brilliant, and unique.
    Need for admiring attention.
    Sense of entitlement.
    Exploitative, taking advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends.
    Arrogance and haughtiness (aloofness) and strong reactions to criticism.
    Lack of empathy.
    Envy of others or belief that others envy them.

    Please, stay away from those people. You are too empathic. They will ruin you. Please take care of yourself. Don’t make the Indigo in your life have to shield you with their wings and carry you away from the people who hurt you. Much love. Blessed be. <3

    1. Rory you leave great comments! Indigo Children definitely make waves and I appreciate you giving us something to surf here 🙂 I take it as a compliment that I sound more like a Crystal to you. I’ve worked hard to find balance in my life and productive outlets for creating the change I know must happen. But I promise I’m over here drumming up a revolution that calls for tough love and big change. I’m so glad you’re part of this with me. Thank you!

  12. I have waited for such a thing to be published n celebrated about people like me my whole life. It is 228am where I am n again I am wide awake …searching for answers n feeling alone until I read this.

  13. I have always dreamed asleep n awake. Known things I cannot explain n said things That seemed to “help” others in their times of need. I have always been called know it all… N picked on for my kindness n random love for all n my sense of everything will be o.k. Everyone says I help too much n know everyone…lol because I make friends everywhere I go. I have been told I expect the best n can see it in everyone. Like it is a bad thing….therefore I can only deal with folks one on one at best. Basically I have to hide the fact I see things n hear things…n feel things in future!

  14. I do not know if I am indigo.. I was born in 79 n suffered from birth.. Emergency blood transfusion was asap. Premature birth with heart murmur n yellow jaundice. I can not remeber most of my child life bc I felt like I was not really there. Now as an Adult I am labeled Bipolar Maniac Depressive Obsessive Compulsive Disorder n Schizophrenia. Lol I feel fine tho… I lay low n do not say much to anyone any more. Just trying to blend in now. Sadly

  15. I have four beautiful children who love me. They are super sensitive n fast lovers of life. They just know things. They connect with others n feel things. Too me….They are my friends in life bc they “get” me. For now it is just them. They say Dad you are not crazy to us…you’re the best Dad ever. Lol dat’s my basic story. Thanks for this article n site! Beautiful

  16. About 3 years ago, I began to notice something different – yet oddly familiar – about myself. Sadly, it came on the heels of a very dark period, where I felt as though I lost myself. On my quest to find myself, I realized I wasn’t going back to the person I was, I was searching for a new me. All the while I had a strong urge to “enter society”, but to be accepted as a new entity. Then isolation began, but it did not deter me I only yearned to develop the new me, although I didn’t have a title for it. I’m still not sure it’s an Indigo child, but I feel I’m on the brink of discovering who I am.

  17. im 13 and im an indigo i have excepted this a few years ago and so dont have the problem, that i see many have of telling people,about who i am because i understand the concept of indigo and i dont need people do evaluate it
    I hope it helps

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